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Too soon? Even as MORE snow falls on Boston, city officials end practice of saving parking spaces

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(CNN) — Boston has been clobbered by Mother Nature this winter — buried during the snowiest February on record for the city. After this winter’s storms, the people of Boston saved parking spaces that were cleared of snow — using things like chairs, coolers and other household items. It’s a practice Boston’s mayor has now banned.

March came into Boston and looked much like February! Another snowstorm added to the winter fatigue in Massachusetts.

Despite the added snowfall, starting Monday, March 2nd, the city is banning the practice of saving parking spots.

On Sunday night, chairs and other items still guarded empty spaces, and in some other cases, homemade signs warned everyone against even thinking of stealing a shoveled spot, so it seems banning space saving isn’t going over too well.

“I think it’s a little outrageous. If you maintained it since day one and kept it going on — especially if it’s in front of your own home, I think you’re entitled to the spot until some of it melts away,” a Boston resident said.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh says it’s time to turn the page.

“I know there’s some concern in a lot of different neighborhoods. I’m hearing on both sides of the issue, but we’ve basically had a month now. There’s still a lot of snow out there,” Walsh said.

Beginning Monday, the weekly trash collection will also take away space savers. This, as even some of those who support ending the space saving think it’s too soon.

“I do think it’s a good idea to take the stuff away, but with tonight’s snow coming in I think it’s gonna have to go a couple more days,” a Boston resident said.

“I think with the new snowfall that people are still gonna put them out and the wars will continue,” a Boston resident said.

More than 100 inches of snow has fallen in Boston this winter. It has been a nightmare for both drivers and pedestrians.

Space savers are generally allowed for about 48 hours after a snowstorm, but the unprecedented amount of snowfall has stretched the unofficial rules.

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