“Yvette, September 8th, 1945, Forest Home Cemetery:” Mystery unfolds in Glendale; Brad Hicks solves it!

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GLENDALE (WITI) -- A mystery in Glendale! A family recently made an unusual discovery as they were cleaning out an old storage locker. They made the discovery a couple weeks ago, and the question may not be what they found, but rather, whom!

It was found inside the Manchester Village Condominiums, in Storage Room #360.

"I was kind of surprised. They were just cleaning out all the junk that was in there," Cory Pachefsky said.

It was Cory Pachefsky's family that made the unusual discovery.

"My little brother said 'hey, that looks like an urn,'" Pachefsky said.

Cory Pachefsky says they were cleaning out his grandmother's storage unit when they found the small, black urn and card inside an old picnic basket.

"This card says 'Yvette,' can't really make out the last name, September 8th, 1945, Forest Home Cemetery," Pachefsky said.

The urn doesn't belong to their grandmother. Pachefsky guesses it belonged to the storage unit's former owner.

"The person that owned that condo passed away and my grandmother bought it through a broker," Pachefsky said.

Pachefsky called the funeral home for answers, but didn't get any.

"I put it on Facebook, shared it with a bunch of people," Pachefsky said.

Still, there are no answers. Pachefsky even took his best guess at the woman's last name.

"Bevenue is what I came up with," Pachefsky said.

Pachefsky left phone messages for a few Bevenues in the area, but never heard back.

Pachefsky says he plans to hold onto the urn until someone steps forward.

"I don't have the heart to just throw it out. If it was my relative and it was lost and forgotten, I would want to get my hands back on it," Pachefsky said.

That's where FOX6's Brad Hicks comes in. He did some digging, and solved this mystery in less than an hour!

"I am ecstatic! I can't tell you how often I have wondered what happened to the urn," Lolita Bevenue said.

75-year-old Lolita Bevenue says Yvette was her younger sister. Yvette died when she was nine months old from what was then called "crib death."

"I am excited.  You can't imagine how relieved I am that this mystery is solved," Lolita Bevenue said.

Lolita Bevenue says she's been looking for the urn for years. Her mom used to live in those condos in Glendale and Lolita says she must have missed the basket when she cleaned out her mom's belongings. FOX6 News is helping Lolita arrange a meeting with Cory Pachefsky.

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