“This lady chest-butted!” Fight over handicapped spot at Walmart sends 71-year-old woman to the hospital

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GREENFIELD (WITI) -- A fight over a handicapped parking spot sent an elderly woman to the hospital! It happened at the Walmart store on W. Layton Avenue in Greenfield.

Kezia Perkins

The suspect is accused of using her chest to knock a 71-year-old woman to the ground in a fight over a handicapped parking spot.

John Rawlings of West Allis says growing up, he was taught a valuable lesson.

"It doesn`t matter who is in the right and who is in the wrong. You should treat everybody as you want to be treated," Rawlings said.

That lesson is the first thing he thought of when he saw the fight during a recent trip to Walmart.

"I saw this other vehicle parked behind this SUV," Rawlings said.

According to a police report. 32-year-old Kezia Perkins was attempting to park in a handicapped spot at the Greenfield Walmart store. She couldn't make the turn, and that's when the 71-year-old woman pulled in.

"They both had handicapped tags.  The older lady took the spot," Rawlings said.

CLICK HERE to read more on charges filed against Kezia Perkins

This apparently angered Perkins. Surveillance photos show Perkins going up to the victim's car and yelling through the passenger side window. After waiting a moment, the 71-year-old woman exited her vehicle, and Perkins approached her.

"This lady chest-butted," Rawlings said.

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A nearby officer was flagged down. Perkins allegedly told police "it's not my fault the elderly woman bounced off my big (chest)." When police ran her license, they found it is suspended and Perkins' handicapped placard isn't valid. That placard wasn't even registered in Perkins' name, police say.

Rawlings says he tended to the victim, who was lying on the snowy pavement.

"From what she told me when I was tending to her, she just had hip surgery done.  She couldn`t move. It may have come undone," Rawlings said.

According to police, the woman ended up going through five hours of surgery after she was attacked. The attack allegedly caused fractures to her femur and the need for a second hip replacement. FOX6 News spoke with the victim, and she says she expects "months of physical therapy." She says she has a lawyer, and wishes this whole incident would "go away," calling it "a tragedy."

Perkins is being charged with aggravated battery. FOX6 News reached out to her lawyer for comment, and he has issued this statement:

"We maintain Ms. Perkins' innocence relating to the charges that have been brought by the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office. This was an unfortunate accident that came about after a misunderstanding between two individuals.  Ms. Perkins is, herself, disabled, however the fact that her disability is not immediately noticeable led to confusion between the two women.

More than anything, this case highlights the need for individuals to be aware of and sensitive to the fact that many people may suffer from disabilities and ailments that are not always readily noticeable.  We believe that the facts will come out as this matter progresses and that ultimately Ms. Perkins will be cleared of the charges in this case."

Perkins will be in court next week.


  • Lorett

    Really? You compare criminals provoking attacking police to this innocent granny minding her own business?

  • matthew

    Just get back in the car and it all could have been avoided. find another spot. it’s sad to see this mentality towards the elderly. This old woman had to have more surgery to correct the harm of a “chest bump.” grow up, take a breath, you are not the victim. This old lady is.

    • Iselin 946

      You are right on! We all have to go round & round the parking lots to find a space. So big deal. I’ve had people cut right in front of me & got that parking space that I wanted. Darn they beat me to it & just go on to find another spot. What is so hard about that!?!

  • Angel

    it’s very clear in the video that the elderly woman “stole” the spot, what is also clear is the story says that the handicap plaquard was not Ms. Perkins to use so it was illegal for her to be attempting to park in that spot. Also, assaulting someone regardless of words exhanged is never ok.

    • George Johnson

      You can’t “steal” a parking spot. You know that don’t you?
      For somebody to “steal it”, you have to own it in the first place. And I’m betting, just a guess here, if you checked the records, you’ll find WalMart actually owns that spot.

    • Victoria

      There was no “stealing” of a spot. Unless you are physically in it, it’s not yours.
      Also, Kenzia Perkins had no signal on and she backed up (yes to get the spot). Any sane person would have assumed she was letting the victim have the spot since there was NO INDICATION she was turning.

    • Yvonne Malanczyn

      She doesn’t have a “Handicap”, the placard was expired AND not in her name. She was also driving while license was suspended.

  • LeighH2O (@LeigheaWaters)

    re: ” (perkins’) disability is not immediately noticeable led to confusion between the two women.”
    this DOESN’T MATTER!
    —- Perkins did not have a handicap placard IN HER NAME (illegal, had no right to any handicap space).
    —- Perkins PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED a frail, elderly woman.

    Clearly Perkins is disabled, but she was in the wrong on all counts.

  • George Johnson

    From the looks of it, I’m betting the elderly woman didn’t even know kezy was even trying to get that spot. She wasn’t blocking it, she was pointing away from it. From the video, it looks like she was trying to continue on in a straight line and down the isle.
    How she even ended up parked like, I don’t know other than being a bad driver too.

  • MIJones74

    Too bad….the younger lady should have let this one go. I agree she “bounced” of the lady. No criminal charges should be filed for assault. Punishment for using poor judgement-public shaming, expense of an Attorney, penalty for driving while suspended, uninsured, and unauthorized use of a Handicap placard. She should also have to do THOUSANDS of hours of Community Service. I hope the elderly woman recovers.

    • Victoria

      Are you kidding me?!! She walked quickly and deliberately towards the old lady. She walked right into her. There was no “bouncing off”. She approached her with the sole intent of assaulting her. If you watch the video, it even looks like she put her arms out to push her.
      I hope she gets the maximum sentence possible.

  • Margaret Murphy

    1st it was morally wrong of perkins to put her hands on another in aggression no one has the right to attack another person, 2nd this was an elderly lady who should have been shown respect, and the fact that she was driving on a suspended license and had false handicapped placard shows her to be very dishonest and in need or God and a mother and father who will teach her right. In several of the other columns I saw a lot of racist comments, lose the stupidity, race has nothing to do with it, people who have not grown to be people and act with less decorum than wild animals come in every race, size, and creed. her lawyer appears to be of a kindred spirit with her by trying to justify the stupidity and violence and calling her innocent.

  • A Family Friend

    The Fox 6 Walmart Video does not show the 71 year old Lady on the left waiting for the black pickup truck to back out of the parking space in question before Kezia Perkins came from the right and tried to park in that spot but couldn’t make the turn. What’s not told, is that this same 71 year old lady that volunteers at an assisted living facility, was at this Walmart to do some shopping for residents of the assisted living facility who were not able to do so. As Kezia Perkins states that his 71 year old woman “ran into her big chest,” I wonder if the girl that she hit in the face with a padlock at North Division High School and is scarred for life just happened to “Run into her padlock.” Kezia Perkins is charged with the least severe “Aggravated Battery-Intend Bodily Harm” Felony “E” which carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison and a $50,000 fine, but then the DA issuing the charges is SURELY sympathetic to such an outstanding role model like Ms. Perkins. The 5 hours of MAJOR surgery, hospital stay, rehab center stay, rehabilitation after the rehab center and minimum of 6 months of walking with a walker will far exceed a $50,000 fine. How about all the pain and suffering that this 71 year old has to endure for “Running into Kezia Perkins’ big chest?” And Ms. Perkins’ explanation is “I didn’t initiate this.” Really?! Watch the video!!

    • A Hocking

      If you know the family, please be sure to tell them, if they don’t already know a couple of things; Those are that this savage attack is the responsibility of 2 parties. One is the attacker who gravely injured the elderly victim. The other is WalMart who allowed this beastly attack to take place. Lack of proper security, lackadaisical monitoring of the handicapped parking spots, and others things that a good attorney will know how to address. The savage attacker has undoubtedly been parking like this for some time, without a valid permit, etc. These are things that if monitored properly, this savage attack would not have taken place, because the attacker would have been stopped from doing this some time ago. Please make sure that the family gets the best attorney, all of the parties involved need to be sued into next century. This poor victim needs to be compensated for these grievous injuries and for the terrible trauma that will linger for the rest of her life. We would pray that her life is not shortened due to this savage attack. Sometimes things like this can cause a downward spiral in an elderly person’s health that can end in premature death.

      • StevenC

        This woman should most certainly be held legally and civilly responsible for her reckless and immature behavior. But Walmart allowed the attack to take place? What do you want Walmart to do, post a guard in the parking lot to settle parking disputes? Any lawyer who argues “lackadaisical monitoring of the handicapped parking spaces” will get laughed out of court. You can sue the person who assaulted you but Walmart does not have any responsibility to protect customers in their parking lot from criminal activity. You could get assaulted inside a Walmart and you would still probably lose if you sued the store. A business cannot be held liable for the actions of an individual on their property unless perhaps that individual was employed by the business itself.

        This woman needs to be compensated for her injuries but not by Walmart. I don’t like Walmart but I’m not gonna hold them responsible for something that it out of their control and that they are not responsible for. Just be thankful that Walmart had a camera positioned to record this incident because it could potentially help this woman in any future litigation against her attacker.

      • Sandra Jefferson

        Yeah,I would want to blame everything on Walmart.,but as fast as that happened they would have had to be Superman to stop that…that’s that lawsuit talk…everything ain’t a lawsuit unless its against the person at fault,and Walmart ain’t it…at least this time…

    • hannahlu52

      Thank you very much for letting people know about Ms Perkin’s ‘character’ and her previous run-ins with other victims.
      I hope the 71 year old lady recovers fully, and if by chance you can get a message to her, please let her know that people are thinking of her and will have her in their prayers.
      I have to say it; the Ms Perkins in this nation are the ones igniting ‘old tensions’. Just because they have a ‘brother’ in the WH (I’ve heard this come out of a young woman’s mouth), this doesn’t give them a ‘free pass’ or immunity to prosecution. I saw the Watts and Newark, NJ riots back in the 60’s; they need to get rid of that chip on their shoulder.
      I’ll finish by saying that it’s more than likely the result of the way their parents raised them (or didn’t raise them).
      Common sense; Garbage In — Garbage Out.

    • walkerbate

      Thanks, FAMILY FRIEND for telling the rest of the story! God knows the r-tards at Fox 6 only know about the Starbucks coffee updates.

    • Kelly

      Watching the video of what happened sickened me. This “woman” who thinks it’s fine to drive while suspended, use handicapped parking illegally, assault people then hire a lawyer who gives the worst public statement is a pure disgrace. I truly hope she gets what she deserves in court. My thoughts are with the person who had to endure being assaulted and the pain and suffering of more surgery. Please let her know there are many people that are keeping her in our thoughts and prayers.

      • Tonja

        Amen!!!I will keep the 71 year old woman who didn’t. Deserve this in prayers also.That perkins woman is awful, ignorant and apparently thinks shes above the law.

    • Iselin 946

      There had better be stronger charges against this idiot. She cannot go around & push people around without consequences I pray the elderly woman will sue Perkins to the extreme. If she cannot get anything from Perkins then at least keep her in jail for attempted murder.

  • roberta petersen

    Maybe, just maybe, if people who could walk actually did there would be less FAT. I am not one to park as close to the store, building, whatever, as I can although when the opportunity presents itself I take advantage of it. But as for using a Handicapped sticker just because I had a mental disability is preposterous. Get some exercise, maybe you wouldn’t be so prone to fighting.

  • mallory@carteeberry.com

    Like Andy Rooney said, if there wasn’t so many non-handicapped people parking with handicapped placards we wouldn’t need so many handicapped spots

  • Lei-Ann

    Ms. Perkins did not have a legal right to drive, so she should not have been behind the wheel in the first place. “Her” handicap place card was not registered to her and therefore she had no right even trying to pull in the spot. She is wrong on all counts. As for assaulting the older woman, it is clear from the video that she “chest butted” this woman, the woman did not run into her “large chest”. I think she should be charged for driving without a valid license, trying to park in a handicap spot when not holding a legal handicap place card, and aggravated assault. I hope the older woman recovers. As a holder of a valid handicap place card, and a person whose handicap is not apparent, I would ask people not to be too quick to judge by appearances. Clearly Ms. Perkins is mentally disabled, but I question why she still has a license (suspended or not) as she obviously has anger management issues which can be life threatening to others. I think she needs to be put away in a mental facility where she can get some help, preferably next to a prison where she belongs.

  • Liz

    So tired of the “entitled” attitude. The only way this trash is handicapped is that she believes she is entitled to lie, cheat, steal, assault…to get privileges that she hasn’t earned. So tired of the news sugar-coating. It wasn’t a fight. It was an assault. She attacked a senior citizen over a parking slot that she wasn’t entitled to. But black lives matter? What about the elderly?

    • beavis and butthead

      for a caucasian, entitlement attitude should be easily recognized an familiar . I sure dont recall being taught about slaves being paid for their labor…lol entitlement masters

  • Sandman Voelker

    Typical Savage everyday you hear about Blacks attacking whites and nothing done .Seems as tho they got a get-away with doing what ever you want to the white people for instance knock out whitey game ect… I could go on and on but whats the point it is time to stand up to this savage race!!!!

    • beavis and butthead

      every day you hear about a white man killing the whole family then himself or a teacher or priest raping kids spoiled kids shooting up schools i could go on and on but whats the point

  • beavis and butthead

    u first tough guy…and no pretty soon an albino ape desperately seeking a tan will snap out and kill his whole family, the dog, the cat, fish, hamster, and then himself. Black person commits a crime and you who THINK you reign supreme come out in droves to voice your disgust and spew racist comments. White person commits similar or worse crime….not so much!! Pathetic pukes

  • Maria Perez

    what that woman have?? bipolar???? dang!!! you can’t go around with your large bosom hitting old women!!! dang girl..shameful. i have had other people “steal” my space from right under my nose just like her, sometimes you just have to find another one.

  • Frankie

    Watching that video it’s amazing that the elderly woman didn’t hit her head on the concrete. I hope Ms Perkins gets the book thrown at her for her selfish behavior.

  • Al

    I don’t see mention of fleeing the scene of a crime here? Isn’t there a separate charge in most states when the elderly involved? I can’t believe the only charge mentioned is the assault.

  • Iselin 946

    Really!?! Does Perkins think she is still in middle or high school? The older woman had the right of way since she was legal. Perkins had an expired handicap sign plus it wasn’t even hers. And she has the nerve to push this woman that had to have a 5 hour surgery after she pushed her.

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