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Charges filed against Milwaukee woman, accused in dispute over handicap parking spot

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Kezia Perkins

Kezia Perkins

GREENFIELD (WITI) — Charges were filed on Wednesday, March 4th against 32-year-old Kezia Perkins of Milwaukee for her alleged role in an incident that happened at a Greenfield Walmart. Perkins is charged with one felony count of aggravated battery.

According to the criminal complaint, the 71-year-old victim in this case pulled into a handicap parking spot at the Walmart store near Highway 100 and Layton Ave. After pulling into the spot, she was approached by Perkins who “began screaming…through the car windows.” The 71-year-old woman was “afraid and waited till the woman was away from the car to exit the car and attempt to walk to the front doors of Walmart.” Moments later, the complaint indicates Perkins ran up to the 71-year-old woman and “slammed her body into her, knocking (the victim) to the pavement.”

As a result of being knocked to the pavement, the complaint says the victim suffered a fractured femur and had to have surgery on her hip.

The complaint indicates this entire incident was captured by surveillance cameras at Walmart.

When police arrived on the scene, the complaint says Perkins was "shouting that (the victim) had stolen her parking spot." But police later confirmed that Perkins had "no handicap permit issued to her."

If convicted, Perkins faces up to six years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

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  • Fancy

    This lady must be on drugs. Who argues and then body butts a 71 year old woman about a handicapped parking space? She deserves jailtime and will get it. What a bum. My prayers to the victim. I wish her a speedy recovery.

    • Jessica daviera

      First off I know the bum in which your referring to she’s actually a hard working mother whom is hadicapped physically as well as mentally. She was upset not over the parking spot but because the 71 yr old woman almost made her crash with her 1 month old baby in the back seat. Also this woman never had a surgery following this incident in which she clearly threw herself on the ground. So please get your facts straight before you belive everything you read. That’s why the word allegedly is used so much in this report. So sick of racial profiling its ridiculous

      • Lisa Larson

        Dear Jessica a.k.a. Ms. Perkins, ask your attorney about the “you take your victim as you find them” rule. If, in the course of stealing someone’s purse for example, you cause them to fall and break their hip, you’re responsible for both the robbery and the resulting injury EVEN if it was neither your motive or intent to break the person’s hip. Got it?

    • TheWarpath

      Typical inner city entitlement behavior. She had no right to that spot as she shouldn’t be driving in the first place and has no valid handicap placard.

    • Jessica daviera

      @R I don’t think its okay to assault anyone. But fact is no assault happened here. That’s all. Facts are, he medical records have been looked at. There was never any surgery, no injury regardless of this story. Why do u think it said allegedly? If I’m so stupid and rambling, why am I the only one who has decided to fact check? Get the real
      Info people then let’s talk

    • Have a seat

      @ Jessica D.
      Where does it say she “allegedly had surgery”? It CLEARLY STATES she HAD TO HAVE surgery following this incident.

      P.s. it’s nice to see you also refer to your acquaintance as “bum”… :-D

    • Robey


      The 32 year old woman has no license and no handicapped placard issued to her according to the complaint filed. From what I saw in the video, the old woman pulled into the spot that this woman was there first for. The elderly woman went through 5 hours of surgery and is going to be inpatient rehab for 30 days. The assailant lied to the police about the incident and fled the scene. She needs to be incarcerated.

    • Sara

      Jessica your argument is moot. Your friend had NO right to park there in the first place. And she bum rushed that woman. She is 71 for Christ’s sake! What would you say if she did this to your Mom or Grandmother for that matter? Oh but she’s a hard worker. That’s fine but she sucks at respecting her elders.

    • Jim Rigby

      hey Jessica, if you look closer at the video, your friend was also going to assault someone else AFTER the incident and then thought better of it. Also, look at the contact with the old lady, your friend may have had her arms down, but her hands went up at the time of contact. Hard to tell whether there was a push there. but that appears to be a legit fall by the 71 year old.

    • Kit Camper

      Where do you get the racial profiling? Kezia is a bully. Period. Doesnt matter if she is black white or purple. She assulted another person. She clearly is mentally unstable, as I believe you may be also Jessica.

    • PhillyLaw

      JESSICA DAVIERA – Tell your friend she’s going to jail for assault, fraud, possession of stolen property (the placcard) Tell her she’s about to pay the maximum amount of fine for all of these charges, her license will be revoked for a long long time and the REAL handicapped lady’s hospital bill will be paid by your friend’s saving’s account and child’s scholarship fund until 2045. Have a nice day.

    • Badd Medicine

      Sorry Jessica; the video shows the whole thing. Besides, your “friend” did not have a valid handicapped placard and not only that was using one that wasn’t valid and NOT in her name. There was no “almost crash”. your “friend” was angry because she felt entitled to something that wasn’t hers and she had no right to. It doesn’t matter if the victim had surgery or not…if that was my mother, I would hound the district attorney until they filed charges that would result in that angry sociopath going to prison for no less than a year! This has nothing to do with race either, you race baiter and hater…this is all about the fact that YOU can’t WIN so you throw the race card! Get some ethics and honesty.

    • Ace

      @Jessica D
      are you blind? Because in the video you can plainly see her assaulting the old lady. If there is nothing wrong with it then im sure its fine to go around shoving people over when ever i get mad. Causing intentional harm to another is assault genius.

    • Dawn Henson

      I’m sorry seems to me that she was stopped and not moving so where is the almost crash??? And a real good mother there teaching her child to abuse the elderly!

    • Getreal

      Jessica, maybe the old woman through herself onto the ground to accuse this sweet, innocent friend of your of assault. In fact, I’ll be the older woman was racially motivated. Maybe after her surgery – she can be charged with a hate crime. Will that make you feel better?

    • chance

      Jessica Davies must be trash too. Mentally handicapped? Hard working? Blah, please. She’s a thief of who actually are handicapped. Hard working at leaching. What a stupid ignorant POS and her friends who stick up for this trash!

    • sarita

      Oh? She’s a “working mom?”

      Let’s see… she had a handicapped sticker which wasn’t hers (that’s against the law), she was driving with a suspended license (that’s against the law), she intended to park in the handicapped space when she wasn’t handicapped (that’s against the law), then she got out and beat up the elderly lady because she felt rage at losing the handicapped space which was not her right to take. Hmmmm… sure doesn’t sound like a nice person to me! Sounds like a THUG.

    • Jessica Daviera isfkkinstupid

      evidence to clear her HAHAHA that is probably the funniest thing i have heard all night. except every other stupid comment you leave that backtracks all over yourself. video evidence of the whole situation is hard to disprove. God, please remove all these beastly retarded people from the world, i would be SOOO happy. ya know, i pulled up a picture of a gorilla, and they look almost exactly alike. The huge nose, long face, manly chin. Weirdly placed eyes. Oh and an I.Q. of 4 and a driving ability of a deaf blind paraplegic gorilla.

    • Have a seat

      Jessica, seriously? You’re complaining that people need to check their facts but now you have a problem when some does?
      Girl….have a seat \_

    • Steve

      Lets talk purely about the facts then.
      Did or did not your friend have a handicap tag issued to her in her name?
      Did she act in an aggressive or hostile manner that may be threatening to an elderly woman?
      Did she have any contact, even very light contact with an elderly woman?
      If the elderly woman did in fact fake her injuries, has not sustained further injuries, this will be fraud. To fake a broken femur is an amazing feat though I must admit. In any case, if as you state your side of things, simply your friend will most likely not be found guilty of any wrong-doing and in fact if the elderly woman has not sustained any injury, and false claims have been made then she may be charged.

  • HM

    Aggravated battery-Intend Bodily Harm, arrested 2/10/2015. Twenty-two days later, she has another run-in (pun intended) with the law. What a fine individual THIS is. And she attacks a 71 year old lady in a parking lot over a handicap spot she has no legal reason to occupy, and she drove to this Walmart on a suspended license. I bet her mother would be SO proud of her. I know I would be.

    • ObamaSucks

      Ok Jessica her actions are why everyone stereotypes blacks. You condone this behavior then you are just another black person out of touch with the way a civilized society acts. She had no real reason to park in the handicap spot in the first place so your argument is invalid.

      • Jessica daviera

        Correction, she does have a reason to park there because she’s handicapped and does have a sticker regardless of this report. Secondly I never said I condone her actions, I simply stated the actual facts that this woman was never injured. That’s why they say allegedly in this report. My argument is valid due to the fact no one realizes that this woman was never hospitalized or in surgery because of this. Because she an older white woman no one wants to belive she is capable of a flop and that’s just funny to me. I am black and not at all out of touch. im just sayin everybody’s tryn to crucify her and they have NO facts. Wonder how many people are willing to admit they were wrong after the facts come out. Probably none.

      • Victoria

        Will you admit you’re wrong when you actually get the facts straight??
        The victim suffered a broken femur and had to have a second hip replacement because of your friend’s actions.
        Your friend had no valid permit and if she’s handicapped, why doesn’t she have one? Why was she using someone else’s expired permit? I bet she found it in the garbage and decided to take it to park illegally.
        Your friend has a suspended license and other assault charges against her. Clearly she is a pillar of the community.
        Get your facts straight before you spew nonsense.
        Also, stop with the race card. This has absolutely nothing to do with race and everything to do with one person assaulting another. End of story.

      • john rawlings

        She was injured. I know as a fact as i was first on scene. As u see in video. Now call me a lier as i can prove that is me pullen up in the truck. Now for you to say nothing came or harm was done to this older lady then you your self are messed up. They tryed to get her up but she could not move. And how hard she hit and where she hit ahes lucky to be alive. As she just missed the light pole that was there not even 2 feet from her head where she feel.

    • Taxpayer

      Ok Jessica we will see how the charges go. I guarantee she does couple weeks in jail. No one no matter what their mental state is should act that way. I know that since all the scum are from the north side you think it’s normal to act that way but it’s not when you outside your boundaries.

      • Jessica daviera

        Excuse you? I am black, I live in upper Michigan where my husband and I own our own home, an apt building and a vacation home in Texas. I never said it was okay what happened I simply said the eldery woman flopped, she never had a surgery after this. Facts that’s all. I don’t think its okay and I would’ve just found another spot but I’m not disabled mentally or physically so yeah check that in. And to correct you, blacks don’t have an area you idiot, they are Americans armt they? They can go anywhere they want can’t they? Prime example

      • Jessica Daviera isfkkinstupid

        Oh my god you are so entertaining, please keep posting comments!!! or make a youtube video, or SOMETHING PLS JESSICA PLS you are the hero the black community is looking for.

      • wendy wilke

        Jessica if you think for one moment that this is not an assault, you are just as insane as this woman. Clearly, she uses her body to throw an elderly woman to the ground. This monster need not be in society, black, white, purple it doesn’t matter.

      • TWayan

        Jessica Deveira has her own CCAP issues…has a warrant out for her arrest. Lets let that sit for awhile and stew.
        Do us all a favor…stay in Michigan. With your suspended license…no wonder you stick up for your Psycho-Hose-Beast are just like her.

      • Badd Medicine

        Whoa…she has a suspended license and a warrant for her arrest? Didn’t she just tell us that she and her hubby are Well To Do with houses and vacation homes and rentals? My goodness! And didn’t she tell us that she is the only one who can explain how the world is wrong and her “friend” is just misunderstood and is hard working with a baby. And all of us are just racists and bigots…and…
        Hmmmm….a warrant you say? AND a suspended license…Oh My! I guess someone REALLY misunderstood Jessica!

      • Don

        If you don’t have a handicap parking permit then you don’t have the right to park there in the first place. If your supposed friend has mental healthy then she doesn’t belong behind the wheel of a car to begin with, so you need to just shut your hole and go away.

      • So Typical

        Try being a decent person and citizen. Quit defending your Psycho-Hoe-Beast friend and have conversation that puts her in her place! Prime Example that you were the first to bring up “race”! Go to Hell!

    • Tykera Owens

      Hi Jessica. As proud black women we shouldn’t have to blame every mistake we make on racial prejudice. We both know that using that excuse is the easiest alternative to actually taking responsibility for our own actions. I made the decision long ago that I will no longer feed into the familiar scapegoat my race has conviently chosen to adopt. I will no longer allow myself to reinforce the new stereotype we as black people have created. I will not be the “Girl who cried race” any longer. I am better than that Jessica, and so are you. If we continue to claim predjudice for situations that clearly are not, how are we to be taken seriously when there clearly is? Why do we continue to undermine our own efforts of equality? Why can’t we do what is not expected of us and criticize the guilty, when they are clearly guilty? Don’t feed into the nonsense, you’ll only lead the ignorant of both sides towards the wrong path.
      Peace and Love.

      • April

        Thank you!!! I have been saying this for a long time. We need to call out each other regardless of race for bad behavior like this. As a white woman if I see another white person being a racist pig I speak out. I have been saying for a long time the African American community needs to speak out against unjust race card throwing. It is the boy who cried wolf scenario. When you hear it too many times and it turns out to be false. You stop listening.

    • A Hocking

      hahahah! “Boy oh boy are so many people are in trouble” say Jessica. Hey Jessica, you probably should get that warrant taken care of. Otherwise you might spend a weekend or a night in jail next time you come to Wisconsin and get those red and blue lights behind you. You do have a good supply of race cards to throw, I would hope.

  • Jan Goldsworthy

    She needs to be incarcerated for a long, long time. NO one should be hitting, body slamming, etc. a senior citizen, especially one with H/C parking. This one needs to be locked up for a very long time on latrine duty. I hope that older lady heals quickly.

  • Barb

    People like her, need to be put away for a VERY long time!!! Plus, they say that she didn’t even have a handicap card! What a joke! I hope that she gets her just rewards in jail.

  • may

    the woman took her parking place,that was very clear,however the lady should have let it go. Attacking some one isn’t the solution

    • Prism

      It wasn’t her parking space, firstly because she hadn’t parked there and a space in a public parking lot isn’t “yours” until you’re in it, and secondly because it’s a handicap space and she can’t legally park there because she doesn’t have a handicap sticker.

      • Jessica Daviera isfkkinstupid

        To correct your staement, she DID have a placard, however it was not hers, so therefore she was already breaking the law, and i wonder why more charges havent been piled on.

    • jmcaul

      It would have not necessarily been clear to the 71 yo victim that the black car was going to park there. Go back and look at the video. The black car was just sitting there and was not at an angle where it was obvious she was going to park there. It would be easy to assume the black car was waiting for a different space to open up. Not only is that big, knock-kneed, horse-nostril, fraudster, sow a BULLY, she also can’t drive!

  • News Ninja

    This woman is an entitled & dangerous freeloader. Your disability is that you are a spoiled brat. I’d encourage your victim to sue you but considering your record she’d probably just get a copy of your suspended license & your illegal handicapped placard. Shame on you! Also, time to cool it with the racist comments – totally inappropriate.

  • Prism

    Minus the handicap spot and the physical assault (fortunately), this exact situation happened to me and my husband several months ago, and then again two months ago except that time she just shouted from her car for a few minutes and then left. This is happening way too often; I finally have pepper spray now in case it gets worse than it’s been for us.


    She is innocent black person that has been wronged. Let her go, don’t even charge her. The lady that took her spot deserves the death penalty. I hope they go out and protest in support of this poor women. No one should have the right to get cut off from their handicap parking spot even though they don’t have an actual tag. Oh the humanity.

  • Kay Ellis

    She should be ashamed of herself…..pushing an elderly woman to the ground AND over a handicapped parking space…..the mean younger person was using an expired tag….not even in her name?????

  • Jan

    There is NO excuse for this low life monkey behavior. What she did to this senior citizens is sickening. Anyone who wants to defend her actions is just as sick

  • Ricci

    Knocking over a 71 year old lady just for a parking space, or driving incident. She has some real class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frank

    Since you appear to want to defend the so called hard working mother, please explain why she chose to act like she did and not do what a respectable and civilized person would do, and just find another spot to park? Do you condone (agree with) this kind of behavior and think it’s acceptable? Just to let you know… it’s not…

  • john

    Typical is the word that comes to mind here. If you want to see where those handicapped stickers are abused the most, just go down to potowatomi casino any time of day. I’ll bet any money almost half of them are bogus. Very common down in the hood as well.

    • Jessica Daviera isfkkinstupid

      the people you hire must be as stupid as you. So i imagine your business is not going well. Stealing more money from the government. You “started” a community program and you cant even spell, use grammar or sentence structure. Mine isnt perfect, but it is a hell of a lot better than yours. Please get off the internet, if you continue you will end up becoming the target of harassment that you could have avoided.

    • Jack

      I hope your “outreach” program is not teaching grammar, you cant write a coherent sentence. I seriously doubt you are a taxpayer, I seriously doubt you ever helped anyone but yourself, I seriously doubt you ever had a real job. Based on your comments and the company you keep, you are obviously poorly raised and educated. Your are not stupid because you are black, you are stupid because you cant think critically and articulate the thoughts on your head to the keyboard. You repeatedly represent yourself as a black woman, both you and the criminal here are poor representatives of your race. I think most of your race would be quick to disavow you and this pig in the video.

  • Trace

    I just watched the whole video. This Ms. Perkins waited for the victim to get out of her car and went right up to her and knocked her down. Then when security and other people showed up , she got into her car and jetted out of there quick. If she wasn’t guilty, she might have stayed. Jessica Daveira…I don’t care how you know this woman, but coming out here and spreading obvious lies when you were not a witness, is irresponsible. Ms. Perkins should be charged for this incident. I doubt the victim and her family are in contact with you to any extent, so that too, you need to shut your mouth about. Watch the video of this “hard-working” mom assault a woman twice her age.

    • Trace


    • john rawlings

      Look yall please email me for more info on this matter as i saw the hole thing
      When you email me post title as wallmart so i know why you emailed me all yall see is 20% of the story the lady did stay she drove off parkted in other lane wach the video close when you see my truck pull up look to the lanes right there her car is she ran back up to us starting at it all again by that time the officeer had been flaged down and she started with the officer.

    • john rawlings

      Look yall please email me for more info on this matter as i saw the hole thing
      When you email me post . I title as wallmart so i know why you emailed me all yall see is 20% of the story the lady did stay she drove off parkted in other lane wach the video close when you see my truck pull up look to the lanes right there her car is she ran back up to us starting at it all again by that time the officeer had been flaged down and she started with the officer.

  • Jessica Daviera isfkkinstupid

    @jessica Daviera if she is mentally handicapped why is she driving a vehicle. no assault happened, no injury. say whatever you want it just makes you sound just as stupid as you really are. I REALLY hope that your friend gets maximum jail time and maximum fines and her child taken away. Obviously if she thinks its okay to assault the elderly and speed off in a parking lot she should not have kids, who knows what she thinks is okay to do to them. She also is absolutely terrible at driving and spatial awareness. That old lady had SO much time to take that spot, and she did. Good for her, a handicapped 71 yo lady beat your mentally retarded friend to a parking spot. You are delirious, you probably go and assault old people too huh. i am so happy that it is easy to find peoples information online, including IP, addresses, names of family, and places of business. Vehicle information, driving record, i wonder, how will your information will be used. Maybe you can be trolled until you are mentally handicapped as well, and then you can lose your kids and go to jail to. Cleanin up the streets, thats how we do.

  • Jessica Daviera isfkkinstupid

    so if someone was molesting your kid right in front of you, you cannot to anything about it. they are not guilty yet, it hasnt been proven. That is your logic you crazy bag of raddish. we all saw what she did. we all think less of her, you, and the black community, yes i said it. You are a diplomat everywhere you go, representing what you are. whether you are an amerifat going overseas, or a mentally unstable black person at walmart assaulting the elderly and speeding off, lucky she didnt hit anyone else. You have no real understanding of how the legal system works do you? if the entire population wants blood, blood will be had. The Jury represents the general population.

  • Have a seat

    Jessica, according to ccaps, she WAS in custody at some point for this incident.
    The news article says the elderly lady DID have surgery. If YOU have those “facts” to absolutely prove this lady had no surgery beforehand and needed no medical attention following this incident, then show and prove…

  • D.A.

    Hope she gets both 6 years and the 10,000.00 fine for attacking and causing injury to a elderly person!

  • Harvey Ross

    This is not the first time this has happened, people who don’t have disabilities take advantage of our spots all the and it’s not monitored. HDoctors need to stop giving out tags for any of injury that’s not permanent

  • ap

    The Act The act must result in one of two forms of contact. Causing any physical harm or injury to the victim—such as a cut, a burn, or a bullet wound—could constitute battery, but actual injury is not required. Even though there is no apparent bruise following harmful contact, the defendant can still be guilty of battery; occurrence of a physical illness subsequent to the contact may also be actionable. The second type of contact that may constitute battery causes no actual physical harm but is, instead, offensive or insulting to the victim. Examples include spitting in someone’s face or offensively touching someone against his or her will.

  • Qwerty Werty

    Remember what the news media is telling you white people “Stop racial profiling”, bad bad whitey. Greenfield has already locked up their quota of blacks this month. Let Kezia go, let Kezia go, where Jessie & Al be ?

  • Robert

    Do YOU realize that Perkins try to execute an illegal moving violation.. parking lot of not. Its like seeing a parking spot on the wrong side of the street and make a U-turn in the middle of said street to get to that parking spot.. Its the very same thing. But sense the 71 year old in the SUV made a legal maneuverer. she was IN the right.. And if I was a “cop” and spotted that.. THEY would get a ticket ON the spot..

  • Kit Camper

    Seriously, I hope te 71 year old womans sues Perkins for every dollar she earns for the rest of her life.

  • selfentitled

    From what i see on CCAP she is a real winner, hasn’t paid a bill in years. Shocked anyone?? Her current address is also available on CCAP :)

  • Hunthard

    @JESSICA DAVIERA: you are wrong about your entire post & you did not fact check anything & you know nothing about the story or reality. I know the 71 year old woman & her husband. She did in fact have surgery immediately following the attack & is currently battling a infection due to the surgery. All due to the complete ignorance & lack of any respect for other human beings by your friend. Your friend was in the safety of her own car with her young daughter after what you claim is a potential accident & could have just moved on or called the authority. But of course we now know she had a real lack of self-control & a lack of setting an example for her daughter in an appropriate manner all because she could not park illegally due to neither having a valid DL or valid handicap parking pass. Instead she chose to physically attack a 71 year old woman & allowed her daughter to witness her mother act as such. This woman is a volunteer for the elderly & was at the Walmart location to purchase items for the residents she volunteers for. The consequences your friend receives were because of a choices she made & well deserved.

    • Have a seat

      Is there any way to get in contact with your friend or her family?
      MANY people have showed interest in donating time/money to assist her and/or send flowers or card.
      What organization did she volunteer with? I’m sure they’ll need the extra hands and energy while she is recovering.

  • Griffin

    Are you kidding me? Ms. Kezia Perkins is a horrible monster of a person. At what point would anyone think it’s ok to put an old lady in the hospital for taking the parking spot you were going to illegally park in? That is something an animal would do, not a member of a civilized society.

  • james

    First of all Jessica,get the facts straight.One,she does not have a handicap tag issued to her.The cops ran that tag and it did not come back issued to her.Two,her licence is suspended.Why is she driving to begin with?Pitaful,it clowns like you an Ms Perkins deserve each other and you can visit your friend at the county jail

  • Tim Taylor

    Should be 20 years and 100,000 dolar fine! She was probably and most likely is just another welfare queen, who thinks she is entitles to everything under the sun!


    OK I finaly watched the video and I gotta admit I’m a real dimwit. Everything I say conflicts with the video, my bad.


    OK I watched the video finally. I admit I was being a tool by thinking my words carried more weight than a video. I haven’t been taking my tax payer paid for meds.

  • Sarah

    I am in shock that anyone would ever do such a thing or get that upset about something so simple. She should absolutely get jail time for every crime she committed during the event. I don’t care if it’s extra petty fines. I feel bad that baby will have to grow up with that kind of negativity, anger, and violence. She needs to be held accountable for her actions. Who does something like that? Poor kids!

  • C.Lopez

    Ghetto people like her that make everyplace unsafe for anyone to go..stay in your own neighborhoods and hurt your own people not an innocent elderly lady!! And @Jessica what a great mother..i hope her child doesn’t act like her when she grows up. GHETTO people!!

  • F.B Mc

    I hope they throw the book at her there isn’t any justified reason for what she done I have a mom who is a senior, what a bully no mercy for her.

  • Getreal

    Jessica – the woman DID have surgery. One thing you need to understand (and I realize this is hard for you and your friends) that just because you say it – or scream it – doesn’t make it true.
    I hope your poor, innocent, hard working friend is put behind bars for years. Maybe her child will at least have a chance to grow up to be a normal human being if put into foster care. Clearly this animal of a mother should not be raising a child.

  • chance

    Stupid ignorant POS. Hope she does get the max. Complains of someone stealing a spot that was never hers to begin with. What trash. I would sue her on top of her penalties just for making the woman having possibly undergo more surgery and pain. Unbelievable.

  • So Typical

    Honestly Jessica defending this worthless pile of garbage is so typical and just lends reason to why profiling happens. Based on her actions and you defending her with “NO FACTS” as the video clearly shows her criminal assault of this elderly woman you should be embarrassed and she should spend a nice long time in a jail cell. Trying to pull race into this is ludicrous and so typical!

    • john rawlings

      The lady tryed to toss race at me and the others but when i tossed the fact i was adopted and so was my mexan brother in our family the lady shut up fast as color in her book went bye bye no longer in the picture.

  • A Hocking

    You are a liar. You are trolling these comments for one or two reasons. 1. Possibly stupid or mentally ill. 2. Trolling to provoke racial comments to show how the criminal cant get a fair trial due to the racism in the area. AKA race card invocation. Wont work due to witnesses and the film of the brutal attack on the elderly victim. Also Jessica, have fun in jail when they catch up to you for the warrant that you have against you in Wisconsin. But do keep up the entertainment, we are having a good time with you.

  • Cattiva

    Ok.. One, you ppl making punk as# racist commentssound just as stupid as this Perkins broad. Assault anyone and be assaulted yourself! PERIOD! Assault an elderly person and be beat the fu#k up..

      • April

        No if she was white I would call her trash as well. Her behavior was so outside of a normal response for a decent person that you have no choice but to conclude she is mentally unstable trash.

      • Chance

        The woman was trash. She got caught in the act. Finally I might add. Having an illegal H/C card was just a starter. She was so quick to assault for something that was never hers to begin with. It’s obvious she is one that takes from the system and not pay in to it. This woman is trash and must have a mental illness if she thinks it’s right to take something that is not hers. Stupid to think otherwise.

  • Lisa Larson

    Please tell me the prosecutor has something else to tack on. Are there any statutes concerning crimes against vulnerable adults? The counsel for Ms. Perkins should shut up. He’s not helping her case by attempting to minimize the damage done or the audacity of the action. Now it may come out later at trial that Ms. Perkins is mentally ill but that’s for a judge and jury to truly determine. If I lived in your county I would be absolutely outraged if the prosecutor offered ANY plea deal whatsoever.

  • kl

    The victim is a fabulous senior that volunteers her time with less able seniors. She is a actually a tiny lady without a mean bone in her body. I hope they put Perkins away for as long as possible and get her help for what is clearly an anger problem and help with learning self control and perhaps even how to behave like a lady.

  • Jim Leyden

    JESSICA DAVIERA, Yep! She is a true pillar in her community! With no less than ELEVEN court actions against her in her short lifetime. I bet you are just as much of an upstanding citizen as she is.
    I would say that this highlights one of the major problems in the “african-american” (whatever the hell that means, thank you Jesse Jackson for another meaningless catch phrase) community. Instead of actually taking care of their own community problems, they defend them and call anyone that points them out a RACIST!

  • Ross Stuart Pool

    The assailant has a violent history of assaults and needs to be locked up for 10 years, animals like this do not need to be allowed on our streets, they have no respect for others and cannot function in a decent society.

  • K.D

    It doesn’t matter if the perpetrator was white, black, asian, hispanic, male, female, young, old, etc, etc … what went down here in broad daylight was aggravated assault … she even laid in wait after screaming at victims car window, then jumped outta her car, swooped in on her & attacked her. Who effin does that…to ANYBODY??….much less a senior lady?? Throw that toxic bully in prison where her asszz will be “parked” for a long time.

  • Kelly

    This is exactly why I moved out of the area. Area is changing and not for the better. Prosecute to full extent of the law!

  • Victoria

    If you are handicapped and have a LEGITIMATE handicap permit, it should be prominently displayed in your window, not hiding in your trunk!
    I am disabled. It’s not a readily noticeable disability (arthritis in my spine, hips and knees) but my permit is ALWAYS displayed in my window.
    By doing this, there is no confusion for other drivers as to whether or not I am even legally permitted to park in a handicap spot.
    That being said, if I notice an elderly person with a handicap permit, I will let them have the spot. It’s called respect.
    I will circle and find another spot for myself.

  • jmcaul

    It would have not necessarily been clear to the 71 yo victim that the black car was going to park there. Go back and look at the video. The black car was just sitting there and was not at an angle where it was obvious she was going to park there. It would be easy to assume the black car was waiting for a different space to open up. Not only is that big, knock-kneed, horse-nostril, sow fraudster a BULLY, she also can’t drive!

  • magginkat

    Why did you call this a fight? It was a brazen attack by an oversized 32 yr old bully against the much smaller 71 yr old woman. Then the bully gets in her car and storms away. Apparently she did park elsewhere in the parking lot but she should face the additional charge of leaving the scene after attacking that poor woman. To top it all off that 32 yr old bully had no driver’s license and was using someone else’s handicap tag.

  • sadcase

    this girl is a bully. so is her family. anybody that disagree with them, they bully them. it is no surprise that one of them finally got caught up. you can’t turn this into a race issue, just because you dont like people saying truth about you. Its not a race issue and thats what the whole family wants everybody to believe. you pushed an old lady down. if you didn’t push her and she fell on her own, what do you expect to happen when a massive pound woman comes charging a frail old lady. To the family members that are trying to defend this, please shut up. You guys are the one hurting the case, and trying to attack everybody that disagree with you. You on Facebook attacking people you know who agree, but the great thing is, you can’t attack the whole entire fox news readers. everybody aren’t idiots, or low class that will allow you to bully them because they dont agree with you. This is not a race issue. its about a girl hurting and being disrespectful to the elderly. if people were able to pull up my address and criminal history or place of business, i’d shut up and be quiet, not attempt to be the bullies, because it won’t be in your favor. stupid.

  • A-man Hecker

    Black people are sooo dumb She ore like don’t have anything to lose or money to pay for the injuries. I hope she gets sued severely by her family over $500.000 through life tome garnishment from her job, if she even has one!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tena Kay Michel

    I hope they nail her. I’m in a wheelchair, and I can’t count the times I’ve faced abusive people—and not just over handicapped parking. Bullies target those too weak to fight back. I had a woman shove my wheelchair because I wasn’t going through the doorway fast enough, then tell me she was doing God’s work because I was obviously a sinner or “God wouldn’t have put you in that wheelchair.” I had another guy attack me to blow off steam after a fight with his wife. A fat lady in one of the motorized cart at Walmart rammed me for no reason what-so-ever and drove me into the shelves. (In the later two cases, store personnel rescued me before the people could do more damage.) A teenage shoved my wheelchair in front of an SUV just for fun, and I had to overturn to keep from being run over. I believe we need to make assault on those with disabilities carry more serious penalties than simple assault because many are hate crimes.

    • F.B Mc

      It’s not typical inner-city entitlement stop blaming all people for bad behavior of a few there are alot of people in the suburbs that a whole Hella lot worse because they fill entitled and won’t face any consequences because they’re from the suburbs .

  • Patrick King

    After a trial in Milwaukee County Circuit Court, a jury on Friday convicted Perkins of felony aggravated battery. She faces up to three years in prison at her sentencing Nov. 9.

  • Michelle from Pennsylvania

    She needs to be the example to everyone the lazy lass. Maybe this she will need a handicapped tag. Knock her of her high horse.

  • Peter

    Kezia Perkins had a placard in the car that was expired. The placard was not issued in Kezia Perkins name. Kezia Perkins was driving that day on a suspended drivers license. She had no business trying to park in that handicapped spot.

    Her anger and selfishness caused the situation.

    Her decision to drive on a suspended license put her in that parking lot. If she had obeyed the law she would not have been driving and the situation would not have happened.

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