“It’s disturbing:” 45-year-old man killed in confrontation with Milwaukee police

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A 44-year-old Milwaukee woman is safe this morning after a Milwaukee Police officer shot her estranged husband as he held a knife to her during a domestic violence incident on Milwaukee's south side.

An outside agency has been contacted to lead the investigation, however preliminary information from the scene indicates that Milwaukee Police were called to a home in the 400 block of E. Plainfield Avenue shortly before midnight on March 5th regarding a wanted suspect threatening his wife with a knife.

Milwaukee Police say the man, whom a relative identifies as 45-year-old Tyrone Lawrence from Milwaukee, came back to the home where he once lived with his estranged wife. Lawrence has an active No Contact Order in place and history of domestic violence.

Tyrone Lawrence

Tyrone Lawrence

"It's disturbing but it's not shocking that he came back. He didn't adhere to a restraining order. I know that he was a domestic abuser," said Jenny McCoy, neighbor.

District Six officers arrived at the home a short time later and forced entry, finding a male suspect armed with a knife in hand, threatening the victim. The officers attempted to negotiate with the suspect who refused to drop the weapon. Fearing that the suspect was going to stab the victim, one officer fired, striking the suspect.

Officers attempted life-saving measures, however the suspect died at the scene. The suspect did injure the victim during the incident, but her injuries did not require medical treatment at the scene. The officers were uninjured.

The officer involved is a 27-year-old male with six years of service with the Milwaukee Police Department. As is protocol, he has been placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of the investigation.

A relative of Lawrence tells FOX6 News the family was trying to get help for Lawrence's mental health issues and repeatedly called police.

"He has a lot of history of bipolar issues, he lost his job due to the mental health and he couldn't afford his medications is what I'm told," said the family member of Lawrence.

The family member also told FOX6 News Lawrence would be taken to the Milwaukee Health Complex but was released soon after and never got the help he needed.

Milwaukee Police have contained the scene and, pursuant to State law, the Wisconsin Department of Justice's Division of Criminal Investigation has been contacted and will lead the investigation.

All inquiries for further information should be directed to the Wisconsin Department of Justice.


  • duane j

    sometimes people do crazy things and theres always two sides to a story.im glad to see people are so willing to accept another mpd shooting wait till one of your family members are on the other side of the gun and see how much you like the outcome.R.I.P TY

    • duane j

      I didn’t blame he was my family like I said two sides to every story yeah he had problems everyone does he loved his family now he don’t get to see his kids grow up they could of a handle it different he didn’t have to get shot

  • milwaukeeresident

    It’s a legit issue, Lorett. Google it.. people do things like this so the Officer has to shoot them, so they don’t have to commit suicide.

  • milwaukeeresident

    sorry, but no. you don’t have the right to threaten someone with a knife. Then continue to threaten them with it, causing an Officer to believe you’re going to kill that person. If that Officer would have hesitated, and that victim was seriously injured, then everybody would be asking why that Officer shoot him.

    If this happened to somebody in my family, I’d still say that he gave the Officer no choice, and I’d agree with his decision. and I would have sympathy for him, because she or he was forced to make that choice.

  • Fancy

    I feel your pain. I for a short time dealt with my minor son who exhibited that he needed help for mental instability. Being told that if “he” didn’t agree to treatment then they wouldn’t treat him or admit him without his consent. As a mother I thought how could a 14yr old make that decision when I the parent was begging for help. I’m sorry your cousin couldn’t get the help he needed which ultimately caused him his life. I’ve been there I get it I understand. My prayers to all involved a tragedy that didn’t have to happen. God bless!!

  • Dana

    Reggie I am Steve’s daughter. I thank you for having the courage to say all this. I did not have the energy to argue but I also didn’t feel like I had the right seeing as I have not talked to Tyrone in awhilebut I like you grew up with him. He always pdirected me and made time for us younger cousins. That is how I am choosing to remember him. My thoughts and prayers are with you

    • beavis and butthead

      My prayers and condolences go out to you and your family. Fox six comment section is home to some of the most soulless, heartless, racist people ever and it’s quite disgusting. Nothing but cowards hiding behind a keyboard who wouldn’t dare say any of that garbage in the real world.

  • Valecia Adams

    Im sorry for your loss and the kids loss. U are right, there are two sides to every story. My question though, is why cant they shoot to stop them instead of kill them? May God bless…

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