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Man spends 365 days preparing for epic marriage proposal

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(WITI) — One man dedicated a full year to create an epic marriage proposal.

When Dean decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Jennifer, he dedicated 365 days preparing the perfect proposal. Dean recorded himself every day for 365 days displaying messages to Jennifer — each one asking her to marry him, along with the date.

In a YouTube video, Jennifer is seen watching the compilation of videos and when the days tick down to 0, Dean is waiting behind her to propose!

Can you guess if she said yes?

Check out the proposal here:


  • s holmes

    Thats very touching. When you are carrying out the tee vee from “her” house be sure to record that too.

  • Annie Mezsick

    Make me cry? More like creeped me out. That guy is seriously in love with himself, that thing went on forever! He could have sped it up at some point but I think he was having too much fun looking at himself. Besides, how much fun is a ” surprise” proposal when he tells you at the very beginning that it’s a surprise proposal! Very strange.

    • Jagdpanther

      Agreed. It’s really all about him. You don’t do something like this with no intent of it going viral.

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