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“We need to stop wondering:” Family seeks answers after loved one fatally shot at party

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A Milwaukee family wants justice and mourns the death of a teenage victim fatally shot at a party near 35th and Auer this past weekend. The victim in this case is 19-year-old Erika Walker.

"The number one question we would all like to know is the truth about what happened. Why did this incident even occur? Why did it have to go this far?" asked Adam Hogan, Walker's cousin.

Milwaukee police say an altercation at a party led to gunfire. Walker was shot. She was taken by friends to a hospital where she later died from her injuries.

"We need to stop wondering. It's gone. It happened. May she rest in peace. But we still need justice and answers. Whoever did this needs to be locked away for life. They need to let us know what happened," said Hogan.

Friends say there were ten to 20 people at the party. They believe someone knows something.

"I'm coming forward to send a message. The victory was in my daughter, not in the streets. It's my hope my daughter's unfortunate death, represents as Tom Franklin says, time for a revolution, a revolution of peace and justice in my hometown Milwaukee," said Michelle Walker, the victim's mother.

Erika Walker was a rap artist with dreams of hitting it big. Her family says she had a show scheduled in Atlanta next week.

"For anybody who knows anything, it is my hope that you do the right thing because it could be your child not just mine," said Michelle Walker.

Milwaukee police continue to search for suspects.


  • Conservative Jim

    You have 20 people at a party and no one knows who it is, this is completely funny & sad at the same time…hello.

  • Sheila Moyet

    I think it is a shame that so many people would rather make excuses than face the truth that these young ghetto blacks are turning our streets into a battle field. I realize everyone is so afraid to be called racist, however we can not close our eyes to the truth.

    • shay

      Okay erika was not ghetto she went out with friends. However this time ended fatally .she was actually a very nice person. She was truly the wrong place ,but whoever didnt will get what they deserve. This is being handled the right way. It was so unexpected nobody is protecting or keeping sercets. everyone loved erika . heads up blacks kids are the not only ones whites just take whole schools at once . then its forgotton because it was oneing thing. You
      might be racists but who knows. you should have just said young ghetto children/teens . however thats not my problem . everyones entitled to their opinion

    • marie

      Well I’m not mad at you for felling that way Ms. Shelia but you need to stop thinking it’s just blacks making the streets dangerous. If you feel your racist hey but don’t go judging all black people. Ignorance has no color. FYI all races do criminal acts. You so happen to only hear about the black people though.

  • grunt

    I guess that black life didn’t matter.
    Why do so many care about the criminals, yet ignore this kind of violence?

      • shay

        Trust me this situation is not being ingored . justice will be served the right information is known it could be a Asian for all we know . her death is being taken seriously . she honestly didnt deserve this.

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