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“An awful joke:” Indonesian sports clothing company under fire for washing instructions found on jersey

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(CNN) — An Indonesian sports clothing company is in a bit of hot water because of the washing instructions on their latest label.

A sports team has revealed a slick new jersey, but it’s what’s underneath that’s causing an uproar.

The label has these washing instructions: “Give this to your woman. It’s her job.”

The tag is strikingly similar to one from a UK company in 2012. That one had two options: Machine wash warm, or give it to a woman.

People are shocked by the new tag. Comments online read: “I can’t even begin to explain how wrong this is” and “this was an awful joke. Own your mistakes. Apologize.”

The company behind the jersey has since apologized. In several Twitter posts, the company says it never intended to demean women, but it said “not all men understand how to take care of their own clothes. Women know better/are experts in such matters.”

Some say that apology misses the point.

For its part, the football club that the jerseys represent retweeted the apologies.

The posts came on Sunday, March 8th — which was coincidentally International Women’s Day.


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