Judge orders man to stop smoking inside his own home

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A Washington D.C. man must go outside to smoke cigarettes after a judge ordered him to stop smoking inside his own home.

The judge's temporary ruling came after the man's new neighbors filed a lawsuit that claimed smoke from his home found its way into their home through holes in a shared basement. The couple said they worried the smoke would not only harm them and their child, but their unborn baby as well, according to a report from WJLA.

"You want me to stop what I've been doing in my house, all my life," Edwin Gray said when asked about his reaction to the judge's ruling. He said his family has owned the home in northeast D.C. for 50 years.

"If this judge has done this, who will be next? What other neighbor will be next?" Gray's sister Mozella Johnson asked.

Real estate attorney Benny Kass called the case "precedent-setting" and said it emphasized the fact people are not allowed to simply ignore their neighbors anymore.

"Your home is no longer your castle," Kass said.

In addition to the temporary no-smoking order, the couple's lawsuit asked for a half-million dollars in damages, according to WJLA.


  • DaTruth

    Ridiculous! A half a million dollars in damages! What was damaged? That’s why its good not to live in connected units, nor duplexes. People in your business.

  • Ocean Vibes

    when you live in places connected to someone else, then you pay the price. It is this couple GIVEN right to stay healthy & keep their children healthy. To think disgusting, lung damaging , stinky, smelly smoking should override this couples health just because you’re in your home is pathetic. YOU as a human being should be more considerate and apologize for risking their health. Want to kill yourself, OK, but it’s not your place to blow smoke in other peoples path to eternity..!

  • no

    so soke em right next to the neighbor’s window. Then tell the Judge you are complying with his order. LOL

  • Brad Richgruber

    then every citizen should get a half a million dollars from every single car owner, semi truck driver, anyone who owns a back up generator, lawn mower, motorcycle, works at a factory, power plant or a restaurant, from every farmer… oh heck from anyone that breathes

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