“She said ‘I’m dying:'” 15-year-old girl, an innocent bystander, suffers gunshot wound to her face

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RACINE (WITI) -- Family members of a Racine high school freshman say she's recovering from a gunshot wound to her face. Family members say the girl was an innocent bystander -- shot while standing in front of her house on Tuesday, March 10th.

Destiny Finch

Destiny Finch

Racine police haven't released any official details on this shooting. Family members tell FOX6 News there may be multiple suspects on the run. This, as a 15-year-old girl is recovering.

"She said 'I'm dying. I'm dying,'" Mary Williams, the girl's aunt said.

It happened at the corner of West and Wilson in Racine.

"We thought she was playing. She fell to the floor. We didn't she was serious," Williams said.

Williams says her niece was struck in the face by a bullet. Williams says the shooting happened after two groups of teenagers got into a fight in front of her home.

"He said 'oh you want to play with guns?'  And he started shooting," Williams said.

Williams says her family wasn't involved in the fight, but they walked to a front porch to see who was shouting.

"We heard some firecrackers, thought they were firecrackers. They turned out to be shots," Williams said.

Family members say that's when Destiny Finch, a freshman at Park High School was struck by gunfire. She was taken to the hospital.

Neighbors say multiple shots were fired, and there may have been multiple shooters.

"Hopefully she's fine. We'll see," Williams said.

Finch's family hopes those responsible for what happened to Destiny will soon be brought to justice.

"They're hurting innocent bystanders.  I can't take it no more," Williams said.


  • D.C

    “They” don’t hate the cops…. Some of us are law abiding folk, taxpayers, homeowners, stand up people! Guess your opinion would be different if it were your family member shot by a white thug, they do exist.. Hoping for a speedy recover for this “CHILD”

  • Well...

    Next time you see a fight happening outside, don’t run to your porch to watch..get far away from it! Praying for a speedy recovery for Destiny!

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