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Senate panel to hold hearing on John Doe changes

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State Capitol, Madison

MADISON (AP) — A state Senate committee is set to take public input on a Republican bill that would revamp how prosecutors could use so-called John Doe investigations.

John Does are similar to grand jury probes where information is gathered in secret and information tightly controlled. The bill would prohibit using the John Doe process to investigate potential political wrongdoing.

The Senate’s judiciary committee was expected to hold a public hearing on the measure Wednesday.

Republicans have grown increasingly frustrated with the process in recent years. Since Republican Gov. Scott Walker took office in 2011 prosecutors in Milwaukee have used the process to investigate his aides and associates while he was Milwaukee County executive and whether his 2012 gubernatorial recall campaign illegally coordinated with conservative groups.

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  • GodSaveWI

    ROFL are you serious! The sheeple are going to let Walker get away with this too? I thought the regular guy had no say or rights now, but the corruption just keeps getting worse.

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