Shooting that killed Aaron Siler was Officer Pablo Torres’ second officer-involved shooting this month

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KENOSHA (WITI) -- Kenosha police have identified the officer who pulled the trigger in this weekend's fatal officer-involved shooting incident, and the man who was shot and killed. Police say the officer in this case was involved in another non-fatal officer-involved shooting incident earlier this month.

Aaron Siler

Aaron Siler

The man who was shot and killed on Saturday, March 14th near 22nd Avenue and 56th Street in Kenosha has been officially identified by police as 26-year-old Aaron Siler.

Police say the officer who shot him is Officer Pablo Torres -- an 18-year veteran of the department.

The incident began just after 9:30 a.m. Saturday, when officers attempted to arrest Siler -- wanted on an active felony probation and parole warrant. Siler initiated a vehicle pursuit with officers, and after crashing his vehicle, he took off running. Officers pursued Siler on foot, and when Siler was confronted by Officer Torres, police say Siler armed himself with a weapon.

Officer Torres then fired his handgun -- striking and killing Siler.

Police say there were citizen witnesses to this officer-involved shooting.

"The first thing you hear is an officer say 'put down, get down,' and he said it twice, and I heard six shots after that," a witness said.

Police said this in a statement to FOX6 News regarding Saturday's officer-involved shooting:

The Kenosha Police Department understands the toll this incident has taken on the family, the community, the involved officers and their families and the department. These tragedies can be avoided if subjects would simply stop and follow the commands of the officers. As is required by state law and pursuant to police department protocol the investigation is being handled by an outside agency.

Officer Torres had just returned to work on the day of the shooting of Aaron Siler. He was on leave as a result of a previous officer-involved shooting.

On March 4th, police say a man advanced on officers armed with two knives. That man was shot by Officer Torres.

It happened in the 1500 block of 84th Street shortly before noon.

Kenosha police say just before 11:45 a.m., they received a 911 call from a woman reporting her husband had gone into the garage to “kill himself.”

Officers arrived at the home and found the 64-year-old man armed with two knives. He was seated inside a running vehicle in the garage.

Police say the man failed to follow orders to drop the knives, and he began to advance on the officers. In order to stop the threat, Officer Torres fired one round at the man. The man was hit in his abdomen. He was taken to the hospital for treatment, and he was expected to survive.

The man's wife tells FOX6 News he is a Vietnam veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

"I was screaming 'my husband is a veteran. Don't hurt my husband.' They know he had a mental problem. He was not out to hurt them -- only himself," the man's wife said.

Officer Torres was placed on administrative leave following this incident. After being on leave and attending annual in-service training, Torres returned to work on Saturday, March 14th -- the day Aaron Siler was shot and killed.

Members of Aaron Siler's family said Monday they're in disbelief to learn Officer Torres was involved in a shooting 10 days prior to the shooting that killed Siler.

"I don`t even think he should be on the force right now. I think he should be suspended without pay because that`s just ridiculous," Siler's aunt Tina Kramer said.

"I remembered that guy`s name from that first time. I remembered the name -- so nobody had to tell me he did it before," Siler's grandfather Dennis Jurgens said.

The officer-involved shooting of Aaron Siler came up at Monday's City Council meeting in Kenosha -- when Michael Bell, whose son was killed by Kenosha police in 2004 questioned why Officer Torres was back on duty Saturday. Siler's family wonders if it had been a different officer, whether the outcome would be the same.

"There's only one Aaron. He'll be missed," Kramer said.

Per a new Wisconsin law regarding the investigation of officer-involved deaths, the Wisconsin Department of Justice has been tasked with investigating both of these incidents.

The shooting of Aaron Siler is the seventh officer-involved shooting in Wisconsin since January 5th. Four of these incidents have been fatal -- one in Milwaukee, one in Green Bayone in Madison and this one in Kenosha.

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  • Tanya W

    I met Officer Torres two days before the first incident this month when he spoke to the criminal justice students at UW-Parkside, and even showed us how he works with his K9 firsthand. He is one of the most respectable officers I’ve ever met.

  • candy

    Yes Mr Torres was protecting himself … Bye all means he was doing his job and grant it yes this young man should have just stop and too responsabilty for his action … Which instead got him killed which is sad but u can’t justifie that it was a police officers fault he’s was protecting him self as well as others …. And am so sorry to hear about that young man Arron I feel for his family as well as Mr Torres family hope it all turns out well gib be with u. All ..

  • WTF


  • Chris

    Unless I’m missing something, it seems like all of the recent officer involved shootings have one thing in common. The suspect did not cooperate with police. I know that trying to reason with some of you who read this is pointless, but I feel that the suspect, who in MOST of the recent cases had just committed a crime, decided to “roll the dice” and lost. If an officer gives you an order, FOLLOW THE ORDER. If you are innocent, it will work itself out.

  • laura

    I’ll be the first to comment where’s the white officer shoots white suspect on this story? It disturbs me to no end when so-called “news” affiliates don’t use the same verbiage for every story, but then again I suppose there can be no race mongering here, so it’s moot. No one party to get riled up… Thank you for proving all of the bigots correct. I am ashamed I actually thought it truly wasn’t happening until I read this story, it saddens me beyond belief. I hope all the news affiliates take responsibility for their actions and more people get the same wake up call I just had. That way when the next police officer involved shooting happens people will be less likely to riot due to the realization of the news affiliates race sensitization!

  • Confused

    Where are all the protests, the vigils. Where is Al Not-So-Sharpton? Oh wait the dead man is white… so no one cares.

    • beavis and butthead

      maybe because the suspect was armed dumbass. but since you feel so strongly about it get your dumbass out there and march DUDE no wonder you’re confused #brainless

      • Think Again

        Actually, if you bothered to look at his court cases… he wasn’t ever convicted of that stuff. That particular set of charges was dismissed. I’m not defending the guy at all, but that doesn’t mean he deserves to have this kind of stuff spread around about him. Yeah, he was involved in a case with those charges. Those charges were dismissed. He was never convicted on those.

  • Sue

    Follow all commands as the officer instructs and you will be alright. It don’t matter if you think it’s right or wrong ( the order ) if you feel the officer was wrong, there are steps you can take to report him/her or just get a lawyer and sue ( you will of course have the burden of proving the officer was wrong or did something wrong, your ‘word’ isn’t good enough and will need proof to back it up ). FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN BY OFFICERS, their lives depend on it as well as yours!

  • Wischneider

    The Hispanic officer who shot an unarmed white male is a racist!!! I would so riot if I didn’t have to work every day… #whitelivesmatter

    • Justice S

      White lives matter. Ok now add to this equation the white life was that of a convicted child molester. You still want to riot? Dude was a victim of karma.

    • Karen Miller

      If yur calling Officer Torrres a racist nothing could be further from the truth. People need to follow commands of a officer to keep all safe.

  • Stephers

    Interesting how for this story they don’t use his mug shot which is readily available on the Wisconsin Offender search… Seems like they usually use mug shots, but now that they want the headlines to compare to Ferguson and Madison they are trying to portray Siler as a victim and Torres as a monster. Siler put many Kenoshans at risk fleeing over 20 blocks. He was a felon who was absconding… Interesting Fox 6… Interesting…

  • Justice S

    Maybe the out come would be different if Mr. Siler would have surrendered. Oh or maybe if years earlier the outcome would have been different if Mr. Siler would have decided not to molest a child. Maybe just maybe Mr. Siler got what he deserved. Victim of karma shall we say!

  • Jeff

    This officer needs his weapon taken away and placed behind a desk…Not saying this out of disrespect but he is to trigger happy and in a span of a month he has destroyed two families lives forever!

  • Jeff

    Torres is a THUG with a badge so dont try and sugar coat it..he committed murder by law. I can asure you Mr.Siler would have never hurt this officer after the first shot but Torres being the thug he is emptied his magazine on him!

    Shooting a mentally disturbed veteran proved he should have never been able to harm another human but the great city of Keeenosha seen fit to let him go back to work and on the same day go out an take a human life WHY? Because he is a THUG with a badge!

    • Justice S

      You are a tool. Mr Siler was a convicted child molester. 6 shots fired is not emptying a mag on a gun unless it was the Wild West and this is a six shooter. He got what he asked for to bad it didn’t happen in 2011 when this perp took advantage of an child.

  • David

    what’s wrong with shooting him in the arm holding the knife or shot in leg really six shots didn’t you train in shooting or was this personal since the police officer new him and family

  • Mrs. Reasonable

    Put yourself in Officer Torres’ shoes. A dangerous felon has led you on a chase. You corner him. He charges at you with a weapon. None of your fellow officers know where you are because you can’t get on the radio AND deal with the rapidly unfolding situation before you at the same time. In the moment you reach for your radio to let dispatch know where you are, Aaron Siler is going to kill you. You scream at him to drop the weapon and get down on the ground. Instead, he charges at you, weapon in hand. Do you really think that in that moment you could carefully and precisely aim at the tiny moving target of his hand and shoot the weapon out of it? What is your final answer? Think fast.

  • Mrs. Reasonable

    Put yourself in Officer Torres’ shoes. A dangerous felon has led you on a chase. You corner him. He charges at you with a weapon. None of your fellow officers know where you are because you can’t get on the radio AND deal with the rapidly unfolding situation before you at the same time. In the moment you reach for your radio to let dispatch know where you are, Aaron Siler is going to kill you. You scream at him to drop the weapon and get down on the ground. Instead, he charges at you, weapon in hand. Do you really think that in that moment you could carefully and precisely aim at the tiny moving target of his hand and shoot the weapon out of it? What is your final answer? Think fast.

  • Neal

    I’m confused Was Aaron Siler 64 and a possible Vietnam vet or 26 and couldn’t possibly be? Was Aaron the potential suicide or was he involved in some other way? The “report” jumps all over the place.

  • Fighting chorizo

    Amazing that ignorant people leave comments when they don’t even know the states definition of deadly force or its justification.

  • Fighting chorizo

    Justification for deadly force people look it up. Person doesn’t need to be armed but be a threat that threatens to cause death or great bodily harm. Cops are justified to use one level of force higher than they are presented with. Bad guy wrestles, cop can punch. Cop get punch, he can strike with a weapon (taser baton). Someone pulls a weapon he can use a gun. Someone pulls a gun he can use a bigger gun or lots of guns. You want someone to blame someone, blame the legislation who approved the use of force rules. Not the cop trying to provide for his family.

  • Kirk V

    Yes, everyone makes mistakes. But your “baby” was a convicted violent criminal and then pulled a weapon on a cop. Dumb move and he has only himself to blame! The officer was just in his actions, period.

  • Mike

    Torres is the thug arron was never a convicted pedophile you people are crazy yes he’s good to you at Parkside yes he may act professional with co workers but I assure you this cop is as dirty as it comes laugh at these comments he doesn’t have a temper you don’t know him he is a bad man I hope your white child gets shot by him good luck people you live in a police state this is factual RIP Arron. your kids next folks remember Mike bell shot for nothing you run resist it is not a death penalty he hurt no one but lost his life and all you yuppies say what if what if fact is he hit no one and he is not a chomo you sick degenerates I have my ccw. trigger happy police what happened to non lethal rounds how is it the UK has suchlike police shooting why stricter gun laws you people want your cake an eat it too good luck

  • Bruce S Edwards

    I had the pleasure of working with Officer Torres when he first started in police work at the Winthrop Harbor Police Dept. He was a bright, eager, intelligent young man who wanted to help the world, always looking to engage the community. I am sorry he was forced to use deadly force but in both cases, the veteran with knives and Siler, a known felon with a gun, the subjects themselves initiated the threat of deadly force.

  • TonyB

    I find it offensive that the media has to demean the names of hard working officers whos only fault is doing their job. These officers put the uniform on every day knowing it might be the last time. They go to work carrying a fire arm not with the intention to use it, but with the fear they might have to. like others have stated here in these comments alone, the only thing in common for Officer Torres here is that he met two suspects who decided not to comply with the rules that the rest of us follow on a daily basis.

  • David Prill

    I know MrTorress Personally and his nick name is tiny tim for the none believers, TINY TIM. He was arrogant, rude, disrespectful, and just a creep with a huge napoleon complex. Probably why he chose law enforcement and shot two people in 10n days. He used to sit in my parking lot watching me, I had made several complaints against Mr Torress with with no action taken by K-PD I hope he like his new concrete home and i will visit him when he’s all settled in. I train security dogs, that how we had met, I would not let him next to any of my dogs. Not only is he a bully with a badge he loves to punch his dogs. This man is getting everything he deserves, I would describe him as just an evil man who talked often of ridding this planet of the people he would say were at the bottom of the food chain Karma is very real

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