“My granddaughter went over the edge:” Family of teen arrested after brutal fight caught on camera says she has PTSD

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INDIANAPOLIS (WITI) -- A teenager has been arrested after a brutal fight was caught on camera. The video shows a girl beating another girl and her brother in a park in Indianapolis. Now, we are hearing from the mother and grandmother of the 14-year-old girl accused in this brutal beating. The girl is accused of beating a teenager with brass knuckles in downtown Indiana following the beating that was caught on camera. The girl's mother and grandmother say they want to apologize to the victims and explain the girl's behavior.

The cell phone video has been viewed around the world. In it, the 14-year-old girl is seen punching and kicking another girl and then turning on the victim's five-year-old brother.

Shelia and Shawn Taylor

Shelia and Shawn Taylor

The grandmother of the 14-year-old girl arrested in this case tells FOX6's sister station FOX59 in Indiana she was shocked when she saw the video.

"I was thinking my granddaughter went over the edge. That's how I felt," Shelia Taylor said.

The beating in Brookside Park occurred several hours before police say the suspect was involved in another fight in downtown Indianapolis. The girl has been charged with felony battery with a deadly weapon, accused of using brass knuckles on another teenage girl on Saturday night, March 14th.

FOX59 reports the teen's Instagram page features a photo of brass knuckles and a warning to "not try me."

The girl's mother says family members have long been trying to get her help.

“She has been in counseling before. I mean, this is not our first rodeo. Ever since she has been like ten we have gone through Behavior Corps. She’s in services now, so I mean, I’ve been trying to get extra help," the girl's mother, Shawn Taylor said.

Shawn Taylor says her daughter has been diagnosed with PTSD and other ailments.

“[She] has been needing help. We have asked for help. My daughter has paperwork stating different places where she has gone and asked people for help," Shelia Taylor said.

The girl's grandmother says her granddaughter was remorseful when she spoke with her at the juvenile detention center.

“You could see it in her heart. I said, ‘Baby, you can really see what you have done?’ She said, ‘Yes, m’am.’ I said, ‘It’s really starting to come home to you now ain’t it?’ All she could think of was, ‘Grandma I black out when this happens. I just black out.’ That’s what she told me and tears rolled because it really hurt," Shelia Taylor said.

Shawn Taylor tells FOX59 her family has received online threats and visits to their home by strangers in the wake of the video.

The 14-year-old girl has a March 19th court hearing in juvenile court for the fight involving the brass knuckles in downtown Indianapolis. She has not been charged in the fight caught on video at the park.


    • cararta

      Yep, Read this…I mean after this she beats up another girl using the brass knuckles and Grandma and Ma say she has this? Crying at the jail… go buy brass knuckles, post about having and promise to use? (Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it.) How about doing it?
      From what I read, arrested for a second assault that occurred after the video was taped, but not the assault on the girl and her brother (from the video)….

  • Sammich Olioso

    I think the videographer and any witnesses to this should be charged with conspiracy as well.I hope the victim and her very young brother are doing ok.Perhaps a gofundme should be started for the victim and her young brother.

  • s holmes

    I thought the fallback was bipolar disorder, now we have ptsd. Lets hope this special one has to account for her actions.

  • Rae

    Not all blacks do that bs! No matter the race she was wrong on all counts….she needs to be punished for it…i feel she knew exactly what she was doing….she had a choice! Now she needs to be punished for her ACTIONS… PERIOD!!

    • mohamadjohnson

      What crock, the devil that produced this demon seed doesn’t have a clue what PTSD is! This rotten useless pos shouldn’t have been born. That cumdumpster mother is the reason garbage like this is acts worse than animals. No clue how to raise a child. It doesn’t take a village it takes two responsible parents. Unfortunately, society has to pay for everything for dregs on the public. Should pay to have these people neutered.

  • single mom

    How sad. The victim’s are no longer the victims but the perp now is the victim. Not all Africa Americans are bad. We have evil in every race. She needs to be held accountable and punished as an adult.

  • Nicole

    I blame the parents. I can guarantee she has showed violent behaviors at home. Take accountability for her actions. If she had a violent behavior before why not have her evaluated. Check her into a mental facility. Don’t let her roam the streets with her violent behavior. How and why is your daughter out there with brass knuckles beating kids up. Then posting it on instagram. So you let her have a computer or phone to post that to an account. What is wrong with this world? A 5 year old kid? My gosh she needs to be charged as an adult.

    • beanie

      The violent girl should be taken away from her home (like years ago!) immediately; judging from the lying cover up make any excuse type of behavior by her mom and grand mom. She needs to go to FAR away, to receive anger therapy for years. To the point where she can look back and truly realize what she was doing was repugnant. She’s only 14; soon she will kill if not treated. Put her parents in jail for creating this little monster.

  • Whereistheoutrage?

    Where is the media outrage? If this had been a white teen assaulting a black teen and her little brother this would be nationwide headline news… typical.

    • common_sense

      Where is the media outrage? Have you been living under a rock or something? This has been viral already with plenty of people being outraged. Stop being simple…….

      • mohamadjohnson

        Are you for real??? This is so isolated and completely obscure, they need to show this 24/7 but instead the media will hide this and look for the extremely rare “man bites dog” white on black crime. 95% of all interracial crimes are black on white!! There are hundreds of thousands of incidents like this every year, but white society is beginning to educate it’s people just how violent and dangerous these people are. Self defense concealed carry, castle doctrine are going to make a difference. As a society we need to expand Capital punishment to as many crimes as possible. Most importantly turn every single interracial crime into a hate crime with 50 year multiplier!

  • Mike

    Monster thug. She deserves to be locked up for a very very long time with other thugs so she can get a taste of her own medicine. If she doesn’t have PTSD now she will after prison. What an animal. Not just her but the people that stood around and did nothing to stop it, in fact video’ed it.

  • April Byrd

    So what ” GRANDMA” is saying is that this girl suffered something so horrible that she couldn’t help herself but to brutally beat this girl and the child with her??? People like grandma & mommy are the reason these things are happening today because they make EXCUSES for these “poor innocent children.” PTSD … Yes it post traumatic ” should have had some disapline disorder. Mom & granny SHOULD apologize, because had they showed this “poor girl” ANY type of disapline or respect for other people this wouldn’t have happened. This Girl Learned to be a bully & violent at home… Shame on you mom & grandma!!! Y’all seen regret in her eyes? Of course ” she’s in JAIL”
    I wonder what they would have seen if they looked in the little boys eyes ? My guess is tears & fear..and Pain!! This girl is nothing other than what she’s been raised to be.. A BULLY.. Why did she have brass knuckles? Last time I looked that’s called PRE- MEDITATION ( felony ) and why aren’t the people who watched this girl do this being charged? MOB ACTION… Another felony!!!my prayers go out to the youn girl & her family!!!

  • Amber

    You don’t just magically develop PTSD out of thin air. If you’re going to sell that excuse, you’ll have to have a cause for the PTSD to begin with. You think your DAUGHTER has it, imagine what kind of PTSD that five year old little boy will grow up with now that he had to go through that. Sick.

  • stevana

    sorry for this family but we all know sadly where this girl will end up if she doesn’t get the help she NEEDS NOW. She will end up hurt badly or dead because not everyone will allow a 14 yr old to hurt their kids or themselves, even. I hope she finds help asap

    • mohamadjohnson

      I hope for death otherwise she will produce more useless vermin that will be a drain on the productive part of society. The world is a better, safer place without POS like her.

  • Lorri

    I have PTSD and you don’t see me going around a beating someone!! You don’t black out it is a cop out and that is all it is, she simply is not going to take responsibility for her actions and granny and mommy allow it. She is not remorseful she is crying because she feels sorry for herself. She is a menace to society and she needs to be placed in custody where she can do no more harm!!

  • Irene Jeanne

    The attacker has PTSD? Children are less likely to develop PTSD than adults and supposedly she is only 14, still a child herself. What traumatic event did she experience to give her PTSD? If she has other mental issues that is one thing but please do not use PTSD as a blanket excuse for her behavior.

  • Mark

    well then…. after hearing the grandmother explain the inner turmoil this poor girl (the assailant) has been living with, might I suggest that someone start a gofundme account for the girl, her mother, and the grandmother. Maybe the victim can be the 1st to donate towards it. After all, if she hadn’t been thinking of only herself and her little brother by being in the park that day, in clear view of this poor girl with the PTSD, then none of this would’ve happened.

  • monica

    your granddaughter is a trashy sum bag child abusing pig that deserves to burn in hell and which by her actions is probably where she will be and not soon enough, your grandaughter deserves nothing but pain and misory, may she be blessed with that…terrible parenting = this kind of behavior

    • Mark

      so I’m assuming by your post you’d have no interest in donating to a gofundme thing for her and her family?

  • Yazh

    Why was she out alone in the first place ? Now they trying to cover up for her, she needs jail and a good butt beating so she can stop blacking out according to her. There is no excuse for what she did make her pay for it.


    Put her in a supermax prison. Once there, if she acts out, there are three fundamental rules for CURING her of her behavior:

    1. BEAT
    2. TASER

    ENOUGH of political correctness, let’s deal with this s#!t as we would have 80 YEARS AGO!

  • sharon

    reminds me of a conversation I overheard. this woman was on the phone crying saying her son didn’t need to be in jail. evidently she was talking to an attorney. she said yes my son did 50,000 dollars worth of damage to a high school. then she said well this last time he robbed the store at gunpoint. then she started crying again and said but he doesn’t need to be in jail that’s not going to do him any good. this is what is wrong with society today kids and teens are not responsible for the actions. Instead parents make excuses for their children’s behavior and actions.. I hate to say it but in my day if we got in any kind of trouble we would have got the clothes to switch to it being about hair brush or switch off the tree

  • Marsh

    Why no chargers on the attack that was caught on video? C’mon police. Let justice be served. No victim BS. She has brass knuckles. She used them. That’s premeditated. She beat a 5 YEAR OLD. That’s child abuse. Put her in jail and throw away the key!

  • dan

    Don’t blame on ptsd she was completely aware of what she was doing and evil for what she did. I have ptsd and would never do something like this… completely wrong

  • fed.up

    She should be charged as an adult I saw her instagram and that girl is not at all remorseful her profile picture is glorifying violence and fighting she’s nothing but a bully ! And if she gets out she’s just going to glorify she did time now she’s a “real thug ” I have zero sympathy for this little ignorant bully of a child

  • Vanessa

    This should have been more of an apology instead of excuses. I’ve watched that video and that girl was proud of herself and laughed after she attacked that girl and her baby brother. W video thugs, it was premeditated and no one blacked out. So grandma please let’s not focus on your baby being the victim who needs help because if she really needed help, you failed her by leaving her unsupervised and unguided. Where were you when she was out and about for hours at a time long enough to beat two children at a park and then another at the mall all in the same day???? You failed her and you failed society. I teach my kids and I do not make excuses for them. Parents who can’t parent are offend me and both the girl and the actions of her guardians aare repulsive. OWN UP.

  • Armethia Sims

    After listening to the grandmother of the teen attacking the girl & her little brother, I think the girl is not only exhibiting sociopathic behavior but psychopathic behaviors. Psychchopaths sometimes blackout before their crimes. If she is collecting brass knuckles & other harmful paraphanalia, this shows that the girl is not being supervised or parented correctly. Somewhere along the line she has gained the type of uncontrollable anger that often comes with abused children. If she has not been abused, then she needs a MRI of her brain or genes researched. This girl is dangerous.

  • Julie

    Please tell me her name so I can track her down and let her meet my fist and the bottom on my shoe. I would remodel her face!!!!!

  • Terry

    This teenager is sick. I mean sick as in, put her somewhere so innocent people are safe and can go to the park and not fear someone will try to take their life. The victim could have been killed or damaged for life. She was kicking her in the head. If she is blacking out she could very well blackout and when she wakes up, someone is dead.


    Grandma and mom can’t explain away this one. The girl is a “bad seed” plain and simple. Had she been raised In a home that encouraged respect for other human lives and was taught to take responsibility for her actions, we would not be discussing her gross behavior now. Whatever happened to grandma’s neck was probably done by her malicious granddaughter. Smh

  • Tawana

    that animal need to be put out of her misery and her mammy need to be sterilized so she never gives birth again!!!

  • anonymos

    Dont you dare try to blame PTSD or anything else on this!!!! She CHOSE to do this! She deserves adult punishment and should be locked up so she cant hurt anyone else. Her family should be ashamed and blaming no one and nothing but themselves.

  • Martin Brault

    Are the Grandmother and Mother freaking serious? Why is it that so many Black Women, excuse me, but yes Black Women, always have to make up excuses for their children’s rotten behavior. I see it over and over again. ” My Kid is a good kid and he/she wouldn’t hurt no one! ” . Then way is your kid out running the street at 2:00am, breaking into other peoples homes and harassing people? Just an example, but you get what I’m saying.

  • Lauren

    She’s only sorry because she got caught. Plain and simple. They were out looking for trouble and had the phone to prove it. I’m so sick and tired of excuses being made for kids who are disobedient. When I grew up if I laid my hands on someone I would have gotten a whooping, in Texas there was no tolerance for this behavior. If we stopped making excuses and started raising our kids right things would change. Parents don’t care where their kids are and listen to what ever they have to say.

  • beanie

    I saw the beat down in the park. It was NOT a ‘fight’; it was an attack! As the victim (not black, her little brother half black) leaves the park, the girl runs after the two and attacks them again for a better shot on camera. She has a record and a history, and a reputation to uphold. Her mom and grand mom are creating a myth and lying through their teeth to cover that girls behind. How did she get that way? Was SHE beaten as a little girl as a form of “discipline”? That makes children angry and it takes years to get over. The parents need to be arrested for lying, for producing this girl, for covering up for her. It exactly like raising a pit bull, beating it every day, and then letting it loose to harm others. Let those responsible go to jail too; this family has received lots of feedback for this girls out of control behavior. They are lying and excusing her violence which will only exasperate it; they created her. Where is the girl? Why isn’t SHE asking forgiveness and admitting she did wrong? Instead her whole crew who created her is blanketing her with lies and second hand stories. Throw them ALL in jail.

  • Courtney Cyr

    I don’t care what type of disorder she has. Put her in jail. She is a lost cause. Shame on the family thinking it’s the responsibility of others to get the girl help.

  • Todd

    What about the rest of the group that was there while this was happening.They should be held accountable for their part to.

  • Reptar

    Those are just excuses. That girl knew exactly what she was doing. She didnt, “black out” when she posted the picture of the brass knuckles on Instagram. She deserves to be exactly where she is.

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