After shooting himself as officials approached, Union Grove manhunt suspect Stan Sillas has died

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UNION GROVE (WITI) -- Following a nearly 24-hour manhunt, Racine County Sheriff's officials apprehended 20-year-old Stan Sillas. On Monday evening, March 23rd, FOX6 News learned Sillas died at the hospital after he shot himself when law enforcement officials closed in. Sillas was wanted in connection with an abduction incident Sunday in Union Grove.

Stan Sillas

Stan Sillas

Racine County Sheriff's investigators, working with Racine police and K9 units, along with Mount Pleasant police officers tracked Sillas to the 5300 block of Taylor Avenue in Mount Pleasant. Law enforcement officials got a tip from a concerned citizen and that's what led them to the area.

"Arriving officers located fresh footwear impression in the snow. The footprints led investigators to the suspect's location. Upon observing officers, the subject threatened to shoot himself with a handgun he had in his possession. Officers on scene immediately attempted crisis is intervention measures," Racine Police Lt. Al Days said.

Officials say Sillas was hiding in some bushes. They say the crisis intervention measures failed, and Sillas shot himself. Sillas was taken to Wheaton Franciscan Hospital, and then transferred to Froedtert Hospital. Racine County Sheriff's officials tell FOX6 News Sillas died at the hospital as a result of his self-inflicted gunshot wound.

No shots were fired by law enforcement officers during this incident. No one was injured with the exception of Sillas.

While no shots were fired, Racine police say the Wisconsin Department of Justice's Division of Criminal Investigation has been contacted to oversee this investigation.

Earlier Monday, officials were going door-to-door in Union Grove in their search for Sillas. Police said the 20-year-old man has a criminal history-- and should be considered armed and dangerous.

Investigators say Sillas abducted a woman at gunpoint on Sunday afternoon at the Racine Neurological Center near Waterford. Police got a description of the car Sillas was driving, and soon after, it was reported in the parking lot of the Union Grove Piggly Wiggly store.

Sillas was approached by Racine County Sheriff’s deputies and allegedly opened fire. At least two shots were fired — one into a parked squad car with a deputy inside. That deputy returned fire, but it’s unclear whether Sillas was hit.

Sillas left the woman at the Piggly Wiggly store and ran away. Then, a massive manhunt for Sillas began.

The woman is said to be doing okay, and she is cooperating with this investigation.

Due to the manhut, the following schools and one daycare center were closed for Monday, March 23rd.

  • Union Grove High School
  • Yorkville Elementary School
  • Raymond Elementary School
  • Kansasville Elementary School
  • Bright and Beautiful Christian Child Care Center

The Women's Resource Center is offering its services to folks who may be feeling uneasy following this manhunt.

"A number of the searches were happening in people`s - my neighbors' and my friends' backyards.  I can speak from experience, professionally and personally, that this impacts folks. We want to be sure that if this is triggering for anybody else, if other people are concerned for their safety that other people know to reach out to us," Cherie Griffin, the executive director of the Women's Resource Center in Racine.

Trauma advocates will be available on Monday night, March 23rd from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. in the conference room at Martin Chrysler Dodge Jeep, located at 1422 Main Street in Union Grove.

Anyone who would like to talk or debrief about the events that have occurred in Union Grove over the last 24 hours is welcome to come.

There will also be advocates available at the Racine Public Library, 75 7th Street in Racine on Wednesday, March 25 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

For more information, call the Women’s Resource Center at (262) 633-3233.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this story.


  • jim

    Hardly what fits the definition of a warrantless search. Police were not searching for incriminating evidence. Anything found would likely be tossed. I for one would have no problem with the cops coming to my home looking for this guy.

    And a round or 2 can take a life or 2

    • Oooooo

      Did they provide a warrant at every household before they searched it? If not that is the definition of a warrantless search. Idiot

    • Oooooo

      and it depends if they were knocking and asking for entry or kicking your door down. And if you refused and they went about there business then they did nothing wrong but if there were forced entry’s without warrants provided that’s unconstitutional.

    • lolsmack

      Speaking of idiots, where does it say they searched the houses? A cop does not need a warrant to knock on a door to do a welfare check on a citizen or ask them if they’ve seen anything suspicious in the area. Seems as though the whole civil liberties movement is filled with irrational retards now. It’s no wonder why people think we’re crazy when folks like ooooooo and R are out there yelping and yelling about tinfoil hat bullcrap.

  • lolsmack

    Derp. All it said was they were going door to door. They could have simply been asking everyone I’d they saw anything or to check to make sure the homeowner is ok and not being held hostage by the criminal. It said nothing about the police searching their homes or even entering their homes.

    Boston after the marathon bombing was a clear sign of civil liberty violations. This event, however, is not even close to it. Perhaps you should grow up a bit and stop listening to the folks over at copblock for a minute or two.

  • jay

    You my friend are n idiot! What about the saying people like you yelp about and throw in law enforcements face “to protect and serve?’ I bet you would change your attitude if this was your sister that was kidnapped or if this idiot would have entered your house and hurt your family. I can hear your cry to that example “the police did work hard enough to catch this criminal!

  • amilia

    All these young people dying, with criminal history. Whether he killed himself or another person killed him is sad. It’s sad how young people have the courage to take someone else’s (or their own) life and not think twice about it. Something in their upbringing went completely wrong. I think parents should be held accountable as well. If a family is without a child then you shoudnt be able to live your life either. You need to go to jail right along with the criminal you raised.

  • What!

    20 years old what a waste. He had 22 charges against him since he was 15 and probably more when he wasn’t charged as an adult. Nice parenting, smh

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