Deadbeat dad who “died” to get out of paying child support pays $10k, sentenced to jail

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — The deadbeat dad who “died” to get out of paying child support, has finally paid up – but will still spend the next 60 days in the Milwaukee County House of Correction.deadbeat money shot

John McCroy, who goes by the rap name “Jakitdown,” was sentenced to 60 days in jail and three years of probation, after pleading guilty to two charges of felony failure to pay child support. McCroy, who lives at home with his parents and doesn’t have a job, managed to pay more than $10,000 in outstanding child support, interest and fees in March. According to his lawyer, McCroy’s grandfather gave him the funds.

McCroy garnered Internet fame after he told FOX6 reporter Meghan Dwyer that he couldn’t pay his child support because he died in a car accident. See the story here. His interview went viral, as Milwaukee County prosecutors started gathering evidence for their case against him by searching through social media records on Facebook and Instagram.

He had only paid $100 in child support since 2009 when his daughter was born. He was in a car accident in 2010. He subsequently tried to claim he was disabled, which was why he couldn’t pay child support. He told the Milwaukee County family court he was unable to work because of his disability. See that story here.

john mccroy facebook 2However, authorities determined he was not disabled back in 2011. In 2013, while serving time in the House of Correction for an unrelated crime, he was allowed work release. Records show he worked as his uncle’s automotive shop 10 hours a day, five days a week including, overtime. However, he failed to pay child support during that time period.

His mother, a corrections officer for Milwaukee County, wrote this letter to the judge, arguing her son was disabled, even though as recently as 2013, county records show he was employed full-time.

Prosecutors say they found videos of him partying a night clubs in Milwaukee just months after his accident occurred. They also saw evidence, in photos and videos, of him working out at a gym and running on a treadmill. This is more evidence, they argue, that he was fully able to work and pay child support.

“We found photos dating back to February 2010, which was less than three months after his accident, which showed the defendant partying in night clubs,” prosecutors told the judge last week.MCCROY

When asked about all of the money McCroy is seen flashing on his Facebook and Instagram pages, his lawyer argued it was “prop” money, used by local rap artists in their music videos. His lawyer told the court McCroy is not a rapper, is not signed with a label, and makes no money from his so-called musical career.

In the summer of 2014, McCroy told FOX6 he made his money selling mixtapes.

The mother of his daughter, Canience Haynes, says she’s relieved the case is over and she’s happy the judge sentenced him to jail. But she’s not optimistic he’ll keep up with the payments.

“His first and last payment was in 2010 and he only made these payments because of what was going on. He won’t make nothing else,” Haynes says.

Once he’s released from jail, he will need to pay $100 a month in child support as a condition of his probation. If he doesn’t do that, he will be sent back to the House of Correction.


  • Ann

    If they’re going to go after 1 go after all. Are his kids going to be properly taken care of with the money he did pay? Probably not. No real woman depends on child support to support a child that she had with just anybody. He comes from a good family, they are good people. But he still is not the only one! The money and time spent investigating this one man could have helped some other kids get child support payments. But all this focus on this one person. He’s going to do his time, get out of jail and still live the life he’s been living. Opinions are Opinions and Facts are Facts. He’s not perfect and these mistakes he’s made many men in Wisconsin both black and white make daily.

    • joe

      Not just men there are plenty of women that make the same so called mistakes. (its not a mistake when they keep trying to avoid paying for there kids). As far is the money goes learn to read the whole report, it is for back payments which means the mom already paid for everything for her child and the money at this point is hers. She can choose to put it towards her child or blow it on her self but it is hers and her choice. As far is his family goes I don’t know hte family but the mother trying to help him with lies shows a lot.

    • Sandra Jefferson

      Ann,you have to find them to go after them…we have to do something to deter these fools that laugh at the law and spit in the face of the real caretaker…sometimes its not about the money,its about the principle…

  • joe

    Who cares what she dose with it. That money is the back support, she paid for everything so that money is hers plain and simple.

  • boss

    It’s a felony for not paying childsupport? But what about the consequence to the mother’s that’s using the money,other than taken care of the kids?

  • Tashyla

    Whatever she does with the money is up to her…she’s been supporting this child on her own all the child’s life…shout out to dead beat father’s getting a felony…they need to lock em up and throw away the key…flashing all that money not knowing if his child is eating or not ugh

    • harmony

      why does it always have to be that mom is on assistance to take care of a child… loads of single moms work 2 or more jobs and go to school like myself so that my child is taken care of just made a bad choice on a reproduction partner… taxes are paid by everyone whether you’re on assistance or not stop and think do some research

  • Bin

    The system at it’s best. This man paid his 10K yet still get jail time. You got thugs doing worst and get a slap on the wrist. you a black man who owe child support you can forget it.. They will throw the book at you!. I hope that 10k is used for the child, not nails, and fake hair and $200 dollars outfits to hang in the club. Lets do a investigation on where the moneys goes Ms. Dweyer

  • rev al

    HIs mother (a corrections officer for Milwaukee County) should also be sentenced and jailed for perjury. A corrections officer should know better than to lie to the courts, and should be held to the highest standards of those working for the people (us).

    • patricia

      Child support is to assure a roof over their heads, food, electric, water and clothing, if that is done then if she wants nails and hair so be it.

  • Guess

    In other news cover some real f$&&in news who cares if u putting another black man in jail that technically don’t owe anything in child support …. Leave this kid alone

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