“Don’t be stupid!” Check scam could cost you thousands!

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WAUKESHA (WITI) — Who wouldn't want $1,000 or $2,000?! People across the country are getting checks in the mail, but there's a catch. If you cash them — it'll cost you.


Scam checks are coming in UPS envelopes that look similar to this. There's nothing inside except for a check made out in the person's name.

The check comes in an overnight UPS envelope and inside there's a check for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

But, don't spend it! It's a scam.

Rob Tallinger got a check for $2,750 . He knew right away that he shouldn't cash it.

"Something's not quite right here," Tallinger said.

He  contacted the company on the check who told him it was a scam linked to certain rewards programs and Craigslist posts.

Tallinger had recently posted on Craigslist and remembered giving out his information.

"It was kind of a  little form on the bottom of it to give your name, address, asking price and item," Tallinger remembered about an inquiry to his post.

Here's how the scam works — after getting the check, the person gets a follow-up mailer saying too much money was sent and some of it needs to be sent back.

If the person sends money back, not only will they be out the money they sent, but any fees the bank will charge for the false check.

Tallinger's glad he saw the red flags and advises people to think twice when they get a random check in the mail.

"Don't be stupid…Get the facts before you run to bank," Tallinger said.

If you get a similar check in the mail — just tear it up and do not cash or spend it.

If you're posting anything on Craigslist or anywhere online, don't give out your personal information to someone you don't know.


  • TMP

    My boyfriend got one of these a few months luckily I called the bank before he went to go cash it . which he was probably going to do if I didn’t tell him it was a scam first

  • Donna Hogan Noles

    Got a check for 1984.50 from Mega Turbo Auction Corp. Priority Mail Postal envelope. Had the name Brandy King Superiour Tile cutter Inc. Ink marks, security Pink sensitive oval shield on bottom.. Totally looks real.. Calling my Attorney General Office Tomorrow and F. B. I, and Postal Fraud… also written on Citibank, will alert them too…

  • Cassandra

    It’s a horrible feeling when your looking for a part time job for extra money and then you get an email saying ” looking for a part time personal assistant that pays 500 a week” who wouldn’t take it. Then first check comes and it’s supposed to your first duty check the check and distribute the money to an “orphans”. Little do you know Monday comes and my bank informs me the check was bounced and I owe the bank 3500. Or my credit it ruined. I am currently in debt 4000 from a loan so I can pay the bank. I have bills I have expenses I have to take care off. I’m work 12 hour shift daily and until this point I have gone no where. it’s a horrible feeling wen you feel your tramped in locked room no way out no matter how hard you work to get out. I’m literally cry my eyes out every night thinking of one way or another to get and everything I try seems to fail

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