“We are ready to help fans:” For Badgers fans headed to Indy, some tips from AAA

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INDIANAPOLIS (WITI) — As the Badgers prepare for a return trip to the NCAA Final Four this weekend, AAA Wisconsin has some advice for fans that plan to travel with them to Indianapolis.

“AAA Wisconsin is a proud supporter and sponsor of UW Athletics, and we wish the Badgers the very best of luck in the Final Four,” said Vicki Hanson, Regional President of AAA Wisconsin.  “We are ready to help fans who will be traveling to cheer on the Badgers in person prepare for a safe and enjoyable trip.”

The drive from Madison to Indianapolis is approximately 330 miles along the most direct route, which is Interstate 90 to 294 in Illinois, then Interstate 94 to 65 in Indiana.  Travelers are advised that this route will take at least five hours of drive time in optimal traffic conditions, and includes tolls as well as significant construction along Interstate 90 in Illinois and on Interstate 65 as they enter the Indianapolis metro area.  Travelers looking to avoid the construction, tolls and traffic around the Chicago metro area could opt for Interstate 39 to 74, which is approximately 38 miles longer.

The trip from Milwaukee is approximately 280 miles and will take at least 4 hours and 15 minutes of drive time, even in optimal traffic conditions.  The route includes numerous tolls and minor construction along Interstates 94 and 294 in Illinois, as well as construction on Interstate 65 as they enter the Indianapolis metro area.

Travelers should also remember that Indianapolis is in the Eastern Time Zone, so they will “lose” an hour heading there and “gain” an hour on the return trip.

According to AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report, average gas prices along the route are $2.46 in Wisconsin, $2.66 in Illinois and $2.40 in Indiana.

AAA encourages fans that are making the trip to do the following:

  • Stay awake, alert and focused. It is estimated that seventeen percent of all crashes are the result of drowsiness behind the wheel.  AAA suggests driving only during hours when you are normally awake and taking breaks every two hours or 100 miles.  Long trips also increase the temptation to engage in dangerous distractions, such as eating and drinking, changing music and using mobile communication devices (which are dangerous even when “hands-free”).  Motorists should avoid engaging in any activity that prevents them from devoting their full attention to the task of driving.
  • Prepare your car and your home.  Ensure that your vehicle’s tires are properly inflated and have enough tread left for the journey, and check that your battery is fully charged and wipers are working properly before hitting the road.  If you can, take your vehicle to a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility for a thorough inspection before your trip.  You should also make sure that things are secure at home by asking a reliable friend or neighbor to pick up newspapers and mail deliveries, setting timers for lights and storing valuables in a safe place.

Travelers can visit www.AAA.com for additional tips and resources to aid in their journey, such as the AAA TripTik® online mapping system, which will allow them to find the best route along with gas stations (with current prices) and hotels.  Badger fans who are also AAA Members will benefit from discounts on hotels and restaurants and have access to AAA’s paper maps and Tourbooks, as well as Roadside Assistance should they experience car trouble on the way to Indianapolis.

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