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Former JetBlue pilot from Mequon suing airline after his 2012 in-flight meltdown – but why?

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(WITI/CNN) -- A former JetBlue pilot who scared passengers when he yelled about terrorists and bombs during a flight is suing the airline for nearly $15 million.

52-year-old Clayton Osbon grew up in Mequon and learned to fly in southeastern Wisconsin. He now says JetBlue should have kept him from flying after he showed signs of mental illness.

In the 2012 incident, Osbon had to be locked out of the cockpit and the co-pilot made an emergency landing.

Cell phone video shows just how crazy things got on JetBlue Flight 191 from New York to Las Vegas. Osbon allegedly ranted about the Middle East and shouted things like "we're not going to Vegas!" Passengers tackled Osbon in the aisle before the plane made its emergency landing in Texas.

A judge found Osbon not guilty of criminal charges by reason of insanity, after psychologists testified he suffered from "a severe mental disease or defect."

Just days after the 2012 incident, FOX6 News spoke with a friend of Osbon at the West Bend Municipal Airport. FOX6 reached Craig Davenport by phone Tuesday -- and he said he's shocked by this latest development.

Osbon is claiming he suffered from a childhood traumatic head injury that damaged his brain. He was apparently completely asymptomatic until a seizure hit around the time of the 2012 incident. Osbon's lawyers say the seizure caused Osbon to hallucinate and promoted extreme feelings of paranoia. Because of the seizure, Osbon missed a critical pre-flight meeting where attorneys argue JetBlue would have been able to assess his behavior and prevent him from flying.

JetBlue issued the following statement to FOX6 News:

"While we can't discuss the specifics of what happened that day due to ongoing litigation, we stand behind the heroic actions of the crew who followed well-established safety and security procedures both before and during the flight."

FOX6 has been unable to reach Osbon at his home in Georgia.

Osbon's lawsuit was filed several days after the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 in France.


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    Maybe he is going to sue because he had planned to crash a plane and the German pilot stole his idea

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