Holocaust survivor who eventually earned her master’s degree shares her story at Alverno College

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A Holocaust survivor shared her experience at Alverno College's 14th annual remembrance service Tuesday, March 31st.

Estelle Glaser-Laughlin's family hit out in the Warsaw ghetto before they were sent to an extermination camp. Her father was killed and she, her mother and her sister were forced into slave labor camps.

The women were liberated by Russian forces in 1945 and they moved to America two years later.

Glaser-Laughlin was just 18 years old with three years of public schooling. She went on to college -- eventually earning a master's degree in education.

"I share my story with the hope that you will be uplifted by the courage and love that shines through human beings -- even in the worst times," Glaser-Laughlin said.

More than 700 area middle and high school students and members of the public were able to hear Glaser-Laughlin's story Tuesday.

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