Sentenced: Probation for the last of five charged in Pewaukee meth bust, plus conditional time

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WAUKESHA COUNTY (WITI) — The last of five people charged in connection with a meth bust in Pewaukee has been sentenced in the case against her.

44-year-old Brandy Leeper is charged with two counts of possession of methamphetamine. She initially faced an additional two counts of maintaining a drug trafficking place.

Leeper pleaded guilty via an Alford guilty plea to the possession of meth charges. An Alford plea is a guilty plea in criminal court, whereby a defendant in a criminal case does not admit the criminal act and asserts innocence.

In court on Tuesday, March 31st, Leeper was ordered to serve six years of probation, and the court determined that Leeper’s probation case can be transferred to California.

She must pay court costs, and maintain absolute sobriety.

Leeper has been ordered to serve four months conditional straight time to begin immediately. That conditional jail time could be modified after 90 days at Leeper’s request.

Others charged in this case include:

50-year-old Norman Thomas, who pleaded guilty to a felony charge of possession of methamphetamine. Two other charges (maintaining a drug trafficking place and possession of drug paraphernalia) were dismissed as a result of that guilty plea.

Thomas was sentenced to one year and six months in prison, and one year and six months of extended supervision with credit for 240 days served.

33-year-old Michael Seibert pleaded guilty to a felony charge of possession of methamphetamine. A possession of drug paraphernalia charge was dismissed.

Seibert was sentenced to 20 days in jail — straight time, with credit for 13 days served.

46-year-old Kimberlee Puls pleaded guilty to a felony possession of methamphetamine charge — and two charges (possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a drug trafficking place) were dismissed.

Puls was ordered to serve 134 days in jail — straight time, with credit for 134 days.

18-year-old Bonnie Thomas pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia charge. She was ordered to serve four days in jail — straight time, with credit for four days served.

pewaukee meth bust

According to the criminal complaint filed in this case, a postal inspector was tipped off that drugs were being shipped across the country through the mail. That’s when the officer got a search warrant, intercepted the package, and searched it.

“It appears as though the packages were coming from California, and they were using some of the meth as well as distributing it,” said Sargent Jeffrey Lenius, Pewaukee Police Department.

Officials say the contents tested positive for meth, so they got a warrant to search the house it was shipped to. Inside, police found drug paraphernalia and more packages.

Neighbor Renee Gordon, watched the massive drug bust near her normally quiet lake home.

“We heard three loud percussion grenades,” said Gordon. “Thank God the police intervened.”

Once inside police made another discovery, a two-year-old child.

“It’s heartbreaking to see a two-year-old child in this kind of environment. Dirty, completely disorganized, and with this type of drug activity going on,” said Lenius.

The two-year-old was taken into custody by Child Protective Services.


    • richard cranium

      actually they should make the punishment for the other dopes include getting identical tattoos. that way we can spot them easier in public.

  • opinion8d

    Honestly, this disgusts me!!! I’m sure most people around Waukesha County have no idea this is the insane punishment they received!! A meth house, but no one was convicted of keeping a drug house???? The drugs were being shipped there -and I’m sure it wasn’t accidental!!! I’ll pretty much bet you they are all into the same stuff today. What is wrong with society?!!?!

  • Concerned Citizen

    Really Waukesha County all of the complaining about drug use in your county and then these thugs get basically a slap on the wrist. They all look like a bunch of idiots that should be banned from society.

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