Josh Gasser’s uncle, who owns Port Washington bar says this season, fans have become like family

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PORT WASHINGTON (WITI) -- Wisconsin Badgers starting guard Josh Gasser is from Port Washington, and his uncle owns a bar there. Anyone from Port Washington who didn't make the trip to Indy for the NCAA Tournament's championship game likely watched the Badgers battle with Duke Monday night, April 6th at the Patio Bar & Grill on Port Washington.

Badgers fans at the Patio had sweaty palms and anxiety as they watched the Badgers battle for the title.

Win or lose, folks across the state and in Port Washington are proud of the team that made back-to-back Final Four appearances -- a feat that's a first in school history.

"They`re just really hungry. They want it bad enough, and they are going to take it," Junior Uselding said.

Uselding owns the Patio Bar & Grill in Port Washington, and he's Josh Gasser's uncle.

Beating the Kentucky Wildcats 71-64 on Saturday night, April 4th to advance to the championship game might be the equivalent to climbing Mount Everest, which makes Duke the climb down -- a journey that's just as dangerous.

"I think the boys are all level-headed. They don`t take anything for granted and I think that`s taken them as far as it has," Mary Kay Boumann said.

Though the Patio Bar & Grill is owned by Josh Gasser's uncle, on Monday night in Port Washington everyone had the same last name.

"It`s amazing how my family always came in for all the games but now everybody just filters in with them and everybody is just having a ball," Uselding said.

On Monday night, an opportunity united a town, and fans became family.

"You all know each other in the first place so everybody knows to come down here to watch the game," Norman said.

Ultimately, though it was a hard-fought effort, the Badgers fell to the Duke Blue Devils 68-63.