“He tried to kill me:” Man says his own nephew shot him, police say he shot another man the same day

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police responded to five separate shooting incidents in a two-hour period on Saturday, April 4th, and now, FOX6 News has learned the same suspect is accused in two of those incidents.

Police were busy this past weekend, responding to a total of seven shootings Saturday and Sunday.

FOX6 News has learned a shooting that occurred near 27th and Capitol, involving a 30-year-old Milwaukee man who was shot while in a vehicle pulling out of a gas station -- and a shooting on N. Teutonia Saturday, involving a 32-year-old Milwaukee man shot during a funeral involved the same suspect.

The man who was shot on N. Teutonia spoke with FOX6 News -- saying the incident started with a family argument, and he never imagined it would escalate to the point where it involved gunfire.

"I didn`t know what he was capable of doing. I just thank God I got out of here," Arthur Seaberry said.

His car riddled with bullets, Seaberry is lucky to be alive.

"He tried to kill me," Seaberry said.

Seaberry says it was his nephew who shot him during a funeral Saturday when they began to argue.

"We were arguing about him being late. He was a pallbearer, so he was late to coming and helping with my uncle. I guess he ain't like that," Seaberry said.

Seaberry was hit as he started to drive away.

"All I seen was gunshots. I knew to duck," Seaberry said.

32-year-old Seaberry was struck in his backside. Physically, he'll be okay, but he's dealing with the emotional trauma of being shot by a loved one.

"I never expected my nephew to do nothing like that," Seaberry said.

Even more surprising is the fact that Milwaukee police now confirm the man who shot Seaberry was involved in another shooting earlier Saturday.

In the earlier incident, police say the suspect's vehicle and another vehicle nearly collided at a gas station on North 27th Street. Words were exchanged and the suspect allegedly fired one round into the victim's vehicle.

Seaberry says all the gun violence we've seen lately in Milwaukee has prompted him to think about what message he wants to send to his own children.

"Just really try to tell them 'you have to make your own choices. You have to make your own decisions,' because the community is crazy. Our kids are being influenced not even in the household," Seaberry said.

The 22-year-old suspect in these shootings was arrested a short time after Seaberry was shot. The case is before the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office for charges.


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