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Utility removed stolen electric meter before eight died of carbon monoxide poisoning

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PRINCESS ANNE, Md. (AP) — Delmarva Power says it did not cut off power to a family of eight who died of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning because they were behind on their utility bills.

Spokesman Matt Likovich says the utility discovered a stolen electric meter had been illegally connected to the rental home where the family was living since November.

The utility says the meter was disconnected for safety reasons on March 25.

Rodney Todd and his two sons and five daughters then used a generator for power. They were last seen alive on March 28.

Likovich says Delmarva Power is deeply saddened by the tragedy and urges anyone with power issues to contact them to ensure continued safe electrical service.


  • yvonne

    I think its a shame the electric company had to comnent on meter remove. The family lost 8 member give the respect to mourn in peace

    • Chris Snyder

      I’m glad the electric company put out these facts. It shows what can happen when someone has too many kids and has to steal utilities so they can run their TV and Wii games – others had asked why didn’t he use the money he paid for the generator to pay his electric bill (he never had electric turned on). Family members were saying how he was a great dad – their and my opinion of a great dad is different. The guy ran a generator in his kitchen – we may never know if he knew enough for this to be intentional.

  • s holmes

    When you remove the meter you disconnect the home, I don;t know what kind of a tap dance the power co is doing.

  • Everett young

    We are reaching out to anyone through social media! We”re trying to secure funds to bury 8 people! We need all the help we can get! Any help even if it’s retweeting, Facebook, email, the link for gofundme. ANYTHING will help
    Please help with funeral expenses fo

  • Bin

    I hope they sue the electric company. Praying for the family. This is ashame to have this happen in this country of ours!

    • s holmes

      The meter was removed for safety reasons, if they weren’t dead I’m sure they would feel safe. Ths is a tough one for me as I don’t like sociatal leaches but don’t think kids should suffer for parental shortcommings either.

  • lukmanq8

    This is a tragedy. This should give us a very important safety tips for our families. Never run electric generator inside our homes. It must be placed outside since it will generate carbon monoxide naturally while running.

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