“Everyone I know is afraid:” Group gathers to pray for Milwaukee after 8 shootings this week

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It has been a violent few days in Milwaukee, as we have seen eight shooting incidents (plus a fatal stabbing and a fatal battery incident) since Sunday, April 12th -- and this violence has come on the heels of an especially violent Easter weekend, where we saw seven shooting incidents -- five of them occurring within a two-hour period. This week in Milwaukee, eight people have lost their lives in connection with violent incidents. But at a time when so much is going wrong in the city, there are also people fighting to make it safer.

Coming together on Tuesday evening, April 14th -- just blocks away from the scene of a fatal shooting that occurred Monday night, was a group of people hoping for divine intervention.

39th and hampton prayer rally

39th and hampton prayer rally

"I'm just a man who cares about my city," Tyronzo Carter with Greater New Birth Church said.

"Help us make a difference in this city," Anthony Oliphant with Abided Faith Fellowship Church said.

Clasping hands near 39th and Hampton on Tuesday evening, these folks say they believe change starts on the streets of Milwaukee.

"Our hearts are just burdened by everything that has been going on in our city," Carter said.

They say they are trusting in the power of prayer.

"We've tried everything else. I mean, we need prayer. We need God," Oliphant said.

"We pray to our God and hope that change will happen," Carter said.

This week's violence began Sunday evening, April 12th near 48th and Glendale. There, 40-year-old Archie Brown was driving his van shortly after 5:00 p.m. when two-year-old Damani Terry darted into the street. Brown hit Terry, and Terry died. Witnesses say Brown exited his van distraught and crying -- heading towards the child to try to help him. That's when Brown was shot and killed. Police say Terry's brother, 15-year-old Rasheed Chiles was also shot. He died at the hospital during surgery.

No one is in custody -- but police say they know who they are looking for.

On Sunday night, around 8:00 p.m., 22-year-old Willie Woods was shot and killed in the 8900 block of N. Swan Road. Police have arrested a 45-year-old Milwaukee man in that case.

On Monday night, police were called out to two shooting scenes within about a 15-minute period.

First, they were dispatched to the 4800 block of W. Center Street where they found a 27-year-old man shot following a robbery. He was expected to survive.

Then, police were called out to Hopkins and Stark for a triple shooting. There, they found 17-year-old Shanice McClain dead, and a 25-year-old man and 26-year-old man injured as a result of gunfire. Police say it happened as a result of an argument between two girls, and no one is in custody.

Overnight Monday into Tuesday, police were called out to the area of 21st and Hampton for a report of shots fired. There is no word on victims and arrests in this case.

On Tuesday morning, police were dispatched to 13th and Locust, where they found a 24-year-old Milwaukee man fatally stabbed by a 30-year-old woman. That woman was taken into custody.

At Sherman and Locust Tuesday, as police were responding to a shots fired call, cars began to flee the scene and an officer and a man standing by a bus stop were hit by vehicles. Police are investigating whether the officer was hit by his own squad.

On Tuesday afternoon, police were on the scene of another homicide. There, 18-year-old Michael Powell was found dead inside a home. No one is in custody.

On Tuesday night, police say a 63-year-old man died as a result of a battery incident near 9th and Clarke. This was Milwaukee's third homicide Tuesday.

Late Tuesday night, a four-year-old child was shot as she was playing in the living room of a home near 67th and Capitol Drive. Police say unknown subject(s) fired 13 rounds into the home. The child was taken to the hospital for treatment. She is expected to fully recover. No one is in custody.

"My children are afraid.  Everyone I know is afraid.  My parents are afraid.  I'm almost afraid, but I don't fear because I do have faith that God will work it out," Oliphant said.

Instead of fleeing the city, those who gathered to remember the lives lost to violence in Milwaukee say they want to work to change Milwaukee -- one street corner at a time.

"We just want to make sure that something positive is happening on the Earth at this point," Carter said.


  • Street smart

    Awesome photo, Please hang in there everyone your efforts are positive reinforcement for many others like yourselves who want your city back from the few that rein terror in the streets and disrupt your right to a safe place for your family’s

  • Gary Hamilton

    These nights of prayer and take back Milwaukee are a real sweet thought. They really aren’t accomplishing much though. I’m sure God is very disgusted when he looks down upon those ruining the earth and killing each other. I imagine God would also like to see law abiding people turn in the criminals instead of keeping their mouths shut. Folks instead of having marches against police officers who kill a thug when being attacked by them. Have marches to teach your children and neighbors good morals. Not being weak and cowards can go a long way can go a long way in improving your surroundings and the surroundings of others!


    The inner city of breeding of fatherless children is creating a problem that the blacks can’t even solve unless they stop. It only causes poverty and strife along with govt dependent baby momma’s. Shootings and crime will continue as it’s a cycle of incarceration, no job, incarceration, no job. Start telling your loud mouth girls to keep their pants on and your thug sons to keep their pants off their arse, but since the mommas are children themselves and sons are running rabid…it’s time for the decent hard working black people that live their to start snitching on their own.

  • Dmarie

    Maybe they should bring in the Wisconsin Army National Guard to walk the streets of Milwaukee on “Active Duty.” It is apparent that there are many disrespectful humans out there that are out there shooting innocent people out of their stolen cars, on the streets, into their homes!! Plus all of the carjacking’s & crashing them! My nephew was walking the few blocks to his home on Lisbon Ave. after watching the Badger game a week a half ago. He had to jump out of the way from a car full of humans aiming for him as he walked down the sidewalk! Then they stopped, got out & started beating on him! He is ok, but it could have been a tragedy!

    • Diamond Brown

      I’m sorry your nephew experienced that and I’m glad he is ok. It’s a problem when you can’t walk on the sidewalk without being attacked. I hope they are caught before they severely injure or kill someone.

  • Obamasucks

    The only way to stop the violence in the black community is for people in that community to take it back themselves. The Police aren’t going to do it, city government is a joke. BLACK LEADERS MUST LEAD THE PEOPLE AND TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD.

  • Cheri

    Maybe if they keep chanting their mantra of “Black Lives Matter” maybe the little gangs in your community will listen… oh that’s right no lives matter to them.

  • Diamond Brown

    This is a growing problem around the Nation. Violence is escalating at an all time high. People don’t care about hurting others and its sad. I live in Chicago & this heartbreaking, senseless story broke my heart. I can’t understand how people can be so heartless. He did an honest thing and was killed because of that. In my community alone there have been many shootings and escalating violence. I hate summer is around the corner. The murder rate goes though the roof especially involving the youth in Chicago during this time. I have a problem that there isn’t justice being demanded or people flooding the streets to speak out about this. There should be more people standing out there than this small group of people. This is where I have a problem with Al Sharpton and his friends. You can’t pick the cases you want to get the public outraged/hyped up about and sit on the sidelines when other cases are just as important. There is a less outcry when it’s black on black crime. Many leaders voices go silent. We also must take back our own communities and stand up for what’s right. I’m against violence period I don’t care if it’s an animal or person. I’ve been in prayer for all families involved.

    • Josh

      People are forgetting that Milwaukee is still TONS safer than it used to be. And I mean TONS. Whats going on now may be bad by todays standards, but its nothing even close to what was going on back in the 90’s. As a matter of fact, I can name at lest 10 if not more neighborhoods in Milwaukee just off the top of my head that are relatively safe now, but that back in 1995 you didnt dare stroll down the side streets even during the daytime. Garden Homes comes to mind. Still rough to be sure but in 1996 it was TERRIBLE. Same with area around 24th & National….tons better than it once was. As is Westlawn, Brewers Hill, Harambee, Riverwest, the whole 27th to 35th & Wisconsin area, 27th & Brown, the Hopkins& Hampton area and many more. A lot of these areas are still tough but they are NOTHING anywhere near as bad as they were 20 years back. So people need to stop acting like the city is at the worst its ever been. It ain’t even close to as bad as its ever been. But this IS a big city and every big city has these kinds of crimes. It will never fully go away in an area this size. Thats just reality. But we need to be thankful that Milwaukee is nowhere near as dangerous as it used to be

  • Onoforeo

    I applaud the people for getting together however at the end of the day it accomplishes nothing. They get on the news talking about taking back the streets and how the violence needs to stop and the next day its murder as usual in the hood.

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