Chief Flynn: Fatal shooting near Hopkins & Stark sparked by “some kind of stupid fight”

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police say a shooting incident that led to the death of a 17-year-old girl Monday night, April 13th started with an argument between two girls. It's another shooting death in the city of Milwaukee, and another family is now grieving. Police Chief Ed Flynn says this type of fatality is far too frequent.

The shooting happened near Hopkins and Stark on the city's north side. The teenage girl, now identified as Shanice McClain, was pronounced dead at the scene. Two other victims — a 25-year-old man and a 26-year-old man were taken to the hospital for treatment of their injuries.

Chief Flynn says the shooting came about after two girls got into an argument. He says they each called their boyfriends, who came to the neighborhood with guns and "lit up the neighborhood."

"The circumstances are clear. It was some kind of stupid fight. It's a typical phenomenon here. Time, after time, after time, the leading cause of homicidal violence with guns in this city is arguments and fights. Two groups of girls get in a fight, call their boyfriends. Boyfriends come with guns, light up the street corner, and kill an innocent girl who had nothing to do with this asinine dispute. That's the kind of homicide we're dealing with," Chief Flynn said.

Police are now searching for the suspect responsible for the death of a high school student whom a relative says was "doing everything she was supposed to be doing."

"I heard two little shots, and then like, six big ones. Then I heard slow singing and flower bringing, and that's not right," Carlos Dixon said.

McClain's aunt, Tasha Harbour says the young girl didn't live in the area where the shooting occurred.

"She was with her cousin. They were visiting somebody in the apartment building. We don't know who it was as of yet," Harbour said.

Dixon says with all the recent violence, he doesn't like what he's not seeing.

"Police kill an African-American and we, as African-Americans -- we protest. Now we have people killing each other -- African-Americans within our culture, and where's...will we march now?" Dixon said.

Anyone with information as to this incident is asked to contact police.


  • s holmes

    I wouldn’t let flynn oil the wheels on a coaster wagon, so untill I hear this confirmed I assume its just his BS.

  • Mark

    Just sounds rather stupid to me to hear the mayor say ‘black lives matter’, and thus single out a particular race. If he had said ‘human life matters’, fine, but by him saying what he did I think that causes a bit of segregation in itself.

  • s holmes

    Do you want the democratic party to fall apart? Because thats what wil happen when blacks say to heck with flynn, we can handle this ourselves(& then they are repubs if not TP).

  • s holmes

    Flynn shouldn’t really use the words stupid or asinine, they should be reserved for a police chief that just lets criminals drive away.

  • debra Williams

    It’s true when will we the people get outraged and fed up enough to protest the violence that has taken over our neighborhoods.Stop calling it black on black crime. It’s just Murder!

  • silver

    What else has to happen before someone else gets shot and killed I sat we make a stand against violence a wonderful life was sweeped right out from under this wonderful girl what has to happen before they actually do something about it

  • mike

    This is Mayor Barrett issue and he needs to get this city under control. He is spineless and caves when issues arise. He needs to look back at when Meier and Brier ran this city and clean it up. Can you imagine he he became governor. Wow. Upgrade the police force, stand up and put groups and people on their place and act like a Mayor in charge. Guns legalization isnt the issue, its weak government and city officials who cannot put together a comprehensive pla to attack the violence and clean up the streets.

  • Theresa

    My family and I have been living in Milwaukee for 46 year and Milwaukee was not dis bad sumtime I hate visiting but my Mother live there it’s very Sad how my home town so corroded by violence and crime

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