Now that it’s warm outside, it’s time to assess your home for damage caused by winter

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Now that the snow is gone and the sun is shining you can see the damage old man winter left behind.

It's a good time to assess your home to prevent future problems.

You can start with checking your gutters, as clogged or malfunctioning gutters can overflow and cause flooding.

"Putting a hose up there and making sure that it's pitched properly so that it's actually heading down towards the downspout versus there being any pooling that might end up sitting up in there," said Allright Home and Remodeling President Randy Miller.

Paint that's peeling from your home is much more than a cosmetic issue.

"It is a protector of the wood itself and if the wood is exposed and not protected it's going to end up deteriorating," said Miller.

Another thing that you want to check is your landscaping. You want to make sure that it's sloped away from your home not towards your home.

"It will end up causing potential problems with foundation as well as flooding into the basement," said Miller.

Make sure your outside hoses aren't cracked and take an extra look at your windows.

"With our winter months you've got the expansion and contraction with the hot and the cold. During the spring time you can actually end up seeing if there is a fogginess inside your glass it could be a failed window," said Miller.

A few tips that can save a lot of headaches in the long run.

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