Stabbing death: Milwaukee police dispatched to neighborhood near 13th & Locust

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Stabbing incident at 13th and Locust

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Milwaukee police are investigating a stabbing death that happened in the neighborhood near 13th and Locust on Tuesday morning, April 14th.

Police were called to the neighborhood around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday. Officials say a 24-year-old Milwaukee man was fatally stabbed by a 31-year-old Milwaukee woman.  The woman is in custody.

The victim has been identified as Pedrell Davis.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.


    • Mr. Bob

      Yes indeed the spineless, jellyfish, cowardly weasel flynn will set up his command vehicle and begin immediately buying back guns from law abiding citizens that desperately need the guns to protect themselves under his shell game of supposedly getting guns off the street. Just remember flynn, just because you carry a gun doesn’t make you a man!!!

  • Mr. Bob

    Waiting for mayor mccheese to come out and blame the carry conceal law, the governor and the state legislature for allowing people to easily purchase knives that they then use to kill people. We need to restrict all sales of knives immediately.

    • Jay Dinero Bandz

      I Cant Believe My Brotha Gone He Was Just In My Studio We Was Finna Take Off We Had A Plan Rest Up Pedro

  • JUJU

    Mr Bob… I always look to see your post,, Once again you made my day.
    Speaking the truth as usual .. LoL@ restricting sales of all knives

  • TruthBTold

    When will the day come when they ban the sale of kitchen knives? Oh please Barrett/Flynn dynamic duo, please save us from such items being made available to the public

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