“They do not condone the violence:” Family of young boys killed in crash, shooting sad over loss of Archie Brown

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A vigil was held near 48th and Glendale in Milwaukee on Tuesday evening, April 14th to remember two-year-old Damani Terry and his 15-year-old brother Rasheed Chiles. Terry was killed on Sunday when he was hit by a van driven by 40-year-old Archie Brown. Brown and Chiles were killed in a shooting that followed that crash. FOX6 News has learned there are plans to bring together the families of the two young boys and Archie Brown for a vigil Wednesday.

While the boys' relatives were too overcome with emotion to speak with FOX6 News Tuesday evening, a family friend says they are grieving for two families now forever linked by what happened on Sunday evening.

A mother's cries pierced the air during Tuesday night's vigil.

"Rekeisha came to her nephew`s (birthday) party (Sunday) with four children. She left with two," Stephanie Townsend said.

Rasheed Chiles & Damani Terry

Rasheed Chiles & Damani Terry

Ricky Chiles

Ricky Chiles

Police sources tell FOX6 News they are looking for the boys' uncle -- 27-year-old Ricky Chiles. He is believed to be the man who pulled the trigger Sunday -- shooting and killing Brown and injuring Rasheed Chiles. The 15-year-old boy died at the hospital during surgery. The family believes Rasheed Chiles died as a result of a stray bullet.

"I heard he was trying to pick his brother up. He was trying to hold him and save him. He was a nurturer. That`s what he did," Townsend said.

Ricky Chiles has a robbery conviction from 2011.

As the family struggles with the loss of two young boys, they're offering sympathy to Brown's family as well.

"They do not condone the violence. They do not condone Mr. Brown getting killed. They do not justify the act," Townsend said.

Pastor Malcolm Hunt led prayer during Tuesday's vigil. He says the next step is publicly bringing these two families together. He hopes that sight will send a message that will be powerful enough to prevent future violence.

"Both families, we wanna sit down and talk and show this city it`s time to come together," Hunt said.

"I really feel like in order for us to truly make a statement, both families need to have some kind of reconciliation together," Townsend said.

A vigil scheduled for Wednesday evening will be held at 48th and Glendale in honor of Archie Brown. It is then that Hunt hopes we will see these families come together.


  • really

    hope he is found soon and if people are hiding him they are charged with accessory to murder it is a crime!!!!


    He looks like he be high on something. Someone should turn him in before he hurts again. This is such a tragedy and blacks need to report felons with guns to the police asap to rid the city once and for all of these animals.

  • Shlomo Groll

    Both families need to reconcile? Did Mr. Brown murder the child, or was it a tragic accident? Was Mr. Brown, in turn, murdered? Did another child lose his life because of the murderer’s actions? The only reconciliation, if that is what is needed, ought to be between and amongst the family members of the murderer. Mr. Brown’s family does not need to “come together” or to reconcile, or to do anything other than mourn the loss of a decent man, a husband and father, who tried to do the right thing following a terrible accident, and paid for his decency with his life. Imagine if he had left the scene, afraid for his life. “Hit and run driver on the loose” would have been the banner headline, and Mr. Brown would have been excoriated as a cold blooded killer. That he stayed, tried to help, behaved as the loving father that he was, should not have cost him his life. Shame.

  • Tim

    it doesn’t matter what title you want to give someone…call them black, white, red, purple, police officer, citizen…all of us need to take personal responsibility for our actions. It’s so easy to blame someone else for the situation that unfolded. What an awful lesson to be learned for those involved. This community is really in trouble… its easy to blame someone for driving too fast, or blame someone for not properly supervising a child, or blame the person that took the law in to their own hands. I think it’s better to ask ourselves… What responsibility am I taking behind the wheel, when I am supervising a child, when I’m carrying a gun?

  • Citizen

    Have you ever found yourself reading a story, goggling the name in the story, seeing a picture of a black person, and then saying oh ok I see what happened, makes total sense now…the black mind really does not function the same way as other races. This stuff just doesn’t happen in other areas.

    • beavis and butthead

      Have you ever found your head in your rear. Sure sounds like it. Shouldn’t you be dressed like a baby somewhere watching kiddie porn or something?

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