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Is this the most demanding birthday invitation ever?

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An unidentified mother is causing a backlash online for an apparent email she sent out prior to her son's first birthday party.

A copy of the email was shared on Reddit on Thursday and was sent to a group of people expected to attend her son's birthday party. The email includes specific request about acceptable gifts for her son.

"With (name)'s birthday coming up, we thought we'd ask 4 [sic] items that he will really get a lot of use out of in the coming months. I provided my mom and sister-in-law with a list of 4 other items (name) would like for his birthday so that they can buy from their list and avoid duplication."

She then lists a birthday list for (name)'s side of the family, which includes a water table, a play tunnel, a play tent and a "Fill in the Missing Cheerios" book.

The mother then includes a few other "important items."

"If you choose to get (name) something that isn't on this list... please be sure to always include a receipt going forward. When we return items without receipts, we only get about 50% of the value, so it is like throwing money away..."

The mother goes on to say he does not need any more books and to avoid any personalized gifts.

She also asks guests to let them know of any gifts they are considering purchasing so they "can let you know if we already have it or if it is in storage waiting for him."

The email has been viewed nearly 2 million times on Imgur.

The person who originally shared the email said a co-worker received the invitation.


    • Siara

      I think peiple are clearly seeing/hearing a tone of expectation and entitlement that lacks humility and gratitude.

  • W.E. Woods

    If i received that letter/ invitation , i wouldn’t bother attending or giving them a gift. # Ungrateful.

  • Siara

    I tell my kids not to expect gifts for birthdays. They do receive gifts, but I dont want them to think that people are going to hand them things all their lives just for being born.

  • indychick

    i think the important part is that they are letting everyone know they do not want anyone other than grandparents and direct aunt/uncle to buy this child a birthday gift. they are saying that their child is ! and really needs nothing, please just come and celebrate the day. i suspect it could have been phrased in a much nicer way, but the idea is not a bad one.

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