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Tortured cat crawls to safety after being burned in hot oven

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KENOSHA (WITI) — It’s a case of animal cruelty as a cat came crawling for help after all four of its paws had been severely burned. Kenosha Forgotten Friends was contacted on Wednesday, April 15th, by a local homeless shelter about the hurt cat.

Kenosha Forgotten Friends picked up the injured cat and brought him to Kenosha Animal Hospital where he was treated.

The doctor who treated him says the skin on his feet was sloughing off and blackened — most likely from a chemical burn. He also had a temperature of 105°.

After contacting local authorities, it was determined that the cat, now named, “Little Arrow,” apparently scratched someone. Staff at Kenosha Forgotten Friends believe the person became angry and to retaliate, placed the cat in the hot oven.

Arrow’s burns were treated, cleaned and bandaged. He is now resting comfortably and safe while recovering. He was also neutered.

No charges have been filed as of yet but the investigation is ongoing.

If you would like to donate to help Arrow, CLICK HERE.


    • laura

      I’m guessing they know who did it, or they wouldn’t have details like “the cat scratched someone, they became angry and placed the cat in the hot oven as retaliation”.

      • Stephanie

        I was wondering how they can possibly know that the scum bag that did this is doing so in retaliation for scratching?! They have to know whom did this, other wise how are they to know that is why?! I hope the scum bag fries!!! Tie them up out side in the summer on the hottest of days on fresh black asphalt and completely naked so that they can fry!!! Don’t forget to flip the piece of scum over! Got to get both sides of their useless body, and cover them with sugar too let the ants and the bee’s get at them!!! Pos human scumbag!!!!

        Thank you to the vets and a good people who saved him!!!

  • richard cranium

    the best punishment? publish the offender’s name and address. let the world know who this turd is.

  • Jamie

    This how can we start some type of petition to change the law to make it just as severe to kill or attempt to kill or neglect them which causes their death with an animal as it is when it’s done to a human. I feel like an animal’s life is just as important as a human’s life and nobody has the right to take their life just like nobody has the right to take our life and people do it because they know that nothing will really happen to them. if anybody knows how to start a petition to change this please give me the information so that I can try to do something. Somebody has to do something this is not fair anymore.

    • Stephanie

      BTW, there are many petition sites that you can get a few petitions going on off the top of my head the ones I am on are ,, and… (Might be care2.Com) I am in agreement with you unless for the relief of suffering from an ailment etc, I don’t think we have the right to take the life of the animals either I believe that they should be able to live free from hurt and harm and the laws need be stiffer than they are even now… Murder of a human = 20 years than the murder of a animal should be the same!!! I know many people laugh at me for saying that but I truly don’t care is the way I feel!

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