“All the killings – it’s for nothing:” Faith leaders hope power of prayer will help stop the violence

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- We saw an especially violent week in Milwaukee last week. From Sunday, April 12th through Sunday, April 19th, we saw 14 shootings in Milwaukee, and Milwaukee police are investigating seven homicides that occurred within this period. During Easter weekend, Milwaukee saw seven shootings -- five of them occurring within a two-hour period. Could prayer be the answer to all the violence? Faith leaders in Milwaukee are taking their message out of the church and into the street. They say it's the first step toward restoring peace and ending the violence.

17-year-old Dave Lewis took a break from playing basketball Sunday afternoon, April 19th -- trading the court for Christ.

"It just felt right," Lewis said.

Dozens gathered in McGovern Park on N. 51st Boulevard in Milwaukee to pray for peace. Lewis and his buddies were welcomed in.

"It`s ridiculous -- all the killings and all that. It`s for nothing -- killing someone for no reason," Lewis said.

"Invisible Reality Ministries" hosted Sunday's pop-up prayer service. It was an effort to take God's message of peace to the streets of Milwaukee.

"I have to be honest, African-American people alone, we are acting like we aren`t worth anything," Samaria Williams said.

Williams took part in the prayer service with her seven-year-old son Jamar.

"He`ll take us to heaven," Williams said.

Williams believes the violence can be stopped, and self-worth can be restored through prayer.

"That next person can tell that next person. It will be like a chain reaction," Williams said.

"It can be done. We can do it together," a community prayer participant said.

It's a new way of thinking as this group hopes for a new and better tomorrow.

"There are people making a stand -- like today with this prayer," a community prayer participant said.

"It makes you think you`ve got God on your side to watch over you," Lewis said.

Other pop-up community prayers are planned, and pastors say they'll also head out into Milwaukee neighborhoods to reach out to troubled youth one-on-one.

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  • chris

    Prayers will not help. The inner city has become a godless cesspool. I pray the inner-city is destroyed by fire, tornado or other disaster and all its occupants disappear with it. Then only then will the violence stop.

    • Ashley

      Well you can’t serve the God I serve, PRAYER CHANGES ANYTHING. Yess Jesus, instead of praying that the inner-city be destroyed how bout you pray that Jesus heal the land.! That’s exactly what my city/my people need more Jesus. I take this comment a little personal because I am from the inner city of Milwaukee and I also have family that still live in the inner-city and this video clearly shows not everyone in the inner-city participates in the foolishness. & I am a true believer that faith and prayer can turn any situation around. I am a living testimony.

      • Reasonless

        God Bless you Ashley.
        I’m with you on this one.

        Never underestimate the power of prayer.

        And for those that don’t believe, I will pray for you as well.

      • robert

        we’ve been praying for milwaukee’s inner city for decades!!!!! the god you all serve is obviously not interested in NONE of these inner cities in america!!! wonder why??? could it be that christianity was/is a false religion forced upon our ancestors as they were being beat/raped/maimed?? it’s time for our people to wake up!! 12 years a slave and countless other movies showed us step by step how our enemies implemented this plan to ensleve/brainwash!! Get over fear- go to library and research ALL onfo available on the origins of christianity- the results will shock you. Also “slave sermons” on youtube by Jeremiah Camara is a good place to start. Let’s not be willfully ignorant like our ancestors were/are. Common sense should tell you that there’s something real wrong with these black communities with churches on EVERY corner!!!!

  • ibn nate

    It is a good idea to pray along with righteous actions, but supplication is for the Creator and not Jesus because Jesus was a great man whom the Creator sent to the children of Israel to teach them how to worship the Creator, so supplicating to Jesus is incorrect. God wants us to worship Him and not His prophet Jesus.

    • Ashley

      Jesus was the son of God sent by him to die for our sins, stated in John 3:16… and when we pray Jesus is who we go through in order to get to God.. As it is written John 14:6 Jesus answered, I am the way the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the father except through me.

      • ibn nate

        I am highly familiar with this doctrine, which the Creator has rejected in His last revelation. Our Lord has negated the belief that He has children or a female companion. We are owned by the Creator, so therefore we are His slaves, and He is our Master, who ALONE deserves to be worshiped. Contact me for more details: ali53215@hotmail.com

  • ly1.us

    It’s difficult to find knowledgeable people about this topic,
    but you seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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