In hot water: Undercover officers served glass of “Spotted Cow” illegally at Minnesota tavern

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MAPLE GROVE, Minn. (WITI) — A popular bar in Maple Grove, Minnesota is in hot water after undercover officers observed “Spotted Cow” being served there illegally. In fact, the undercover officers themselves were served a glass of Spotted Cow last Monday, April 13th.

Undercover police received a tip and traveled to “Maple Tavern,” where they were served a glass of Spotted Cow — KMSP reports.

FOX9 reports the undercover officers saw images of a Spotted Cow tap handle on Maple Tavern’s Facebook page and advertising indicating the beer was available there.

Spotted Cow, and all beer made by the New Glarus Brewing Company is only allowed to be distributed in Wisconsin due to limited supply.



Since New Glarus Brewing Company is not a licensed manufacturer of alcohol in Minnesota, there are no licensed Minnesota distributors who are authorized to legally distribute the beer to retail establishments, KMSP reports.

FOX9 says David Lantos, a manager at Maple Tavern, purchased Spotted Cow kegs for retail sale from Historic Casanova Liquor Store in Hudson. “Lantos is not licensed to transport or import alcoholic beverages into Minnesota for the purpose of resale,” court documents said.

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  • H. Mueller

    Pretty serious offense. I hope he doesn’t get the death penalty or life in prison as was mentioned earlier. Glad ours and Minnesota’s tax dollars are spent wisely, because if they weren’t, taxes might be too high in these states. Large deal, it is ok beer, nothing to get overly excited about.

  • Jared

    Are you seriously judging a company because they are okay with the market share and the amount of money they are making? That is asinine. Growth requires more people and more funding, and is often disruptive. If there’s still money to be made close to home, more power to them. Small businesses staying small is awesome, not something that should be frowned upon. More small businesses serving niche markets leads to more variety, and more diversity, which in any industry or economy keeps it inherently more stable than the ridiculous push for constant growth and centralization so popular in American capitalism. The problem is not this brewery standing their ground and being happy with the way they run their business, it is with other people’s preconceived notions of how a business should be run and what the goals of all businesses should be. As a business owner myself with no need or want to continue to grow (I’ve actually downsized considerably to find the perfect fit) the bigger is better mentality is flat out hostile to very small businesses and that pressure is part of why so many fail.

    • Mr. Bob

      I think it is great that you are content with just being a big fish in a small pond. You know your limitations.

  • Mr. Bob

    If you look at the crime rate for Maple Grove MN you will see there is a high rate of thefts and burglaries. Perhaps police efforts should be focused on those areas of concern rather then who has Spotted Cow on tap and selling it in violation of the law???

  • Still Need a Sarcasm Font

    Everyone is saying that the high violent crime rate in that area should be the police’s concern instead wasting all their precious time and money going undercover to all the taverns and doing sting operations to drink tasty beer that is legal just across the border. That may sound like common sense but what people don’t realize is that the high violent crime rate is actually caused by dubious microbrews that are legal just across the border. With this one sting operation the police have stopped most of the armed robberies and murders in that area at their root. And like magic, everybody is much safer now!!! GENIUS PLAN!

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