911 call released: Menomonee Falls police seek suspects in attempted carjacking

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Menomonee Falls attempted carjacking

MENOMONEE FALLS (WITI) — Menomonee Falls police have released the 911 call made moments after an attempted carjacking in the North Pointe Shopping Center that happened on Monday, April 13th.

Officials say just before 11:00 a.m., two suspects were in a car in the parking lot of the shopping center — near the Jo Ann Fabric and Craft store. The passenger exited the vehicle and approached a parked vehicle with a 34-year-old woman and her four-year-old daughter inside.  The victim, while in her car, saw the suspect armed with long-barreled gun approach the rear driver’s side of her car through a rear view mirror. The suspect attempted to order the victim out of her vehicle. Fearing for her safety and that of her daughter, she immediately placed her vehicle in drive and sped away to a safe location where she called 911.

The suspect who approached the car is described as a black male, 20-23 years old, between 5’8″ – 6’0″ tall with a slender build. He was wearing a black hoodie pulled up and tied tight around his face and black jeans. Officials say the suspects were driving in a 1992-1999 Pontiac Bonneville four door champagne/tan-colored vehicle with mismatched wheels and rear deck spoiler. The driver was described as black male wearing a black hoodie.

Witnesses report the suspect vehicle had a Wisconsin registration plate with the first four characters being 534-X of a six character plate.

Nobody was hurt during this incident.

Menomonee Falls police say their investigation into this incident is ongoing. They say they are currently awaiting the results of some evidence they sent to the Crime Lab for analysis. They are working with Milwaukee police in this case.

If you have information that could help police in this case, you’re urged to call 262-532-8702.



    I grew up in Menomonee Falls. It has gotten bigger, and a lot of good things have happened. I can honestly say I never worried about stuff like this happening. I went to the high school directly across the street from that Jo-Ann Fabrics, and every day my friends and I would walk over for lunch when there was a Burger King and the old Pick N Save. These days it’s just a short stolen car ride from the hood. The rats come out of their nests to feed and scurry back to the protection of their kin. The borders of the “good areas” are shrinking a little more each day. Sad.

  • GRUNT0311

    At what point should the good guys start protecting themselves, they need to carry and gun and fight back, over and over we see, hear this going on, white people, stand up and fight, white lives matter.

    • s holmes

      When you wake up in the morning, thats when you should start protecting yourself. One of my friends didn’t protect himself from 3 of obamas other sons & he doesn’t need to worry about waking up anymore.

  • really

    White lives matter…be careful…more and more innocent.hardworking taxpayers shall arm themselves…thugs..robberies..rapists. .beware. we shall protect ourselves… our loved ones our property…

      • CYNIC

        Would a reasonable person have a fear of imminent severe bodily injury and or death if they saw someone running up to them with a shotgun? If you said yes, then the answer is yes.

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