A discount too good to be true: Bogus gift cards sold online

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NEW YORK (WITI) — It sounds like a great deal — a discounted gift card to a major retail store. But, some of these offers come with an age old warning: buyer beware!

Many big retailers like Best Buy, Home Depot and Lowe's  offer a large number of product choices, which is why many people opt to give and receive gift cards.

Now, there are new websites offering gift cards to those stores at a fraction of the cost.

"The gift card would be worth $50, but you could buy it for say $40," explained U.S. Postal Inspector Eleanor Berry.

But, not all these offers are legit. In fact, one website asked for payment via the mail and never sent cards out.

"I know there are some major retailers who do sell discounted gift cards, but you're actually going to a reputable store and purchasing them, which gives you more security than buying it online," Berry said.

100 victims lost $155,000 through one bogus site, which has now been taken down.

Before you buy discounted gift cards online — do your research.

"There were a lot of complaints that if someone had done an internet search they would have realized that there were a lot of particular complaints about this company," Berry said.

Two men were arrested in connection to this case.


  • Katie C

    I have never tried to buy gift cards online… i don’t know why you would want to? i’m always trying to get rid of them…haha. I sold to MyPlasticExchange.com several times and never had a problem… try them out and you shouldn’t have an issue!
    I sold to plastic jungle in the past and they were a total scam… the only way this wasn’t a scam is if… coincidences are real and pigs fly… lol. I had to mail in the card, once they got it they sent me an e-mail saying “oh were aren’t accepting this retailer right now, and we’re sending your card back to you. A week later I got a letter in the mail, it was slit open at the bottom, and had a letter saying something along the lines of “here’s your card back, sorry, here’s a promo code” UNFORTUNATELY, NO GIFT CARD IN THE FREAKIN ENVELOPE! I called and they said sometimes the card “shifts” during shipping causing the card to slide super hard and slit the envelope open. Then they suggested I contact my local post office and they will handle the situation. EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT THAT MEANS, I AM SCREWED. The post office is horrible, that’s the point though, they needed SOMEONE to blame my stolen gift card on. Even if that wouldn’t have happened it still would have sucked cause the entire thing takes like weeks.
    Anyways, yea, i can personally vouch for plastic exchange though because I have sold a lot there. I even sold 1000 in gift cards… i was a little nervous… but as usual it worked great. it’s awesome cause i dont have to give them a credit card, i don’t have to mail in the card cause you enter the codes on the site, and YOU GET PAID INSTANTLY. it literally takes me like 10 minutes from start to when I my money… I was about to give up before I found this place, its the only way to go people!

  • Ben Smith

    Katie has been endorsing Plastic Exchange all over. This website does not seem reputable and I would not recommend selling a gift card to such a site. There are glaring issues that are prevalent everywhere on the website. Trust your gut and go with a secondary market that is reputable and has feedback from more than one person.

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