Brothers accused of homicide: Complaint says neither called 911 or tried to call police

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Aaron Jones, Aric Jones

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Charges were filed on Tuesday, April 21st against two men accused in the shooting death of Michael Powell. The accused are 26-year-old Aaron Jones and 24-year-old Aric Jones — brothers from Milwaukee.

Aaron Jones faces a charge of second-degree intentional homicide. Aric Jones is charged with second-degree intentional homicide as well as possession of a firearm by a felon.

The victim in this case, 18-year-old Michael Powell, was found shot to death inside a home near 29th and Melvina on Tuesday afternoon, April 14th.

Michael Powell

According to the criminal complaint, Powell had a “reported history of mental health problems” and apparently entered the shared residence of the Jones brothers around 1:45 p.m. on April 14th. He did so without the consent of the Jones brothers. The complaint indicates “Aric Jones, by his own admission, while armed with a 40 caliber semi-automatic handgun…aided and abetted by his brother…shot and killed” Powell.

The complaint says both the Jones brothers “admitted to police that neither defendant called 911 or otherwise attempted to obtain police assistance upon observing and/or learning that the victim had entered the residence without consent.” Jones apparently told police “he thought (Powell) had a gun. However, no gun was recovered and no evidence of a second firearm was located at the scene. The complaint says, “The totality of the circumstances support the conclusion that the defendants’ use of any alleged ‘defensive’ force was unnecessary and easily avoided.”

If convicted on the charges, each faces up to 60 years in prison.


  • Knowledge

    It’s too bad a young man lost his life, but he did enter the home without consent. The men should have called 911, but unless something is missing in the story I would have reacted in a somewhat similar matter if I had a firearm.
    1. You don’t expect a stranger to be in your home when you enter. Did they know the victim??
    2. When Police feel threatened they shoot 1st and ask questions later, why is this situation different??

    • Myra

      Im a white female conservative and I also have questions about this. Unless they stated that they did not fear for their safety, this seems like it would indeed fall under cadtle doctrine. More people who stand by castle doctrine principles should be questioning this. I think some people may be subconciously assuming guilt based on race.

      • Knowledge

        And I am an African American Female, it just doesn’t add up. I hope this doesn’t get lost in race. My only thought/hope regarding race is if this were a middle class white male who did the shooting that the charges would be the same and not viewed as a “home invasion”. As I stated unless all of the facts have not been listed.

      • s holmes

        This is Castle Doctrine & that doesn’t exclude blacks. The government “must” assume the shooting was justfied untill proven differently. You don’t enter someones home uninvited. They can be charged with not helping the perp, but nothing near the current charges. I am assuming the story is accurate & no info will be added after I post. ?

      • Myra

        Yes, it would be nice if race wasnt a factor. Hopefully there is more evidence thatwill clarify why they were charged. Until then, the only difference I can see between this and other cases in which no charges were brought is race.

    • Stephanie

      Agreed are they supposed to wait for bullets to come flying at them before they can defend themselves? 60 years when their home was the one that was invaded??? Unless I’m reading this wrong or as earlier stated something is missing here many would have reacted similarly especially with the recent shootings as of lately who knows what dude has on him!? It’s unfortunate that a man’s life is lost but he was as it states in a house in which he did not belong and that’s what happens.

  • Bin

    I would of done the same, if Someone entered my home without my permission and I was home. Felon with a gun now that is a concern!

  • Jessica Williams

    It’s sad so many lives are being taking. But with all the crime and senseless killing people are now even more fearful. If u can be shot randomly in your own home, or even slandered by the very people that sopose to reflect justice (cops) then you are going to be fearful. This young man with alleged mental problems entered a home with I u to consent. Can anybody actual say that theyre going to sit there and call 911 and it’s a stranger standing in your home.! I would be terrified just because of all that has been going on. I wouldn’t wait for not 2 mins.I mean what where they sopose to do go in a room lock the door and call 911? In that area and in these times I would’ve reacted out of fear too. I’m not saying he deserved to loose his life but really. How many people can say they’re just gonna sit there in the face of a stranger now call 911 what if he was armed, as soon as u touch the phone ur dead.or what if they’re cell phones happened to be dead people don’t have house phone’s in these times especially being a young adult….. However this is very unfortunate. For all 3. I think the situation should be revaluated

    • Wilson

      So jessica you want to apply a different standard when a white police officer is involved in a shooting then when two african american citizens are involved in a shooting?? It is ok for these two punks who were not in danger out on the street outside their home to re-enter the home with a gun (one being a convicted felon who should not possess a gun in the first place) hunt down a person with mental health issues and kill him, but not ok for a white police officer to defend himself when a person with mental health issues attempts to use deadly force on him???? This is the reason why this type of violence will continue in the community because of how people like you think.

  • God's Son

    I want y’all to know God sees all and knows the intentions of one’s heart I read foolish people like y’all comments all the time and all I can think is anyone who speaks this way is evil u want to hold thugs and gang members to the same standards as as officer’s sworn to uphold the law where’s the logic I know it’s funny laughter is forgetting I pray God has mercy on y’all souls as u cast stones with so much sin

    • The Reason

      “…u want to hold thugs and gang members to the same standards as as officer’s sworn to uphold the law where’s the logic…”

      It’s always entertaining when someone attempts to lecture on topics they have no expertise in. You do not know logic, nor do you know who the real thugs are.

      • Cameron

        Please. The brothers weren’t even in the house. They chose to get a gun and go in. They obviously didn’t fear for their lives too much if they re-entered the home. The one brother couldn’t even explain this…why?

  • marail

    If he entered the home without them even knowing them, they had the right to shoot. Castle doctrine.

    • Anita Delgado

      i feel really bad for the family that has to bury their mentally challenged loved one. However, I think they should have kept better tabs on him. I feel bad for them because I know they are hurting right now. But the guys who shot someone who broke in their house are not wrong, They live in Milwaukee, Milwaukee is extremely, EXTREMELY danerous and you dont know if the person that breaks in your house will just rob you or kill you and rob you. It is just too poor here. It is self defense. RIP to the guy who got shot, my condolences to the family of the victim, let the guys out of jail because if it would have happened in your neighborhood there would be no charges,,, in fact in your neighborhood a girl was shot and killed (or was it a guy) because they were pounding ON THE DOOR not even in the house, asking for help after a car accident.. What happened with that case. If they were in the right for shooting someone OUTSIDE of their home, surely these guys were right for shooting someone INSIDE their home.

      • The One

        I totally agree with you… Never heard the verdict of that case at all… This man entered someone’s home…He wasn’t asking for help… They reacted to a stranger being in their house not knowing how he got in or why he was there… Who’s going to stand there and ask a stranger, why are you in my home? Let’s look deeply at the situation…

  • Juan

    Oh so if someone enters your home unannounced im guessing you are gonna offer them a seat and be hospitable huh

    • donald

      If someone enters your home in a threating matter then you call the police and try to get them out dont. Take the law in your owen hands .peopletake the law in there hands first thing get the gun kill them thats all they think about we got to stop the killings if you are not leagal to own a gun then dont we need thougher gun laws

      • Cameron

        Did they have to shoot him? Wouldn’t holding a gun on him while calling the police have been enough? It doesn’t sound like Powell posed an immediate threat and it would seem, in this situation, the threat of being shot would have been enough. But, it couldn’t be that way because there was a felon with a gun. He would have been arrested for having a firearm. It would appear as though this was less about protecting property and more about protecting himself from consequences of having a gun, which he knew he wasn’t supposed to have. I’m pretty sure the Castle Doctrine doesn’t apply to covering up a crime.

      • Dionne

        Everyone will not do the exact same thing in any situation. Everyone’s reactions will be different, some people freeze some people react and some find something else some little voice that says do this do that… You never know what you will do in that situation until you are in it. I do not think they are wrong it was there home and I have called police before and it took them 4 hours to come as I sat and fought and argued with the car thieves that stole my car… So no my first reaction would not be to call the police because one they never show up when they need to and two they probably would have killed the young man too…and said the exact same thing the homeowners said “I think he had a gun” And yes felon with a firearm may sound bad but what exactly is he a felon for? When was his last killing crime.. That has a lot to do with it..The sad thing is the exact same force police use and get away with it is the exact same force these two used and are going to jail for it…

  • Anonymous1

    Mentally challenged or not he was smart enough to go into some home and lock the doors. Any normal person would have thought this was a set up. You ring my door bell, I step out, then you go in my home. Milwaukee police does NOT react and come to your aid right away. I would have called the police afterwards too. If someone is in my home I am going to do whatever to protect myself and my family. So what should they have done? Let the person chill in there house for a hour until the police got there? The murder is sad I get it but I dont feel they were wrong. A felon should not have a weapon but thats the only wrong I see. Fox 6 is so one sided trying to make them seem terrible for protecting themselves and their homes. I hate the news! 60 years when Jonathan Sellers got under 20 years for killing or helping kill Christopher Gray. Really? Lets get it together

  • Knowledge

    No community or race should be grouped, all hold good and bad. Typically when protests are started it comes from within meaning a family member,friend of the family, church, etc….. There are many killings where there are no protests. A protest wouldn’t be warranted in this case….. if so on what grounds. Protests recently have occurred due to police involvement where a death has been involved which “possibly” could have been prevented. Those who are hired to protect and serve, not harass when not necessary. Look beyond race and generalizations. That’s an easy cop out (no pun intended) :-).

  • WorkForBetter

    How is this not part of the castle doctrine? Am I missing part of the story here? Unfortunately a man who had troubles lost his life, but are the brothers not protected under this doctrine?

  • Reuben Anderson

    The defendant in this case Mr. Aric Brown, is responsible for an armed robbery for which an innocent man is serving time in prison. While working with the first vice president of the NAACP he came to us and told us about a robbery he committed about seven years ago. He told us details only the robber would have known. He stated that he wanted to turn himself in, but that he was a felon at the time and did not want to go to jail because he had a new born son which is why he did the robbery. Now its coming back on him.

    I agree with the writer that something is missing in this case. The victim from what I understand had ties to the defendants in this case so there is more information being left out. But as the saying goes, no lie can live forever.

    • Sammich Olioso

      If what you say in your first paragraph is true,then by all means you have a duty to go to the DA’s office and confer with them and the Innocence project to set an innocent man free,Anything less would be obstruction of justice.Or does it come down to the whole “no snitchin” thing for you? There lies the problem….

      • Reuben Anderson

        The DA’s office is aware of it as i have made contact with them during our investigation of the allegations.

  • Jan davis

    It is horrible to think that you cannot protect your property or your person if you are a young black male in the city of Milwaukee. These young man followed exactly the words of Sheriff Clark, shoot first and then call the police to take the body away. He did not specify who could do this. What about the brother who did not shoot and is not a felon? They call the police for help after they shot the intruder. so the police help them arresting them and charging them with second-degree intentional homicide after being in custody four days?

  • Tex Watson

    Understand this! I am a 53 year old white male. I know Aric Jones very well. I will not disclosed the nature of the relationship nor will I justify the 10 minutes of bad judgment on that day. I am sorry for any loss of life and I can guarantee NO ONE is more sorry than Aric. Aric is an intelligent young man whom I would allow in my home tonight. I know him at deep level and have spent many hours acting as a mentor to him. There is a missing element as someone mentioned. Please do not judge this young man before all the evidence is presented. My heart is broken for the lost soul and the loss in soul Aric will feel the rest of his life. And knowing Aric….there will be no stronger punishment than what he imposes upon his self. I pray for everyone broken by this 10 minutes of bad judgment which will affect so many for a life time.

    • Reuben Anderson

      I will agree with you, Aric appears to be a good man until he refused to come forward after telling me and the first vice president of the NAACP that an innocent man is in jail behind something he did. Don’t be fooled by the nice guy because he is not as nice as you say considering what i know.

      • Tex Watson

        I understand Rueben. Part of his life mission was to correct those wrongs, I fear that opportunity is now lost. Adain I justify nothing. I can only base my thoughts on what I know, It is so tragic all the way around . And, thanks for sharing what you know about him.

      • Reuben Anderson

        I agree with you and I feel for him, but in the end God has the final say. it was never my desire to see him in jail for the case I was working on and as I told him, if you do the right thing, i will fight for you but he listened to his friends and as i always say, God is watching. there is no doubt that if called upon, I would help him because I know he loves his son which is why he never came forward on the robbery case. Praying the lords will be done.

      • Tex Watson

        Again… thanks Rueben. I hope the wool was not pulled over my eyes. Your history goes back further than mine. I know an Aric whom would never pull a trigger, but you never know what lies in the back of peoples minds. I am at a loss. This is so far from where my mind can go. And, please forgive my ignorance. This may jade me and I pray voices of reason, like you present, will become a nor,. I can’t find it in me to give up on him, but only if he hasn’t given up on himself. Thank you for having a voice of passion and reality.

  • Unknown

    The whole situation is sad. Legally, the two men had a duty to retreat. They found out someone was in their home, they went to their home. Instead of calling the police, they voluntarily walked into danger. Furthermore, they did too much talking to the detectives. It is going to be hard to defend this case.

      • Unknown

        Never mind the incorrect terminology. I am essentially saying because they took the law into their own hands, it can’t be a justifiable homicide. The guy was not a threat to their persons, he was a threat to their property. A tv or whatever he may have been taking was not worth a life. As I’ve stated, the whole situation is sad. Legally, a rash decision was made, when a more rational decision could have been made. I’m not saying the defendants are some “thugs”, or bad guys, however, they made a mistake; and legally they “can” be held accountable. It’s extremely sad.

  • donald

    Did the young men know him and did they know he had a mental problem.we need to stop this killings and educate arekids that killing is not the answer.we need to teach are kids tostop the killings it just breaks up two familys.parents are not supose to bury there kids but it can be hard if afamily has been on the wrong side of the law all there life from parents in prison half of there life we got to stop it now.maygod be with both familys

  • donald

    Its not a black thing there are whites getting killed just as are brothers are getting killed so dont take it out of content god loves us no matter what we are

  • dylan

    so one of the brothers was a convicted felon in possession of a firearm?..probtion violation..also if they were justified in defending their home why not call the police..obviously something to hide?

  • Melissa

    Black on black crime, like 99.9995 of it. No Protesting, riots, marches, or “Black Lives Matter” chants? Why not??? Hmmm? Nothing about these POS thugs?

  • Renoir

    They should’ve known, “fearing for your life” and “thought he had a gun” only works for police officers and Caucasians.

  • Envy Perez

    I guess I’m confused about this situation. An INTRUDER gets killed and we label it as “unnecessary force”, but the SAME police who wanted to be called to the scene “first” shot a man 14 times in plain sight after getting hit with a police baton – in the OPEN. Not in a closed environment, NOT in someone’s home, NOT even in fear of anyone’s life but THAT can be justified. Smh we live in a day and time where Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong depending on whether you’re wearing a badge, or what race you represent.

  • Gary Hamilton

    How did the two brothers know if he had a gun or not. A stranger comes into your home uninvited so they protected themselves and their property. Do you really think if they phoned 911 the police would have gotten their to help if the intruder pulled out a gun. So now with all the innocent people being assaulted and robbed in the wonderful city of Milwaukee we can’t defend ourselves or homes without worrying about going to prison when an unknown intruder comes into our home. Give me a break!

  • Natalie

    Zoo? You’re racist for referring to that community as a center where animals are held. And you’re delusional if you don’t feel as strongly about the police officers that have recently been murdering innocents in broad daylight, when they too could’ve called for help.

  • Dionne

    Really… So a man can enter their home and they feel threatened and say they think he had a gun and shoot a trespasser and go to jail and get charged yet the police do it all the time and get to keep their jobs and their killings are justified even when no weapon is found. These double standards are killing me…I do however feel bad the young man lost his life and i am in no way not empathetic about this unfortunate event. I am only commenting regarding the charges and the judicial process that is about to go down for my people

  • Wilson

    So we have two african american males hunting down an unarmed african american person with mental health problems and shooting him multiple times in order to kill him. Where are the protestors on this case? Hmmm, wait there is not a white police officer who did the shooting so I guess there is no need to protest this murder? Even though the white police officer was defending himself from the mentally ill dontrey who was attempting to kill him with his own baton the hamilton family still protested because the officer was white and they felt they could get some cash out of the deal. But in this case we don’t see the hamilton family protesting when two of their own hunt down and kill one of their own who suffered from mental health issues. Tell me why that is please??? Guess black lives don’t matter when there is no possible payday for the hamilton family….

  • Thankful

    With the crime rate as high as it is I’d shot somebody coming in my home uninvited too. I’m not going to be asking you are you mentally ill

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