Hot commodity: Bucks keep close tabs on resale of tickets for upcoming playoff games

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- One man says the Milwaukee Bucks cancelled his entire ticket order for two upcoming playoff games -- because one of the tickets was listed on a resale website. The team, however, says it's only cracking down on people abusing discounted tickets.

Bill Wenz says he bought 25 tickets to both of the Bucks' upcoming home playoff games. Wenz says he posted one ticket on StubHub when he found out a member of his group couldn't make Saturday's game.

"Monday, I got  call about 10:30 or so and they said that one ticket was on StubHub and I said 'fine, I'll just take the ticket off, call whoever has the ticket off' and they said, 'no, we have to cancel the whole order,'" said Wenz.

The Bucks say they are not scouring sites like StubHub and eBay -- and popping anyone who is trying to resell tickets. Instead, they say they're focusing on people who are trying to resell tickets they bought at a discounted rate -- either through a group sale or promotion.

"We do let people know up front that anybody that`s reselling those tickets has the opportunity for those tickets to be cancelled," said Dustin Godsey, Bucks V.P. of Marketing.

StubHub says it has heard from a couple of sellers who claim the Bucks cancelled tickets they had listed. The company adds in a statement:

"StubHub believes in a free, open ticket marketplace and will support fans' rights to choose where they list their tickets. We are against and discourage unfair and illegal anti-competitive business practices that prevent fans from deciding how they want to resell their tickets."

The Bucks say they just want to make sure discounted group tickets are used by actual groups.

"It's not an opportunity for somebody who is just looking to make a quick buck," said Godsey.

Wenz insists he's a fan -- not a professional scalper.

"Hopefully they'll change their mind and not cancel them," said Wenz.

Wenz admits he resold tickets and bobbleheads in the past, but insists this was just a matter of circumstance.

The Bucks say if that happens, the ticket holder should call the team to work something out. The Bucks also insist this is not just an effort to keep Bulls fans from getting tickets -- that they enforce this rule for any playoff or high-demand regular season game.

FOX6 News has heard from another man who has had his tickets canceled. He openly admits he intended to sell the tickets and doesn't see the problem if the market is there.

Again, the Bucks say they discount group sales so groups can better afford an outing -- not so others can profit.

This argument is actually playing out in court. StubHub sued the Golden State Warriors last month over their cancellation of resold tickets. StubHub says they're now monitoring the situation in Milwaukee.


  • Jon

    Bull, my not for profit didn’t have enough people for the game my rep said there were no refunds.
    The Bucks won’t work things out, they just want to sell more tickets.
    Why do this and let those guys who come up to your car as you are dropping off a friend and say do you need any tickets? The scalpers at the stadium are ridiculous and right next to the ticket sales.

  • staticphear

    These were special discounted tickets, I have no problem with what Milwaukee Bucks did.

    I know a guy that resells tickets for a living. (And he lives very well) He makes lots of money on most games/events, and is smart enough to not take huge loss if demand goes down unexpectedly.

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