“It’s amazing:” Pieces of all-inclusive park in Franklin being assembled one at a time

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FRANKLIN (WITI) -- There's a group in Franklin that is working to bring together disabled children and their able-bodied peers. Kayla's Krew is in the process of building an all-inclusive park that children of all abilities can enjoy.

Right now, it's a pile of parts, but soon the brightly colored pieces will be put together. They'll become a "Liberty Swing" for children who are wheelchair bound. The parts arrived on Tuesday, April 21st. They'll be stored at Gem Tool until this fall.

The swing will be the centerpiece of an all-inclusive park being built at Franklin Woods Nature Center -- where children and adults with disabilities, and those without, can play together.

Liberty Swing

Liberty Swing

"Inclusion is so important nowadays -- to include all abilities together, and that's the magic that happens when you bring all people together," Kayla's mom, Shelly Runte said.

Kayla Runte

Kayla Runte

The playground was inspired by Kayla Runte -- a bright-eyed, young girl with cerebral palsy. She passed away in 2012. Her classmates at Ben Franklin Elementary spent hours coming up with the park's design to honor her memory.

"It's amazing," Shelly Runte said.

The hope is that the playground will serve as a platform to get the community to embrace those with different abilities.

"It is very liberating to be independent and be on your own and be welcomed on a playground to play," Shelly Runte said.

The old park will be replaced with new equipment -- usable by both able and disabled people.

"There`s a lot more components coming in, a merry-go-round that`s accessible, slides coming all the way from Germany," Shelly Runte said.

The group plans to break ground in September 2015.

Kayla's Krew is looking for volunteers to help build the park come this fall -- as well as donations.

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