“Very dangerous:” Woman beaten in attempted carjacking at Walmart that preceded high-speed chase

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FRANKLIN (WITI) -- Early Tuesday morning, April 21st, in the parking lot of the Walmart store on S. 27th Street in Franklin, a woman screamed for help as she was beaten by a group of men and teens in an attempted carjacking. Then, the group led police on a high-speed chase on I-94.

Police say nine suspects were part of this group. Six have been taken into custody.

Franklin police, the Wisconsin State Patrol and the Racine County Sheriff's Office all took part in this incident that began as an attempted carjacking in Franklin and ended in Racine following a pursuit.

Police say it was just after 4:00 a.m. when a 49-year-old Milwaukee woman was loading groceries into her car at the 24-hour Walmart on S. 27th Street. Three suspects approached her and threw her to the ground.

"As she attempted to close the door, three suspects approached the vehicle, pulled her out of the vehicle, pushed her down, started beating and kicking her," Franklin Police Chief Richard Oliva said.

Police say as this was unfolding, the suspects were trying to find the woman's car keys as she screamed for help.

The subjects eventually entered a silver mini-van and left the area.

Franklin officers located the suspect vehicle on S. 27th Street in the area of Ryan Road and a pursuit began. The car fled south onto I-94 where the Wisconsin State Patrol and the Racine County Sheriff’s Office assisted in the pursuit.

"High speeds, very dangerous," Chief Oliva said.

The vehicle exited I-94 at Highway 11 and eventually stopped in the area of 14th and Main in the city of Racine.

The occupants fled on foot, and all six occupants, three adults and three juveniles, were taken into custody with  additional assistance from the Racine Police Department. We're told the suspects are from Milwaukee.

Police are looking for three additional suspects in this would-be carjacking -- a crime that has become all too common.

"We believe a lot of it is joy riding. We also are aware some of these stolen vehicles are used in the commission of other crimes," Chief Oliva said.

The victim in the would-be carjacking in the Walmart parking lot sought medical attention following the incident. Her condition is unknown.

Franklin police are working with officials in other jurisdictions to determine whether the suspects taken into custody in this incident can be linked to other crimes.



    Nine suspects!? Anyone need anymore proof that magazine capacity bans are a really really bad idea? Imagine a situation under NY City rules where it’s illegal for anyone to carry more than 7 rounds in a gun IF they are even able to carry at all. Better hope they stand in a line for you! Or 10 rounds, but oops you needed more than one round each to stop the threat? I hope the anti-gun crowd reads these stories and starts to imagine themselves in these situations. What would they do? Offer workforce training opportunities?

    • Tim

      If she had a gun, even with a 30 round mag, it sounds like these 9 fellows would have had the jump on her & used it on her. Then there’s no telling who would die in a shootout as the cops chased them down the freeway.

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