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Working together: Glendale police help Fox Point police apprehend retail theft suspect

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FOX POINT (WITI) — Glendale police were able to assist Fox Point police in apprehending a retail theft suspect.

Fox Point police say it was shortly before 1:00 p.m. when they got a call regarding a retail theft at a drug store. The clerk was able to get a description of the suspect and vehicle as the suspect left the store.

A Fox Point officer responded to the area, and when the suspect saw the squad car, the suspect fled.

A radio transmission went out to the surrounding communities, and Glendale police spotted the suspect vehicle. The suspect was found to have an outstanding warrant.

Fox point police went to the scene of the traffic stop — on I-43 southbound near Hampton Avenue, and picked up the suspect.


  • Street smart

    Flynn and Barett would have been waiting for the thief with open arms. Welcome to our safe haven for criminals.

  • dan hopkins

    Right they saved five dollars worth of merchandise and risked hundreds of lives cashing him!!!
    police don’t care about lives, they will hurt, maim and kill anyone they can get away with! and then call it justice
    stop pretending and expose the cowards that cops are

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