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Man charged in death of boy: Child suffered brain injuries, facial bruising

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SHEBOYGAN (WITI) — A Sheboygan County man says he was just playing with his fiancee's son, but that four-year-old boy died while in his care. Now, what was first described as an accidental death involving horseplay, is being investigated as a homicide.

The man who was supposed to be watching the little boy is now in custody. He claims they were just playing when something hit the boy's head. Medical experts say it was something far worse.

Armando Aguirre

Armando Aguirre

Through a court television, Armando Aguirre said very little. Aguirre was in handcuffs because authorities say his actions contributed to the death of his fiancee's son, Trey. Aguirre was watching the child along with his own son in their home in the Town of Mitchell when the tragic incident occurred.

"We do not allege intentional abuse, but certainly more than what he stated happened," said Sheboygan County District Attorney, Joe DeCecco.

According to a criminal complaint, the suspect was playing with the boys. First, he picked up his son around this knees and spun him in a circle. He allegedly spun Trey the same way but claimed the boy's head hit the carpet, with the boy's head 'glancing' off of it. The blow caused the child to display signs of seizure.

"He indicated the child throws up, began shaking, his eyes rolled in the back of his head and he lost control of his bodily functions and urinated," said DeCecco.

The complaint says Aguirre blew on the child's face to wake him up, then put him on the front lawn to get fresh air. He then called the boy's mom, who told him to call 911.

"Child passed away Saturday, the day after it happened. Once Children's Hospital did some diagnostic tests and an autopsy too, it was clear it was not a glancing blow," said

The toddler had severe brain injuries, bleeding and facial bruising. Authorities compared the injury to something much more.

"The deputy chief medical examiner did inform me that the injuries to Trey's brain were consistent with a child falling from a fourth floor level," said DeCecco.

The boy's mother was in court but did not comment to the media.

"She supports Armando and intends to facilitate an ongoing relationship with him," said Armando's attorney.

The suspect faces a charge of second degree reckless homicide and is being held on a $50,000 cash bond. If convicted he could face a maximum of 15 years in prison.


  • Trina

    The mother doesn’t deserve to have anymore kids… she should be charged as well since she’s sticking by this coward side! What is the world coming to? Rest in paradise little angel!

    • Denise


      • Trina

        Maybe you should be locked up too since your taking up for your sister! You both sound sick! Hell the proof is there whether he meant it or not how dare you stay with someone who killed your child! Yes she’s sick!

  • Michael

    “She supports Armando and intends to facilitate an ongoing relationship with him,” The mother is a bigger POS then this gutless, cowardly bylly is. He killed her child, and it doesn’t mean a thing to her. I will never understand women like this. I am sure she was supporting Armando the Letch. Is he a illegal? . He should be thrown into a cage full of blood thursty Pit Bull’s so they can rip him apart.

    • Time for Change

      A good dad? Does he have a full time job with health coverage for his multiple kids? I’m sure he created them & lets the government provide for the roof over their heads, their medical, their food, their utilities, etc. And why wasn’t he working at the time rather than playing babysitter? And why isn’t he with the mother of his kids; wouldn’t that be his wife; nope, just make the babies with anyone who crosses his path, do nothing to provide and ends up KILLING a child. What kind of trash defends this trash – oh he’s my friend, the truth will come out??? Yes, the authorities are wrong as to what caused these injuries and this POS’s description of what happened is right? And what kind of woman would DEFEND the killer of their child? No one is a parent in this situation. These children deserve better; yet every generation is poorer & stupider thanks to those that produced them. Beat him in the head till he’s put out his miserable existence.

  • What!

    Funny, the people sticking up for him must not know we can check his criminal records and it’s a long list.

  • Opinion8d

    The fact that he didn’t call 911 right away makes him a POS!!! What idiot see a kids having a seizure and doesn’t for help immediately??? Let me guess, he was ‘scared’…..

  • Xamian Walker

    The mom should be charged also. She isn’t even indignant. He had to have hurt that poor little boy boy before sad

  • hard working taxpayer

    He called the mother first so that he could convince her of his innocence. Then she told him to call 911. Who doesn’t call 911 first? What a loser. I notice that he didn’t have a problem horse-playing with his own son. Sounds like she has low self-esteem if she’s defending him; I wonder what their dynamic is. If the injuries were “consistent with falling from a fourth floor level” it was quite a force.

  • Brandy Millwood

    this sickens me she found this man online & moved her kids from Alabama to Wisconsin to be with him he can’t be her fiancé she left her husband for him & they have not divorced and she is not the child’s mother he was placed with her through Dhr!

      • sad mommy

        I’ve seen pics of him in the hospital after the incident with his face and head covered up, that leads me to believe there was something they were trying to hide. I feel there is more to the story than is being told. At the VERY least if this was an accident I believe he hit his head on the wall while swinging him very hard and fast. But I can’t get the vision of this baby being raised into the air and slammed to the hard floor so hard that he lost control of his bladder… I would love to know his criminal record. Where is his own son now?

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