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“What do we want? Peace!” Children chant in city streets to put an end to Milwaukee’s violence

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- An unexpected group of people are demanding an end to Milwaukee's violence -- children. From ages 3 to 15, kids marched the city's streets on Friday, April 24th, for peace.

Echoing through a Milwaukee neighborhood near 64th and Capitol is a powerful message, made even more compelling by who's behind it.

"We're marching around the neighborhood saying we want peace and we want to play outside as a school," said 8th grader, Daeleon Brown-Williams.

Children of Blessed Savior South were stopped along busy Capitol Drive with their signs of 'Guns Destroy Lives" and "We Want to Play Outside" -- they drew a lot of attention, including Timmeco Fells.

Earlier this week, Fells' cousin was shot during a carjacking at 50th and Locust.

"It was like they were speaking up for her. Because my cousin's mother was like we got to do something, something needs to be done," said Fells.

"We feel they can really make a difference even if they're 5 years old of if they're 15 years old," said Patricia Wilkum, Principal of Blessed Savior South.

The school's principal says this was their idea after seeing so much violence around them, they wanted to make a change.

"Our cook, her daughter Layla Peterson was shot, that was national news, we've had violence happen in our school. Unfortunately, that was very difficult for everyone. So the children know. They live with some of these things," said Wilkum.

Besides taking their message to the streets, they also held a rally.

"Do we want people to hurt each other? No! What do we want? Peace!" chanted the children.

And whether it was through poems, dance, or art, their mission was one and the same -- peace.

"I don't want there to be violence in the world," said 6-year-old, Alaylah Lee.

And it doesn't stop here. The principal is giving each kid a peace petition, in hopes of continuing this conversation at home.

Fells said her cousin, again the victim of the 50th and Locust shooting and carjacking, has a long road ahead of her, but is recovering in the hospital.


  • Andrea

    Both of my daughter’s were at the March for peace today. They both attend Blessed Savior school. They both worked on their posters last night and their excitement this morning was amazing!! I’m so thankful for all the staff and the principal Ms. Wilkum. They are all awesome people who always show love. My girls feel so proud of them selves for encouraging peace in the streets. Thank you for publicizing these wonderful children!!!

  • really

    Awesome story we need more parents involved like this…awesome example…they need the communities. Support positive change…more stories like these please…sounds like an awesome school!!

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