“I want an explanation:” Family not happy with Heinz response after boy finds cockroach in his “Alpha-getti”

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(CNN) — A boy in Canada says he found a cockroach in his alphabet pasta! Now, his family wants some answers from Heinz, the company that makes the canned pasta.

Gobbling up “Alpha-Getti” used to be a regular habit for the Courchesne family. It was the perfect quick meal between work and taking the boys to hockey.



“Sometimes I’d spell my name with it with all the letters,” Kye Courchesne said.

Last November, eight-year-old Kye found something on his spoon he hadn’t seen before.

“I was watching TV and I had it and I was this close — and I looked at it and I put it back and went ‘Mom what is this?’ There was a cockroach in it,” Kye Courchesne said.

Dwayne Courchesne didn’t know the bug was a cockroach until a professor identified it. That’s when he went to the company for answers.

“I want an explanation, I said, as to what happened — and what you’re going to do so this doesn’t happen again. I said ‘my kids won’t eat your product now.’ I wanna get them back on board — so some sort of apology to them,” Courchesne said.

Instead of an apology, after trading emails with company representatives for months, Courchesne received a letter from Heinz Canada, offering $150 to “release all claims” against not only Heinz, but “its related companies, subsidiary divisions, affiliates, licensees and their employees,” and that not only must he release claims, but his “heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns.”

PHOTO: Screenshot from CNN video

PHOTO: Screenshot from CNN video

“To just wash it away. I can’t believe that they would send this,” Courchesne said.

Courchesne says it looks like a legal form letter, and he says it’s unacceptable.

“No explanation to anything. No accountability on what happened. Just ‘here’s $150 and sign it.’ And then I’ve got no rights to anything. I can’t even publish the picture,” Courchesne said.

A reporter contacted Heinz Canada and was told to call a vice president of the parent company in Pittsburgh, who was unavailable. However, in an email, the company said consumer safety is of the utmost importance, and an investigation will be launched.

Courchesne says he sent the cockroach to Heinz five months ago. As far as he knows, the investigation is complete and nothing is being done.

“Does this happen all the time? I mean, maybe consumers need to know,” Courchesne said.


  • s holmes

    Where is Sam Kinison when you need him? Sammy could tell them that cockroaches like food & thats why its in there, you brain dead …..

  • lordoflys

    Why make a public case out of a small problem like this? It’s a manufactured item. Bugs and grit and sawdust sometimes get in the mix. Take the $150 and move on. I’ve dealt with this kind of stuff and the consumer always wants to make a federal case out of it or make a million bucks. It’s NO BIG DEAL.

    • Judas Priest

      I agree I once bit into a bone in a slim jim chipped my tooth I accepted their apology and a case of slim jims and called it a day

  • DC

    This is a little matter and this is for consumers of the product to judge. Never was this about a lawsuit or money, just a thorough investigation to make me and my family happy. When I was dismissed I had few options and media was a hard call because of the rash of comments like this we would have to read. I just hope the consumers of this product think twice about supporting Heinz.

  • Darsha The Queen

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    • Darshaisatool

      Quit pretending to sound intelligent. By posting every “big word” you could find in the dictionary, you’ve effectively shown yourself to be a giant “Tool” and it makes you look a lot LESS intelligent than even the bimbo reporters and prepubescent copy-editors they have working at FOX6 these days.

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  • Don

    Another unemployed Canadian due to Heinz shutting down a Canadian plant so they could employ american’s. I say feed the roach to the american’s They will eat anything….Just ask Mikie!!

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