Talk about cleaning up: Airplane cleaner accused of stealing computers, liquor

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Credit: Port Authority Police Dept.

(CNN) — Police say an airline cleaner in New York made off with seven iPads, 19 Kindles, two laptops — and fully 1,429 bottles of liquor, which is rather too much for anyone to drink all in one go.

In all, Juanette Cullum, 48, of Brooklyn, stole more than $15,000 worth of goods from planes she cleaned at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, according to a statement from the Port Authority.

Police a security staffer for American Airlines tipped them off. They conducted an investigation, searched Cullum’s apartment, and found a horde of items they say did not belong to her.

Authorities say Cullum had been cleaning up, in her own way, for three years. They say she was an employee of Atlanta based Air Serv, which offers cleaning, ground transportation and various passenger services.

Police say she made statements to them “alluding” to the thefts of property from the aircraft she cleaned. Air Serv, confirmed to CNN in a statement that Cullum had been terminated — normally a synonym for fired.

She is being charged with grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property, authorities said.


  • El gato

    Liberals and blacks complain that something like “16% of the population is black and 65% of prison inmates are black”. Didn’t they ever notice that blacks are committing 90% of crimes? These people are incorrigible! Even when they have jobs, they are crooks!

  • Lance

    Clearly this company, AirServ, has a systemic problem that goes well beyond this one employee. I lost my iPad on an AA flight in February ’16, and even though I was told by a “supervisor” that it was found, with that person identifying its’ unique characteristics (white, mini, keyboard, black case) the iPad was never delivered to the so-called LSOC where high-value items are returned to their owners. The Supervisor simply said, I put it on the desk and it seems to have disappeared. If that’s the way they are treating customers items, one can only imagine how much merchandise continues to go missing.

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