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“Worried,” Morgan Geyser’s mom launches petition to get her daughter mental health treatment

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WAUKESHA COUNTY (WITI) -- It is a case that has garnered national attention, and now FOX6 News has learned there is a petition calling for mental health treatment for Morgan Geyser, one of two girls charged in connection with the stabbing of their friend -- left for dead in the woods in Waukesha last May. Geyser and Anissa Weier are accused of stabbing the girl 19 times to please the fictional character Slenderman.

12-year-old Geyser and 12-year-old Weier each face a felony charge of first degree intentional homicide.

Court documents say Geyser talks to Slenderman, sees the Harry Potter character Voldemort and lives in a world of fantasy. In reality, Geyser and Weier are charged as adults, accused in a violent crime.

Geyser's mother has launched a petition at asking that her daughter be allowed to receive mental health treatment. More than 1,000 people have signed the petition.

The following is written about Geyser on the page:

"Our beautiful daughter Morgan is twelve years old, and has been diagnosed with childhood-onset schizophrenia. Unfortunately, her diagnosis came too late, and she is being charged as an adult for crime that occurred last May.

Morgan has spent the majority of the past 11 months in a windowless jail, where she has no access to the outdoors and is not allowed physical contact with her family. This is a situation that would be harmful to the development of any child, but especially so for a child with a serious mental illness. She has received no treatment for her brain disease since being diagnosed. This is extremely concerning, because research has shown that early treatment of schizophrenia and psychosis improves long term prognosis. We are worried that if Morgan doesn’t receive treatment soon, we will lose her to her disease.

Morgan's attorney recently filed a motion to have her bail reduced to a signature bond, on the condition that Morgan be transferred to a residential treatment center. Judge Bohren denied the motion, stating that Morgan is "a danger to the community and a flight risk." We do not believe this is true. Morgan had no history of violence prior to the incident in May, and has displayed no violent behavior since. Her actions that tragic day were a direct result of the delusions she suffers because of her schizophrenia. In reality, the longer Morgan goes without treatment, the more dangerous she becomes. Every day that passes without treatment decreases the likelihood that she will recover and have the opportunity to become a productive member of society. Morgan is just a child, and she deserves that opportunity and a second chance at life. Please sign my petition asking Judge Michael Bohren to allow Morgan to receive treatment for her mental illness."

Geyser has been living at the Washington County Juvenile Detention facility long-term, and her attorney says she is getting absolutely no treatment for her schizophrenia. Last week, an effort by her attorney to get her mental health treatment failed in court. On Friday, April 24th, a judge denied a request Geyser's bail be lowered so she could receive mental health treatment outside the juvenile facility where she has been living. The judge cited she could be a flight risk.

Geyser's attorney pointed to a treatment center called the Milwaukee Academy as a possible facility for Geyser. A spokesman for the Milwaukee Academy tells FOX6 News it is not a locked facility. Officials there haven't been contacted about the possibility of treating Geyser.

"One of the tragedies with having this case in adult court -- there really aren't the resources available for adult court defendants as there is for children," Geyser's attorney Anthony Cotton said.

In addition to the petition, there is a website called making the same plea that Geyser be allowed to receive mental health treatment. That website is raising money for Geyser's legal defense and mental health treatment. Available on the website are T-shirts and handbags being sold that feature Geyser's artwork.

Those behind that website issued a video message Tuesday, April 28th in response to questions about their efforts.

You can view the video by CLICKING HERE.

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  • Chrisa Hickey

    Where in the story does it say anyone is asking for the crime to be overlooked? They are asking for healthcare, like adult prisoners get. She’s being charged as an adult.

    • Chrisa Hickey

      If you think I’m Morgan’s mom, you obviously haven’t read the story above.

      I’m the mom of a son with the same brain disorder. Do you know how rare childhood onset schizophrenia is? One I every 50,000 children. That rate officially makes it an orphan disease. Yes – it’s that rare.

      It’s so rare most pediatricians have never seen it and dont know how to screen for it. It’s so rare, my son’s child psychiatrist in Chicago had only seen one other case in his 40 year career. It took several years from the time we had an inkling something was wrong and getting it identified.

      So next time, before you spout ugly assumptions, you might want todo a little research so you don’t sound so much like an idiot.

  • Angie

    No where does it say they are wanting their daughter off the hook for her crimes. All they are trying for us treatment that any other sick individual would be entitled too. What is just as bad if not worse than the crime committed is how humanity is reacting. What if this was your child? Mental illness does not always present itself in a noticeable way. How would you feel if your child or a family member did this and people said what you all do without knowing the family or situation. Do you personally know them where you can factually say they are bad people or parents? Can you factually say that you would be able to spot any other child or adult who is mentally ill and know what they are planning. I sure hope that if your child or family did the same crime and you had no clue about it that you would want them locked away with no mental care or concern. They are not wanting her set free with no consequences they are simply wanting medical help that any human should be able to receive. It’s sad how cruel people are and how easy it is to be so cruel when you are not face to face. Have an opinion but at least have a logical rational thought behind it.

    • selfentitled

      Treatment? Lock the losers up for life and throw away the key. Stabbing someone to death at age 12 is not normal. This little devil will kill again if released. I think 70 years living alone with her demons in a cell is almost fitting for the crime.

  • wow

    That’s a ridiculous claim. You know absolutely nothing about them as parents, and obviously nothing about mental illness. You should keep your thoughts to yourself.

    • Dave

      Shut your ignorant psycho mouth.. Anyone will speak their opinion.. NOT ONE MENTION OF HELP FOR THE POOR LITTLE GIRL THAT THESE ANIMALS TRIED TO KILL… STAY OFF MY INTERNET YOU LOSER LOW LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • k

    Residential treatment facility where she is kept secuted is probably better for the community as a whole than a local lockup. They have limited resources and support from the state and Ferderal tax funds but more than local lock ups.

  • Michelle Amy (@Michelle_Amy11)

    There is no reason for her to not be getting treatment in prison. We know psychiatrists that work for the prison system and they make more money in a couple days a week than they do full time with the local branded health care name here. The judge doesn’t need to lower her bail to get her help, but if he continues to refuse her help, than he needs to be accountable for any consequences. I am a former military psych tech, and have studied alot of psych. This is rare for a child, but it still needs to be treated, regardless of what she did. The parents should be demanding treatment instead of trying to demand a transfer, that might be taken more seriously.

    • selfentitled

      There is every reason to deny treatment. 1) Its our taxpayer money 2) Its a lost cause. She is obviously batsh*t crazy and that will never change

  • Marla Durkin-Pope

    Before you spend your time blaming the parents, I would challenge you to read up on the onset of Schizophrenia. In children it goes undetected most of the time. It is also very rare in young children. Most doctors won’t detect it and toss it up as behavior problems. Do you share your fantasies in your mind with others? Families who have loved ones that have a mental disease usually do not see signs until something happens. They don’t share their delusions with others.. Look at all the adolescent suicides, bipolar disease and especially schizophrenia. Should the parents of known their kid was depressed that they committed suicide? So let’s blame the parents for their kids deaths! We all feel for the young girl who suffered injury but its a sad situation for all the families involved. So don’t judge until you are in someone’s shoes. Do you go into your kids room every day and check out every piece of paper they write? Do you check every texts messages? Do you look in your daughter’s diary? I have 3 kids and I DON”T! MOST OF AMERICA DON’T! Was the crime terrible, yes, does the little GIRL deserve treatment YES! This is America! Should she be tried as a juvenile, YES! So please, spend some time reading up about mental illness…. I do hope that your family never has to experience such a horrible disease. In this country, you are not a patient like a dementia patient but a CRIMINAL! WRONG!

    • Dave

      You and the majority of idiots on here are very sick and need help badly..I wish it was your little girl that was stabbed and then we could see how sympathetic you are.. You all make sick and need to be put in a cage with the psycho animals and the things that brought them into this world… Burn in hell

  • Opinion8d

    Better parents??? What constitutes a ‘better’ parent?? In first grade I had a friend you like to draw pictures of the group KISS – what does that mean. Or in MS or HS they would draw naked girls….what do you make of that. Hindsight is 20/20. This is someone who clearly needs help. The planning and all was just fantasy just as pleasing slenderman was. Not normal at all and not a ‘oh after the fact excuse’….. The bottom line is that she’s not going away for life -it wasn’t murder. She’s young and could be out in her 20’s or 30’s. Don’t you think mental health treatment would be better soon rather than later??? If you don’t have kids, I can understand your ignorance, but if you do, god help you.

  • really

    Moderation moderation the family shouldn’t benefit by selling a demented individuals art work..any funds claimed by the victims family…what about the scarred victim..any body cate about her. Why dont all you who think Morgans crime us excusable have your kids sleep over at her house and go play in the woods

  • really

    Chrisa.and marla what. About the victim here she is scarred forever..physically mentally and emotionally…her family suffers. ..everyone s heart bleeds for poor Morgan. .what about b the other criminal then other girl talked into attempting and notnsucceeding to murder a innocent friend…I think morgans parents out of respect..should keep a low profile..and be thankful.. the victim did live…they should pay the rest of their lives for the crime theyn plotted..the victim will be reminded everyday when she looks at her forever scarred mutilated body..19 remind her everyday and haunt her eveey nite

  • Mike Johnson

    mental illness or not this was planned for months it wasnt a spur of the moment mental brakedown. her and her friend planned this for a long time. she can have all the treatment she wants after her life sentence is handed down

    • selfentitled

      Exactly! Premeditated murder by a 12 yr old psychopath. Enjoy the rest of your useless life in prison.

  • Stachu Pendowski

    Where were the parents BEFORE this per-meditated crime happened…and why didn’t THEY seek treatment “for a child with a serious mental illness” as they purport now?

  • Beth

    Where were her parents when she needed help before another life was almost lost? Now that it is too late they find it to be the time to get her help?

  • Gary

    It’s criminal not to provide viable treatment options to any child suffering from early-onset schizophrenia. In a cell for over 11 months with no window, no outside air or sun, no physical contact with family. It is cruel. Animals that bite are treated more humanely.

  • Jennifer

    First of all the Parents ARE to blame here. Knowing their history personally, one of the parents has the same mental disorder as their daughter. This disease is known to be passed on to children of diseased parents. They should have had doctors keeping a close eye on her a LONG time ago! And when your child my be susceptible to the disease you watch their every move and limit horror fantasies that may become harmful! It was obvious they did neither. I feel very sorry for the children. I do NOT feel one bit of empathy for the parents!

  • Joe

    Nobody should be let off for stabbing somebody and leaving them in the woods to die. Mental disorder or not. Its just bizarre how this country is so soft and wants to cater to violent criminals. Now instead of convicting a violent murdered, they’d rather spend thousands and thousands tax dollars to get a psychopath treatment. There is no cure for psychopathy. Psychopathic people ALWAYS strike again. The world is a better place without them. Any other country besides the US and UK would have already handled this in the proper manner.

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