“It needs to go there:” Homeowners in Greendale vote to clear the way for veterans memorial

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GREENDALE (WITI) — Homeowners in Greendale on Tuesday evening, April 28th helped to clear the way for a veterans memorial.

An overwhelming majority of people at a special meeting voted to transfer a patch of land near Broad Street and Southway back to the Village of Greendale.

It is a reversal of a decision made late last year by Greendale’s Board of Education.

In protest, veterans had put up a temporary memorial on the land. Some hope it will now become permanent, but others say it is up to the village to find a new location.

“It’s just at a very busy intersection, across from a playground, across from a baseball field, across from a softball field and there are other areas where I think it could go,” Judy Fons said.

“It needs to go there. It’s a very visible site. When you go on the site itself, on the land, it’s very big,” Kim Kowalczyk said.

Google Map for coordinates 42.939528 by -87.996034.


  • listen up

    Hey Judy, maybe they should more your playground, baseball, softball fields, if is was`nt for our veterans and our women / men serving this great country , would would not have a great place to play ball, live, frick`n lieberal

  • musicianunderarest

    I love across the street from the site, I’m glad we’re going to move forward with the memorial. I don’t think the traffic impact is going to be that big of a deal in the area. It gets busy there in the morning before school and on the afternoon right after. Other than that there’s no issue with it.

    My biggest question with this though is if you want it in a highly visible area why didn’t they fight to put it in the middle of the village? There’s a giant open green space that gets used once or twice a year right on broad street. EVERYONE passes that space. Why not put it there? The village owns that property, not the school district. Would have made much more sense I thought.

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