Lawmakers asking Governor Walker to veto bill calling for regulations for Uber, Lyft

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MADISON (AP) β€” Democratic lawmakers are asking Governor Scott Walker to veto a bill that opponents argue doesn’t do enough to regulate ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft.

The veto request Tuesday, April 28th comes after two Madison women reported incidents of unwanted sexual contact over the weekend by Uber drivers.

Eleven Dane County Democrats are requesting that Walker veto the bill that passed both the Assembly and Senate on bipartisan votes earlier this month.

The letter notes that the Madison Police Department asked Uber for information about the drivers in both incidents, but the company said it couldn’t provide that without a warrant or subpoena.

The lawmakers say the bill is flawed by not allowing for more local oversight of the companies.

Walker’s spokeswoman Laurel Patrick didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.


  • James

    Uber is UNLAWFUL and CRIMINAL enterprise that must be reined in with ALL seriousness and strictness available. NO MORE JOKING AROUND THIS CRIME!

  • Chuck Cotton

    If the Governor really wants to be President, he should veto this horrific bill as it is purely Uber RIGGED. Why would a Presidential candidate sing an unconstitutional bill and one that conflicts with existing statutes? Why would a Governor exempt all safety standards for the citizens of his state? Uber drivers are non-permitted using their personal vehicles for hire without public auto liability insurance..Uber and Lyft’s web sites and social media marketing are fraudulent and violate the RICO ACT. Such complaints were filed today with the new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch.. Why would the Governor sign such legislation that was written as boilerplate bills introduced in many states? The bills deregulate the cities and the state regulatory agencies do not have the man power to enforce the TNCs operations. These companies have yet to comply with a bill any where in the world. Bans like Nevada, S. Carolina and other states and cities ae piling up daily as are cease and desist orders, court orders and tons of litigation.
    If he does not veto this bill, there surely will be a constitution challenge with the Wisconsin Supreme Court along with many conflicts of interest. American voters will definitely question the Governor as to why he signed a bill that supports a concerted criminal conspiracy that is sweeping America.
    Go to Uber on for the real story.

  • Philip

    Having feared for my life in a number of cabs, due to their driving habits, noticeable drunkenness, etc., and having been in a few dozen Ubers with nothing but great experiences, I have to side with the unregulated economy (and no I’m not litigious, I know the risk I take).

    I also drive for Uber. I have a whole separate business, and I drive on the side for fun. The extra cash definitely helps, but I get to meet a lot of really cool people, many of whom I have kept in touch with beyond Uber. It’s a stress-free way to earn a couple hundred extra bucks per week. If you would like, you can use my code to get your bonus ($500 last I checked) and try it out for yourself: CBE9Z

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