Skeletal remains found in Jefferson County, but who could it be?

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JEFFERSON COUNTY (WITI) -- Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has confirmed they have found human remains off of Inlynd Rd. in the Town of Sullivan.

Authorities say they received a call from a citizen to report what looked like human remains on Friday, May 1st, at approximately 5:13 p.m.

A source tells FOX6 News the remains appear to belong to a white female.

It is perhaps fate that the announcement that human remains were discovered the day search crews looking for Kelly Dwyer were going on to plan their search.

The big question for them is, could the remains discovered Friday evening be those of Kelly Dwyer?

27-year-old Dwyer has been missing from Milwaukee since October 2013. The last person seen with her, Kris Zocco, is behind bars on a separate conviction. He has never been charged in connection with Dwyer's disappearance.

"Because our area of interest is between Milwaukee and Madison. It piqued my interest to at least come out here and see what they found," said Pablo Valezquez, Private Investigator for the Dwyer family.

But the Dwyer's aren't the only ones anxiously waiting for the remains to be identified. As Christopher Schwartz of Operation Locate Our Children points out, there is a long list of missing people.

"Anytime that we hear of somebody that's been found and you know out there we're just hoping that we get, you know, connect the dots and help the family out," said Schwartz.

As for Kelly Dwyer, Valezquez says the search for her will continue as planned until they're certain they've found her.

"If it turns out that this may be Kelly, then our search effort will discontinue otherwise we will continue the searches," said Valezquez.

FOX6 News is told the autopsy is expected to take place on Monday, May 4th.

FOX6 News will continue to monitor this investigation and will update when more information is available.


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