Republican lawmaker introduces bill that would require students pass civics test to graduate

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MADISON (AP) โ€” A Republican lawmaker has introduced a bill that would require students to pass the civics test prospective U.S. citizens face to graduate from high school or earn an equivalency diploma.

Rep. James Edming’s bill calls for students to correctly answer at least 60 of 100 questions on the civics test that’s given to people seeking U.S. citizenship. The requirement would apply to students at public, choice and charter schools.

Edming wrote in a memo seeking co-sponsors that he believes Wisconsin high schools should instill responsibilities of citizenship and his bill will help ensure students understand U.S. government.

The Assembly’s state affairs committee is set to hold a public hearing on the measure Wednesday.


  • Ubiquitous King

    The government does not understand itself. Give the test to the officials first and I guarantee they will drop this topic quick.

  • Curbcooler

    Ha! Most of the officials in state government can’t even pass it. Of course the rich white suburban kids in private schools will be excused from this, as usual. The idiot republicans in this state obviously have nothing better to do. That’s why I’m completely against unconstitutional drug tests for welfare and food stamps. Because Every time a democrat introduces a bill requiring that all of our politicians pass a drug test before they get taxpayer money the GOP always got vote it down!

    • Notaxmoney

      The difference between the politicians getting drug tested and the welfare people is the politicians have a JOB and the welfare people don’t so you want government assistance pee in the cup first. Really I don’t have a problem with anybody getting drug tested that gets paid with taxpayer dollars but your point is invalid and racist

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