A South Dakota girl is heartbroken that Obama hasn’t visited her state

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(CNN) — President Barack Obama will visit South Dakota on Friday for the first time during his presidency and according to the White House, 11-year-old Rebecca’s “heart can finally mend.”

Once he visits South Dakota, Obama would have crossed all 50 states off his list.

Rebecca is a resident of Vermillion, South Dakota, and has apparently been waiting for the President to visit her state for six years.

The White House tweeted a picture of a letter that Rebecca addressed to the President, urging him to visit South Dakota and sweetening the pot by reminding him “we are the warmest of the Dakotas, we have Mt. Rushmoore, and when I just go to the park I sometimes see coyotes, hawks, and bald eagles.”

Rebecca drew a picture of a broken heart and wrote “This is my heart because you haven’t visited South Dakota.”

She even signed the letter with “Sadly, Rebecca,” adding another broken heart and a sad face for emphasis.

During his trip, President Obama will visit the Lake Area Tech Community College in Watertown to deliver a commencement address.


  • chris

    She should be grateful that pos never visited her state. Don’t let him see Mt Rushmore, the almighty might want it redesigned and replace the faces with himsrkf, Michael, Joe Biden, and Pelosi.

  • beware of a clinton

    No my little gal. You are blessed that this Socialist Pig hasn’t visited your Pristine state yet, other wise he would have raped it for all the demonicrates think it is worth. Be Thankful!

  • s holmes

    Cheer up becca, he was too busy trashing the constitution to visit you. Be sure to pick up all your toys so he doesn’t take a header down the steps if he stops over.

  • A Yooper

    Be blessed that he stayed away from SD. Back in the good old days the only way obama could have gotten on a good golf course he would been working as a greens keeper at night.

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