Justice for Gray family: Melvin Jones sentenced to 25 years in prison

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Melvin Jones

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — The teenager accused of killing popular club promoter Christopher Gray was sentenced on Friday, May 8th.

Melvin Jones was just 16 years old when prosecutors say he beat Gray to death with a hammer during a robbery. Because of the horrific nature of the crime, the teen was tried in adult court.

Friday afternoon, a judge sentenced Jones to 25 years in prison and another ten years of extended supervision.

Earlier this year, co-defendant Jonathan Sellers was sentenced to 17-and-a-half years in prison. The judge noted the main reasons for the harsher sentenced for Jones is that Jones allegedly committed the murder — and on top of that, appeared to show no remorse for Gray’s death.


  • What!

    I remember when you used to get life for murder. We need to bring back capital punishment .

  • MH

    So Jones will eventually get out of jail. But Mr.Gray will never be able to enjoy life again.
    Just doesnt seem fair. Sentence not enough!!!!!

  • Harco

    This isn’t justice. Hopefully someone kills this waste of flesh in prison. That will be justice.

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